How to SEO Test Your Business Website to Drive Search Wins


September 13, 2023

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing your website to rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs).

An SEO test, therefore, is the primary way in which experts check their domains for success with search today.

SEO testing is the process of running various tests to ensure your website is up-to-snuff by today’s digital standards. It’s a crucial part of the optimization experience. With the help of small SEO tools and techniques, you can experiment on ways to improve your loading speed, optimize content for relevance, ensure proper backlinking, and more.

With a good domain, you can ensure a great reputation for your brand online. By maintaining a high-ranking website, you’re also ensuring high authority for your business on every search engine.

Understand SEO better by learning the importance of SEO testing and the different ways to perform them.  Check out this guide to the nine best SEO tests for your brand’s digital marketing channel right now.

Types of SEO checking and testing

There are tons of ways for you to conduct a checkup for your domain’s success on search. Looking for the right one to perform for your business? Here are nine examples of SEO tests you can do to ensure digital wins for your brand this year.

  1. On-page SEO tests

    On-page SEO testing refers to the practice of optimizing your page elements to rank higher on search. Platform elements on your on-page checklist can include things like visuals, text, and even a user’s experience (UX). Given this wide range of elements, you know that this method is the most comprehensive of the testing examples on this list right now.

    On-page testing is, therefore, incredibly crucial to your optimization strategy. As the most comprehensive kind of experimentation, it directly informs search engine crawlers how to rank your website content on search engine results pages (SERPs).

    So if you want to conduct effective on-page optimization, go through all the elements of your domain to make sure they’re in tip-top shape today. If this seems intimidating, don’t worry – you’ll discover more examples of how to test out your on-page elements as you continue through the rest of this guide.

  2. Off-page website analysis

    Before you proceed to optimizing your on-page content, however, you need to discover what an off-page website analysis is first.

    An off-page website analysis refers to all the indirect SEO testing efforts you perform away from your platform or domain. Rather than optimizing elements on your platform, off-page optimization lets you focus on activities that raise your domain authority and ranking – all without making changes to your digital marketing channel itself.

    These can include effective off-page SEO tactics like guest blogging, social media promotion, competitor analysis, and more. Given the effectiveness of this test type, off-page website analysis is considered a pillar of search optimization. It is crucial in that it boosts your authority, provides more windows for exposure, and connects you to a wider audience online today.

  3. Technical SEO testing

    Now that you’re familiar with both on- and off-page testing, you can proceed to the rest of the entries in this guide.

    The third example of experimentation on this list is a technical website SEO audit. Technical SEO checking refers to the thorough checkup of every page element function that impacts indexation and search engine visibility.

    In a technical SEO site checkup, you’re using technical audit tools and conducting tests to ensure your channel complies with indexation criteria. You optimize every technical aspect of your domain for the improved crawling, indexing, and rendering of a web domain for a search engine’s bots or algorithm.

    To optimize your web domain’s technical configuration, you can review your sitemap, check your indexable web pages, conduct web page content crawling, and checkup your overall domain authority. By doing these experiments, you make your domain easy for search engines to understand and rank online.

  4. Local website checker SEO

    The next entry on this list is specifically geared towards brick-and-mortar businesses that are looking to boost local brand awareness.

    Local SEO testing refers to the process of increasing your search engine visibility within your physical store’s actual geographical area. This kind of website checker SEO is used to boost foot traffic for brick-and-mortar locations, optimizing your business domain so that it surfaces for nearby customers in their moment of search.

    The geographical component of local SEO helps users connect to relevant local businesses in their area. To leverage this helpful kind of optimization, you need to sign up on local citations like Google Business Profile, optimize on-page content, and highlight local customer reviews for a trustworthy-looking business website.

  5. Image optimization

    A picture is worth a thousand words, and nowhere is this more relevant than in visual image content marketing. Image optimization, in simple terms, is the process of improving your platform’s visual content to better communicate the message of your brand online.

    Your digital marketing channel’s images are meant to draw attention and tell a story in a single glance. They should help to tell the story of your brand, so that you can increase brand awareness, engage customers, and convince them to convert.

    To optimize your images for search engines, make sure to upload fast-loading and high-resolution designs on your website. Make sure these visuals are mobile-friendly too, so that they load easily on mobile devices.

    Lastly, make sure to use alt text, appropriate file names, and relevant keywords in your titles and captions, so that these images are fully optimized for search.

  6. Video optimization

    The next example on this list is video content optimization. This specific kind of experimentation is used to make your business’ video content rank high on various search engines today.

    Why opt for video content? In producing videos for your brand, you’re serving audiences with content that they statistically prefer to consume the most online. Videos effectively increase engagement, enhance your online presence, and connect you with customers – all of which can boost your ranking on SERPs in the long run.

    Some video marketing best practices that you can apply to improve your video content can include optimizing for mobile, exploring short-form content, and diversifying your delivery platforms for video this year.

  7. Mobile website SEO audit

    Mobile SEO is the increasingly popular practice of optimizing your domain for mobile device access. In making your brand’s digital marketing channel accessible on mobile, you’re increasing organic foot traffic and improving your ranking on SERPs across all possible devices.

    One crucial lesson learned from the past few years in digital is the importance of mobile in business marketing. With mobile serving as the future of search, it’s critical that businesses optimize for mobile devices to ensure their success.

    To do this, you can simplify your domain navigation, separate URLs, set up dynamic serving, and utilize responsive design in your web development.

  8. Content optimization

    Since image and video optimization were mentioned in earlier entries, this next experimentation example will refer to written content for business domains online.

    Written content optimization is the process of writing and publishing optimal texts like service and product pages, blogs, articles, and more. You can improve written content by updating it constantly for relevance and content freshness and even re-arrange the sections to see which structure will work best in terms of gaining traffic or getting more engagements or conversions! Of course, following title and meta description pixel limits, and enhancing it for readability and viewability is also key to improving and testing out content quality.

    You can also ensure your written content’s success online by conducting effective keyword research and placement, so that it becomes more searchable for online users.

  9. AI SEO testing

    The last way that you can perform a proper business website analysis is by conducting artificial intelligence (AI) SEO testing.

    The recent application of AI tools in SEO testing is revolutionizing the way marketers do digital. By using AI in SEO, experts are discovering new ways to improve workflows and accomplish more SEO tasks at a larger, more efficient scale today.

So make sure to try out AI tools to leverage automation for your time-consuming SEO tasks. With a technologically advanced SEO audit tool, you can unlock more time and resources for better strategies and marketing for your business domain this year.

Expert SEO audit tool suggestions

Now that you know the types of testing you can perform for your brand’s domain, it’s time to equip you with the best tools possible to conduct these practices today. Take a look at this list for the top tools you can use to execute expert SEO practices right now:

  • Google Search Console. This well-known site checkup tool provides detailed analytics on platform engagements, like clicks and impressions from Google searches. The Google Search Console tools give you insight into the engine’s index, so that you can get crawling and indexing information for all your SEO needs.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights. Looking for insights on loading speeds? Google PageSpeed Insights has you covered. Its features include web page performance summaries, recommendation reports, and suggestions to help improve your digital marketing channel’s ranking on SERPs.
  • Google Lighthouse. This last tool by Google  is an automated and open-source app that will help you improve any domain. Google Lighthouse crawls and indexes your domain, provides user-friendly reports, and automates commands to ensure speedy optimization without any additional stress.
  • SEMRush’s Link Building tool. This next SEO link-building tool is an all-in-one service for link-builders. SEMRush’s Link Builder provides comprehensive backlink analytics to help you tailor-fit your linking strategy based on your targets.
  • Ahrefs Rank Tracker. The Ahrefs Rank Tracker, on the other hand, monitors your rankings over time and compares your performance versus other competitor domains. You get scheduled reports, advanced metrics, and ranking updates for desktop and mobile delivered straight to your inbox with this tool.
  • Ahrefs SEO Site Audit tool. This next expert tool by Ahrefs lets you run exhaustive website SEO audits to uncover your technical and on-page SEO issues. With this tool, you can diagnose and resolve the technical issues that are holding you back from ranking high online.
  • Screaming Frog SEO Spider. This tool by Screaming Frog is an excellent digital web crawler that helps you improve your domain’s on-page elements. It audits your domain for common SEO issues to ensure you don’t miss out on key optimization opportunities.
  • Moz’s Backlink Explorer. With this tool by Moz, you can get a comprehensive analysis for your chosen URLs, study your competitors’ link profiles, and decrease the number of spammy links pointing back to your platform.
  • Canva. This is an easy-to-use graphics and visuals tool that you can use to produce professional-quality visuals. With a variety of features on both its free and paid versions, Canva can help you create simple but attractive visuals for your domain.
  • Frase. The last entry on this list, Frase helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality written content in minutes, all with the help of AI.

SEO site checkup best practices

Given all these tools and experimentation methods, there’s no way you won’t succeed in optimizing your digital marketing channel for search this year. So make sure to check out these last few bits of advice on website analysis best practices for your business’ platforms right now:

  • Test constantly. When improving your brand’s domain, one thing you should do is to test your elements as often as possible. This ensures you’re weeding out old elements and replacing them with new and valuable ones for your visitors online.
  • Optimize for mobile. Majority of consumers access web domains on mobile, so make sure to maximize your engagements by making your domain mobile-responsive.
  • Build authority by linking websites with relevant content. By linking to other credible websites, you’re providing these platforms with an incentive to link back to your domain, thus boosting your own authority and increasing your SERP ranking.
  • Don’t be afraid to reuse old content. In repurposing old content, you’re making your production strategy a lot easier. You’re also increasing value to your brand with updated content from your business niche and industry.
  • Be open to learning new testing strategies. There will always be new techniques and strategies for SEO training in today’s digital age. Remain open to learning new things in search, so that you can always level up your optimization knowledge too.

Key takeaways

SEO checking is a constant process of testing and optimizing your domain for better results in the long run. Remember to bring these key takeaways with you as you embark on this long journey towards search engine success today:

  • Engage every aspect of digital marketing. From web development to content marketing, improving your platform for search means that you have to gain an expert understanding of your brand’s entire digital marketing framework.
  • Utilize all-in-one SEO audit tools. This way, you can get the most domain optimization possible out of just one or two site checkup tools.
  • Leverage an agency’s expertise. No one can manage the entirety of their brand’s SEO on their own. So make sure to get the best digital marketing services available to drive search success for your business.

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