Consider the cultural sensitivities, language, and mindset of each country you target. Each country is different on its own terms. This is the tricky part of doing international SEO.

International SEO need not be a foreign concept. With us behind your back, you can’t go south. Instead, you'll be up for a better global reach. As an experienced SEO company in the Philippines, we've done the groundwork for you. We’ve established connections and partnerships in many parts of the world. Together, we can provide the localization of your search presence to win your international stripes.

It’s time for a reality check. Do you need to go international?

Remember, not all businesses need to go global. You will be just fine with local presence. If your business wants to target a different market audience, though, expand your services to a different country, or simply want to be internationally known, our international SEO service is what you need. Our expert SEO professionals follow proven international SEO best practices to let the world know you’re open for business.

Where do we begin?

Before we apply our proven SEO process, we first take a deep dive into the profiles of the countries you want to optimize your presence in. We look at what locations you should be targeting, what their top usage channels are, what languages they speak, and understand what their cultural sensitivities are, including their online behavior, particularly on search. 

After getting to know your target, we’ll study how your business fits in the context of your target location’s landscape. International SEO is mostly about being relevant to the needs of your target market.

What’s Our International SEO Service Process?

The first order of business is implementing solid international SEO website structures.

International SEO involves creating a well-knit information architecture that will effectively silo each country or language you target. Questions involving domain structure and website pages come into play. Should you use a sub-domain or a sub-folder? Should you have multiple product pages or a single catch-all page? All of that will have to be taken into consideration when doing international SEO.

The second order of business is about content and keywords mapping, according to the chosen priority structure. 

By using country- and location-specific keywords, we can let your market know that your business is present and ready to serve in a specific area. 

Our work involves more than just keyword mapping, though. Rather, it includes local knowledge of cultural intricacies, languages, and nuances that require more than just page translation. We make sure your pages are localized for your target audience; so that they can understand and relate to your services.

Next, we deal with strategies, techniques, plans, roadmaps, and timelines, including promotions. These are the next in line in our set of to-do lists. 

We also provide link-building services link-building services aligned to your international search profile. Getting local and relevant websites to link to you is a must in building your authority internationally. Having a localized and contextually relevant website or community can lead to your global expansion.

Think about it. Implementing international SEO in your business may be your biggest opportunity to gain more traffic and sales. If you pull it off correctly, the ROI growth trajectory would be high.

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