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The Top 20 Digital Marketing Blogs to Help You Succeed

If you’re in digital marketing, you should definitely add these books to your to-be-read pile.

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Digital marketing blogs always see a wave of updates coming in because of how rapid the field shifts and evolves. Making it essential to take advantage of the most up-to-date strategies and techniques to stay ahead of the competition. While there’s no shortage of digital marketing blogs out there, some provide more value than others. But how do you filter the noise from the ones you should really be paying attention to for your planning?

Because of the continuing pandemic and increasing time spent online, a lot of things in the digital marketing industry changed. All to accommodate your evolving business needs and that of your audiences. These changes brought with them increasing opportunities for you to market in more diverse and creative ways than ever before.

But along with these, also came the rising challenge of competing to earn attention online. As if the shifting needs alone weren’t enough to rattle the digital marketing industry into confusion. When there is an update that can be shrugged off is a good day for any digital marketer.

For 2023, the focus for digital marketing blogs are on content creation, data-driven insights, and AI-powered tools. In this article, we’ve curated a list of 18 must-read digital marketing blogs to help you plan ahead and make the most out of your online presence.

This is because, in the years to come, a whole new wave of changes will overcome the internet. Knowing which ones you should be paying full attention to right now will be critical in forging towards more business success.

So what are these updates that will critically influence digital businesses? As a veteran digital marketing agency in the Philippines, we’ve curated them for you, below.

Top digital marketing blogs to help your strategizing

Want to jump to a specific story? Feel free to check a summary of the contents below that have been curated and categorized accordingly.

  1. Digital marketing blogs
  2. Search engine optimization blogs
  3. Content marketing blogs
  4. Social media marketing blogs
  5. Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising blogs
  6. Website and app development blogs

Digital marketing blogs

When it comes to digital marketing, we’re seeing more and more focus drawn towards the matter of data. That is both in terms of gathering it and its responsible handling.

This is a trend that you may have seen coming yourself, due to the rise in data breaches. These have caused growing distrust and apprehension towards user data tracking. And ironically enough, this comes in tow with the need for you to be more data-driven in marketing.

This means that the task of understanding your customers has become more elusive than ever before. Now, it entails balancing data gathering and limiting the data you gather from and for your online campaigns. It’s like walking on a tight-rope while juggling bowling pins.

You should make sure to be properly informed to meet these problems. So to get started on developing a balanced approach to data-driven marketing, here are some blogs to help you out:

1. How to Protect Customer Data Privacy in Digital Marketing

Read about the ins and outs of the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act of 2012 or better known as RA 10173.

In this blog, we expound on the concept of safeguarding consumer data privacy in modern digital marketing. You’ll also find a summary of act’s provisions so you can implement in your organization.

2. 3 Basic Digital Strategy Frameworks to Guide Your Planning

There’s no taming the chaotic digital marketing landscape. But there is, however, a structured approach that can help you navigate it masterfully.

Structured approaches are guided by proven digital marketing strategy framework. Having these frameworks back up your strategies enables you to market in a systematic manner. With these in place, you’re guaranteed to face any hurdle with the confidence.

3. 7 Expert Tips on How to Be a More Data-Driven Marketer

Data will be the focal point of many business strategies spanning different industries. This is because more organizations are recognizing its value in achieving durable outcomes while reducing costs.

In data-driven digital marketing, there are a lot of factors you look into to develop your strategies. Don’t get stuck in your confusion, and read up on these tips straight from the experts themselves.

4. Will Artificial Intelligence Change The World Of Digital Marketing Forever?

The integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) into the world of digital marketing is set to revolutionize the industry. AI can provide an unprecedented level of detailed data analysis that will drastically improve decision-making and campaign optimization. It can also automate mundane tasks, freeing up valuable time for marketers to focus on innovative strategies and creative solutions.

As AI continues to evolve, its potential applications for digital marketing will only grow. Thus, it is clear that AI has the potential to drastically reshape the world of digital marketing in ways we can only begin to imagine.

5. How to Design an AI Marketing Strategy

Designing an AI marketing strategy requires careful planning, a clear understanding of customer needs and goals, and the ability to identify potential areas for improvement. It is important to consider the specific challenges faced by your target audience as well as the types of data available that can be used to build predictive models.

Once these components have been established, it is possible to identify the best AI technologies and services for maximizing ROI and optimizing customer engagement. With a well-crafted AI marketing strategy, businesses can ensure they are well-positioned to make strategic decisions and capitalize on opportunities presented by the ever-evolving world of digital marketing.

Search engine optimization blogs

This discipline of digital marketing, arguably shakes up the digital marketing industry the most whenever they do happen.

Because of the ambiguity of the updates, SEO professionals are always caught in a conundrum whenever they happen. Thankfully, amid the shifts, there are some pillars that remain consistent.

These pillars should make up the backbone of your SEO strategies so you are able to respond quickly.

Below are some reliable resources on SEO foundations you can use to meet any change that may come ahead.

6. Best App Store Optimization Tools To Outrank Your Competitors

With app downloads and usage expected to rise as many countries still remain in lockdown, beefing up your app store optimization strategies will be critical for mobile app development companies.

To do this, you’ll need to make sure that, on top of your usual SEO skills and tools, make sure to include app store optimization (ASO) tools in your arsenal as well. This updated list of ASO tools includes four new tools you can look into if you’re planning to expand your toolkit.

7. A Complete Search Intent Guide for Marketers

Search is becoming increasingly sophisticated in the sense that it is better able to understand the search intent of users.

This is a development in search engines that you should be keeping pace with. Because not only will it matter in increasing your search engine results page rankings, but it will also help you reach your target audiences more effectively.

And honestly, do we really need to reiterate how important that is given how much content is published online these days? No? We didn’t think so, either.

8. A Comprehensive Guide to Keyword Research for SEO

Related to the need for understanding search intent is the necessity of better keyword research practices in the coming year.

Again, search engines are becoming more and more intelligent, and competition grows as more businesses migrate online amid the pandemic. So when it comes to keyword research, you’ll have to be just as good – if not better – at targeting the keywords your audiences are searching for and meeting it with the content they need.

Whether it’s researching for keywords to put into website content, blogs, videos, or others, make sure to beef up your keyword research skills with the help of this comprehensive guide.

Content marketing blogs

Is content marketing still relevant? You bet it is. And you can even bet that you’ll need to serve more content now, as digital citizenship skyrockets.

But the matter of creating content on the internet isn’t just the simple matter of uploading a video, blog, or what-have-you in your usual platforms. It now entails certain nuances that you’ll need to expend more energy on compared to the actual production process of the content.

In the coming year, and arguably even now, you’ll need to begin integrating and refining your process in other aspects of content marketing that are outside the scope of production. Such practices like link-building, conversion-focused writing, and continuing to develop unique content will be your bread and butter for content marketing.

Below are some of our blogs that can help you achieve that.

9. 8 Link Building Campaign Tips to Optimize Your Outreach Process

If right now, link building and outreach isn’t topping your list of favorite content marketing tactics, then you should really fix that to prepare.

Because to be quite frank, unique content is nearly a myth in today’s online world. Right now, it’s hard to say whether or not a piece of content you’re creating is unique in all aspects. So how then can you beat out the competition?

The answer is in link building. Remember: You can throw all the punches you want, but if it’s not hitting where it hurts, it won’t bring down the competition. So instead of working hard to produce more content (and risk burning out your production team), work smarter and try to get more referrals for your content.

These votes of confidence will not only benefit a singular piece of content, but will also positively impact your overall website performance.

10. How to Do Conversion Copywriting in 3 Easy Steps

Conversion optimization isn’t an entirely new practice in digital marketing, but it is arguably the least talked about because of its complexity.

But that’s a statement said only by those who have little understanding of the practice itself.

Because as conversion optimization experts ourselves, we can tell you that this practice can be done in a number of simple ways including, say, your copies.

Heck, we even show you how to do it in just three steps.

11. 15 Strategies for Generating Unique Content Marketing Ideas 

Unique content may be hard to come by, but that isn’t enough reason for you not to try and achieve it whenever you can.

And we get the struggle of ideating for content after content. Whenever you find yourself at a loss for ideating unique ideas for content marketing, then this guide is just for you. Some of the tips here, you’ll find to be a bit unconventional, but just as effective as pulling up the good old swipe file when searching for topics to talk about.

Social media marketing blogs

Not excluded from seeing frequent developments is the social media landscape, which also sees correspondingly unique marketing opportunities and techniques.

When it comes to strategizing on social media, nuances will remain to be seen in the tone and voice of your messaging, as well as in the content types you publish on the platform. This will be even more evident because of the notable uptake of TikTok by businesses and users.

But apart from these content- and platform-specific details, strategies for marketing on social media moving forward will also be geared towards optimizing for social commerce. This practice of directly selling to social media audiences, is greatly seen by marketers as the main trend to rise in the coming years, as users seek to shorten their purchase journeys even further.

12. A Guide to Boosting Your Site for Social Media for 2023

Social media is a whole ecosystem of its own with various platforms that make up its sphere. With the differences in platforms come a matching variance in the profile of users to which you market.

This is not even mentioning the fact that each platform has different capabilities and advertising tools you can leverage for your business. To say that you need to be prepared with the corresponding strategies to succeed is to say the least.

Admittedly, you will need more than that. So in this article, we made sure to include not just the strategies you’ll need to market effectively on social media, but added in there the tools and important considerations you’ll have to note in your executions.

13. Guide to What is Social Commerce and Tips for Small Businesses

Social commerce is fast becoming the next big thing for online shopping experiences; a truth evident with the updates Facebook and Instagram Shop have seen in the past few years.

This is because apart from providing users a seamless browsing and shopping experience, social commerce also offers businesses a cost-effective way to sell their products by eliminating the need to have their own ecommerce, or setting up a separate shop on marketplaces.

If you’re not familiar with it yet, then now is the perfect time to take a deep-dive into it. But of course, not without finding out the basics from this primer on social commerce.

14. 5 TikTok Advertising Creative Tools and Best Practices

Taking from what we said earlier about social media and how the landscape regularly sees the entry of new challengers, we now explore one of the most recent and fastest growing one, yet.

We’re talking about TikTok – a relatively new video-only social media platform that has enjoyed millions of downloads globally, and caught the interest of multiple brands seeking to advertise. And to no surprise, since it’s been hailed as the preferred platform of the new market, Gen Z.

Finally, TikTok offers brands and users alike with a limitless audience that is highly engaged – no doubt sealing the deal for businesses in terms of prospects for advertising on the platform. If you’re on the same boat as these businesses, then this article on the advertising tools and best practices straight from TikTok itself, is the read for you.

Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising blogs

No other digital marketing technique that guarantees you quick visibility and conversions like PPC does. That’s why the practice becomes even more invaluable as competition on the online space thickens.

Don’t doubt the fact that you’ll need a solid digital media plan and PPC strategy, especially in instances when your competition is aggressively investing in them. With the right data-driven PPC strategies, you can outdo your competitors for half the ad spend.

But apart from keeping abreast or getting ahead of your competitors, you’ll also need to mind the relevant updates that shook PPC professionals far and wide. One such update is the notorious Apple iOS 14 security update, that allowed opt-outs of app data tracking to users.

Learn more about that update, as well as how you can strategize for a winning PPC ad campaign, with the help of these blogs.

15. Use this Digital Media Planning & PPC Strategy Guide to Scale Success

Do you understand digital media planning well enough to balance it properly with your media plans for traditional marketing channels?

If not, then this guide will help clear out the misconceptions and provide you with a trusty guide on the various types of digital media you can leverage in the coming year. Not only that, but it also gives you a step-by-step guide on how to craft a media plan specifically for digital media.

All of this, of course, takes into consideration its scalability for different industries. So whether you’re in the business of fintech or retail, you can bank on this guide for coming up with a solid digital media plan and PPC strategy.

16. In-depth Facebook Ads Checklist for Optimization [Updated for 2023]

Remember that quick note we led with about the Apple iOS 14 security update? Well, this blog and the next one will be tackling just that, so you don’t encounter anymore hiccups in your campaigns.

In gist, the main aspect that this update affects is the reporting side of ads performance tracking on various apps, including and most especially, Facebook. Gladly, our PPC pros in the Propelrr team were able to study and experiment with it ahead of time.

So you don’t get lost or miss a critical implementation that addresses this hurdle, make sure to brush up on this Facebook Ads optimization checklist.

17. What to Expect From the iOS 14 Security Update Ad Limitations

We get that itch to know everything about an update so we can address it properly, just the same as you. So along with our search to better understand the iOS 14 security update, we came up with a cheat sheet on the most critical aspects of this update in this blog.

Comprehensively planning necessitates being thoroughly informed, after all. Read up on everything you need to know about that infamous update, right here.

Website and app development blogs

Being the most technical aspect of digital marketing, we get how it can be quite intimidating and confusing to read about website and app development updates. But that shouldn’t hinder you from learning about the updates.

When it comes to website and app development updates, you’ll find that they come as rapidly as those on platforms that already exist in the online space. But because they’re much more difficult to understand if you have little to no background in coding, they can be hard to keep up with.

But don’t you worry, because we’ve simplified the concepts into information that is already actionable and worked towards. However, you’ll need to keep in mind that: When it comes to app and website development, you’ll have to focus on optimizing, rather than complete overhauls.

And, more importantly, take your with studying everything you can about the infrastructure before committing to anything specifically.

18. Crucial Considerations in Choosing the Right Ecommerce Platform 

Choosing an ecommerce platform for any brand is a major commitment for a ton of reasons.

For one, there’s the cost it entails and how you must work towards gaining it back or not wasting it by choosing the wrong platform. And second, there is also the matter of scaling and whether or not the platform you choose can accommodate your business needs as they evolve.

All of these points and other more critical ones are detailed in this blog, which you should refer to prior to making a decision on the ecommerce platform your business will be existing on. Should you develop one of your own, or create one based on a template provided by third-party ecommerce development sites?

This blog will help you answer that.

19. Form Design Principles for User-friendly Lead Generation Forms

Marketing on digital cannot be done without generating leads. Leads are who you first tap to convert into customers who, eventually, can help you generate more leads through referrals.

This kind of dynamic helps ensure sustainable growth and durable results for your online business.

And to generate these leads through your website is done through the integration of forms that you plug into your pages.

But does the form design affect the number of leads you get? You bet they do. Ever encountered a form that asked for too much information? Did or did it not put you off that you had to give so many details before completing a transaction? If it scared you away from completing the form, then that in itself is proof that form design does affect your lead generation efforts.

So how should a proper lead generation form look like? We tell you how, in this guide.

20. 5-step Guide on How to Write User Stories for Mobile Apps

User experiences are what adds value to mobile applications. Without a seamless and frictionless user experience, why have an app at all?

In the case of developing apps that completely captures the user’s requirements for features, user stories are a fundamental development tool. But too often, many developers fail to take their time to work on a thorough and comprehensive user story that they end up spotting missing pieces in the journey belatedly.

To avoid that, you can count on this five-step guide to developing user stories. Here, we’ll run through the basics of what user stories are and why they matter in mobile app development as well.

Key takeaways

You’ll often hear us talk about how rapid the digital landscape shifts, because it’s true. And we reiterate it, because that’s really the only way to establish just how important it is to keep yourself informed. But in the matter of staying informed, you’ll also have to remember that you can’t keep up with every single update that happens.

You’ll have to zero in on specific areas and, succeedingly, filter out the specific updates you’ll need to keep your eye on. When seeking for information on these updates, it also helps to:

  • Refer to articles with actionable insights. Between work and everything else going on in your life, you’ll have little time and even less the headspace to spare for reading updates about digital marketing. Make sure that when you do, it’s an article that provides not just “nice-to-know” information, but insights you can immediately act upon, too.
  • Share what you’ve learned. Explaining things to other people is a good way to program your brain to absorb and process information in a digestible way. When reading about an update, do so as if you’re preparing to teach it to others, and then, share it to others. That way, you didn’t just help yourself stay updated, but other team members as well.
  • Subscribe to newsletters. Often, newsletters are already filtered by the editors of publishers to develop only the most noteworthy developments in the topics you follow. Instead of spending hours digging through thousands of content alright, you can do a quick check on a newsletter to see the most important updates you need to read about.

Do you think these blogs will be helpful for your digital marketing strategies? Make sure to let us know in the comments section below. Or if you’d like to discuss with us how you can plan for better digital marketing endeavors, drop the Propelrr team a line over on Facebook, X, or LinkedIn. We’d love to work with you.

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