Links can get you ahead in SEO, but the question doesn't lie in the number of links, it's in the quality those links possess.

Take a look at your backlink profile and examine it carefully. Are you linking to the right websites? Are relevant and credible websites linking back to you? If your backlinks are coming from spammy or non-authoritative websites, then consider those links useless. Just saying.

Bad links can bring in unwanted traffic from irrelevant sites, create a bad reputation for your business, and even affect your ranking on the SERPs. But more than all of that, bad links can cause your website to have a link penalty from Google.

A link penalty from Google can either be Algorithmic or Manual.

  • Algorithmic Penalty means you were sanctioned directly by Google Algorithm without human or manual intervention.
  • Manual Penalty is when Google spam personnel manually reviews your website and penalizes your website.

Our link penalty removal and recovery process

We're an experienced SEO service company that does link penalty removal and recovery services, may it be manual or algorithmic. With our link recovery services, we can help you get back your lost organic with our tried and proven process:

1. Collect backlinks from all sources

Before we start weaving out the bad links from the good ones, we need to see the whole batch of links first. To gather all your backlinks, we use tools from Google Search Console, Ahreds, Majestic SEO, and Moz to pull every single website that has linked back to your website, or vice versa.

2. Analyze the quality of the links

Upon building your full-backlink profile, we do perform a comprehensive backlink audit. Our SEOs look through every nook and cranny of your website to identify the toxic links that are affecting your website performance.

We analyze the links to make sure it's up to par with the quality of your website. Here are some of the link quality factors we look into when doing a backlink audit:

  • Anchor Text Usage
  • Top Linked Pages
  • Link Velocity
  • Link Authority
  • Toxic or Unnatural Links
  • Nofollow / Dofollow linking
  • Link Type

3. Link removal request

Once we confirmed the list of links to be removed, our SEOs send requests to remove the client's link from the website owners. 

Requesting for link removals takes time since some webmasters ask to remove the links in exchange for money. As an ethical SEO agency, we do everything we can to won't allow a single cent to escape our pockets for link removals. 

4. File a link disavow list and reconsideration request

If manual removal requests are not successful, we create a disavow list and submit it to Google Search Console's disavow tool to discount the value of a particular link. This is part of the reconsideration request letter to prove to Google we made efforts with link removal before just disavowing them.

Finally, we will submit a uniquely written reconsideration request letter to Google to get your site recovered from the penalty.

Why choose us?

Propelrr is a tried, tested, and proven SEO company that has mastered the link penalty removal and recovery process. Don't believe us? Our cases studies speak for ourselves and our work:

More than our work, our team has a thorough understanding of the different Google penalties and algorithm updates that may affect your website performance and ranking. Propelrr understands various types of penalties and updates, and we know how to solve them—from Google Panda, Google Penguin, Anchor Text Over-optimization, Possum, Rank Brain, Google Hummingbird and many more—all will be handled carefully to ensure fast and impactful recovery.

We make sure that your website is complete of real value to the target market. 

Just to highlight, we've been commended by Moz's top ten list in 2013. We really know our way with SEO, our team of experts can help you get through a link penalty, we're happier to help and know our clients are satisfied with the outcome.

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