Digital analytics that steer your brand in the right direction

Don’t go in blind with your strategy if you want to get the best business results.

As your digital analytics company, we’ll show you which metrics your business should be tracking instead of being paralyzed by the volume of data available today.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Universal Analytics Health Checklist

    Universal Analytics Health Checklist

    Draw reliable insights on relevant data your channels are collecting to see if they’re helping you reach your goals.

  • Google Analytics 4 Health Checklist

    Google Analytics 4 Health Checklist

    Accurately track your audiences’ behaviors and patterns via GA4 to develop the right business solutions.

  • Meta Pixel Health Checklist

    Meta Pixel Health Checklist

    See how well your Meta campaigns resonate with your audience on Meta through the pixel health checklist analysis.

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Let’s answer your questions about digital analytics

  • 1. What data do I need to collect for my business?

    Essential business data such as website traffic, customer journey data, and customer service interactions will help you gain insights into how you can boost your digital performance.

    So be sure to track them, and all related business data, to ensure you can make the right calls for your business.

  • 2. How do I make sense of the data?

    Once the results from digital analytics processes are revealed, you must review them in the context of your business goals to ensure you’ll draw meaningful insights.

    Checking out positive or negative patterns in these data will help you make the right decisions for your digital business.

  • 3. Why should I choose Propelrr?

    Thanks to our experimentation-led methods, our collaboration with you helps you discover accurate data to develop helpful business insights.

  • 4. How will digital analytics inform my digital marketing decisions?

    Digital analytics reveals your target demographic such as your market’s age, interests, and culture—all of which you need to consider whenever you’re preparing your digital marketing.

  • 5. How do I maximize ROI from digital analytics?

    To maximize your ROI with digital analytics, you need to know which metrics are essential for measuring success and then leveraging that data to optimize campaigns.

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