Top 5 SEO Training Courses For Beginners You Can Try

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February 18, 2022

Out of all the buzzwords you’ll hear when you start your digital marketing journey, search engine optimization (SEO) is the most likely the most repeatd, and for good reason. This strategy essentially involves improving a website in such a way that it ranks better on search engines, thereby increasing your brand’s visibility online. 

While its rationale and goal are simple, what’s a little bit more complex is the actual practice of SEO. It involves a lot of elbow and brain work with all the data gathering and analysis you have to do. So much that many throw in the towel and just settle for not having this valuable strategy institutionalized in your organizations.

But while outsourcing an SEO service company to help you out with this, it’s encouraged that you also have members in your organization trained in the practice.

Why? What is the importance of SEO training in business, anyway?

According to a study, the first organic result in Google Search has an average click-through rate of 28.5%. The second and third results have a 15% and 11% click-through rate, respectively.

This means that getting the top spots in the search engine results page (SERPs), means you’re pulling in more organic traffic than the guys on the fourth or lower spots. Traffic that you can potentially turn into sales.

The primary benefits in taking SEO courses provide are knowledge and skills that would show how to boost SEO, like strengthening online presence and increase the likelihood of people doing business with you. Here are other ways a trained SEO specialist’s work can benefit your business:

  • Build your brand. As you increase the visibility of your site, people will be able to know more about your business. Since you’re showing up for relevant search results, the market will quickly associate your brand to the industry you want to be known in.
  • Stay ahead of the competition. Almost every business is online now, but not everyone is visible to the market. When you have a team equipped with optimization knowledge and skills, capable of technical works and SEO friendly content writing, you’re able to outperform competitors.
  • Future-proof your business. SEO provides durable results for your online efforts. Unlike quick executions like ads, organic SEO efforts build trust and credibility that will continue to attract not just customers but helpful collaborators as well.

SEO training courses to kick-start your SEO journey

The best SEOs out there didn’t start out with just guessing at keywords. We also had a lot of help along the way. And, in our experience, having receiving training from various perspectives help to not just expand your knowledge-base, but also improves your analytical skills strategizing for search engines.

If you’re wanting to arm your organization with some know-how of SEO, then we urge you to consider taking these courses below.

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  • Ideal for: SEO beginners, small business owners, and marketing team leaders 
  • Number of lessons: 14 (4 modules) 
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Pricing: Free
ahrefs seo training

Screenshot of Ahrefs’ SEO Course for Beginners taken from the Ahrefs website

In this course from SEO software suite Ahrefs, you’ll learn the basics of the strategy, how it works, why it’s important, how to optimize web pages, among others. The curriculum is broken down into four modules, namely keyword research, on-page SEO, link building, and technical SEO.

2. HubSpot Academy: SEO Certification Course

  • Ideal for: marketers, content creators, and anyone looking to skill up on SEO
  • Number of lessons: 6
  • Duration: 2 hours and 21 minutes
  • Pricing: Free

This free SEO certification course covers every basic concept you need to know about SEO. The lessons tackle SEO basics, on page and technical SEO, keyword research, link building, website optimization for rich results, and SEO reporting. 

hubspot seo training

Screenshot of HubSpot Academy’s SEO Certification Course preview vide taken from the HubSpot website

To test your knowledge, you’ll be required to take quizzes all throughout the course. There’s also an exam at the end of the curriculum for the certification. The SEO trainers for the course are Rachel Sheldon, Inbound Professor for HubSpot Academy, and Matthew Howells-Barby, the Director of Acquisition at HubSpot.

  • Ideal for: marketers who want to learn SEO
  • Number of lessons: 5
  • Duration: 35 minutes
  • Pricing: Free

At the end of this online SEO course, you’ll be able to pick up skills and knowledge useful for creating an adaptable SEO plan. Moreover, you get to learn how to choose the right keywords and tools for measuring performance. 

Aside from an introduction that covers SEO basics, the lessons will discuss the importance of an SEO plan, an overview of the SEO process, the steps to choosing keywords, and tips for setting realistic SEO goals.

4. Coursera: Advanced Search Engine Optimization Strategies

  • Ideal for: marketers who want to learn SEO
  • Number of lessons: 4
  • Duration: 4 hours 8 minutes
  • Pricing: Free

While this online SEO course may seem like an advanced class, it still includes SEO fundamentals. Aside from helping you make your website visible to an international audience, you’ll learn how to improve mobile-friendly websites and attract users to mobile apps. The curriculum involves understanding which metrics to use to measure and bolster marketing performance. 

The lessons, in a nutshell, explore technical SEO basics, website optimization for global expansion, mobile and app SEO, key metrics and data analysis. This online SEO course is offered by the University of California Davis.

5. Moz: SEO Essentials Certification (Series)

  • Ideal for: marketers who want to learn and implement SEO quickly and efficiently
  • Number of lessons: 5
  • Duration: 6 hours
  • Pricing: $595

Taking this intensive SEO online course, you’ll learn how to create a competitive SEO strategy. The core topics included in the training session are fundamental SEO concepts, keyword research, page optimization, link building essentials, and reporting on SEO. 

At the end of the curriculum, you’ll be taking a test to evaluate your understanding of concepts. When you pass the exam, you can secure the valuable Moz Certification.

Key takeaways:

SEO is a critical component of your digital marketing plan. It will help boost your online visibility, drive traffic to your website, and increase the likelihood of conversions. It may be a little overwhelming to get started, but with good SEO training courses, you can quickly learn the essentials. Here are some tips to remember as you attend different sessions:

  • Start with the basics. It might be tempting to go to advanced classes right away, but without understanding the basics, the higher courses will be difficult to understand. Go for a beginner-friendly curriculum first so you can be familiar with the ins and outs of SEO. As you become more familiar with concepts, decide to pursue the advanced classes.
  • Practice what you learn. It’s good to know principles, processes, and strategies, but your knowledge won’t be relevant until you put it into practice. That said, as you learn strategies, try them yourself, with your own website, at your own pace. 
  • Be part of a community. You might be able to meet fellow digital marketing professionals in some of the SEO training classes. Go connect with them and talk about your discoveries along the way. As you learn from each other, you gradually gain mastery over SEO.

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