The Moz Top Ten List of February 2013—we made it!

Francis Gary Viray

Author & Editor

Founder & CEO

Published on: Feb 27, 2013 Updated on: Jan 23, 2024

Despite their adorable names, Google’s Penguin/Panda algorithms can unleash hateful wrath on sites that tried to do SEO the easy way (a.k.a. the wrong way). It’s very, very difficult to resuscitate sites that are under this wrath, and when people do, it’s classified as a Herculean act.

That’s why when the founder of Philippine SEO company Search Opt Media Gary Viray shared on his blog an effort to save a client’s Google penalized site, it immediately went viral.

His take on the method and the tools used were so ingenious and downright awesome that it received a great deal of attention. It even placed on The SEOMoz Top Ten list!

See here. The awesomeness of being in the 4th spot. Yay!

Awesomeness aside, saving a penalized site is no laughing matter. The process featured in that article took months, before any of the penalties were removed. It didn’t stop there, of course. There were still lots to do to keep the site going, but with all that hard work, the end result is indeed gratifying.


“It is a rewarding job being a practitioner of the craft especially when you’re able to bring a business back on track. Your client will thank you for saving his/her company.” – Gary Viray


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