Link building is the process of acquiring inbound links from other relevant and reputable websites to your own. Backlinks are said to be the currency of the internet as it acts like real-life reputation score for search engines.

While there are many techniques for building links, SEO practitioners around the world would tend to agree that link building is one of the hardest parts of the job.

When it comes to SEO and link building, a site's authority matters. Google's Search Quality Rater Guidelines put a great deal of importance on the concept of E-A-T — an acronym for Expert, Authoritative, and Trustworthy. Sites that don't follow the guidelines tend to be seen as lower-quality in the eyes of the engines, while those that do are subsequently rewarded with more search visibility. Google's concept of E-A-T is becoming more and more prevalent as search evolves and increases the importance of solving user intent through quality content.

Creating a site that's considered expert, authoritative, and trustworthy is Propelrr's guiding light as you practice both creating linkable content and performing link building.

As an ethical link building and SEO service company, we establish permanent, relevant, useful links from websites that display the qualities of E-A-T and links that are focused on creating value for human audiences rather than manipulating search engine algorithms.

Our link building services are designed to help you quickly boost the authority of your website, so you don't have to. Improve your traffic with our link building services and position your brand higher on search engine results.

Our Link Building Process

1. Link Profile Audit

Before we build links, let's take a look at your already existing ones first.

We pull all the links your website has gained, either through paid or natural means, and check if they are up to the quality we have set. Once we identify the bad links affecting your website performance, we take action to remove and disavow them completely to avoid further disassociation with your brand and website.

Our Link Penalty Recovery service comes in handy too to clean your link profile and check the bad neighborhood in your link network.

2. Determine Linkable Assets

To start doing link building, we need a good and valuable piece of content to promote your business. We conduct an audit to your whole site, and it's content to narrow down the pages we want to focus our link building efforts to.

As we said, link building isn't easy. We don't just link random pages to different sites and call it a day. Our specialists determine linkable assets, or your money pages, to promote your website and deliver the results you're expecting.

If there is no available linkable asset, our SEO experts can collaborate with our content marketing specialists to produce a link-worthy asset to promote your website.

3. Link Prospecting and Qualifying

Once we know what to promote, who will we promote it to?

Our expert link building specialists gather a hefty sum of link prospects to build relationships with in the long-run potentially. But again, we don't just send out emails and requests to anyone. This is where our link qualifying comes in. Here are a few key factors we check:

  • Domain and Page Authority
  • If the site has dofollow or nofollow links
  • If the website is in the same niche as your business
  • Credible or authoritative sites in the field
  • Good citation and trust flow
  • The estimated monthly traffic

We qualify each website and publication to see if it meets our link building standards.

4. Link Building Strategies

Strategy before execution, always.

Our link building specialists determine what approach is best suited for your website and your business. Here are a few of the link building tactics we use: 

  • Guest Blogging: Contacting editors and webmasters to publish quality articles in relevant and credible publications.
  • Broken Link Building: Identifying 404 links on websites and replacing them with our content.
  • Social Outreach: Reaching out to industry influencers and personalities to share our content with their audience.
  • Listings and Directories: Signing up and registering your website to relevant business listing websites.
  • Curated Content: Gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually to add value.
  • Q&A Sites and Forum Engagement: Answering questions in Q&A sites like Quora and providing them concise answers that can be linked with your business or content.
  • Content Repurposing: Finding new ways to recycle your existing content to appeal to more audiences and extending your reach.
  • Tier Linking: Building links from a variety of sources to your website.

No matter what approach we use, our link building services provide quality links that add value to your website performance and audience.

5. Link Building Execution

Why choose ethical link building?

Our ethical link building service is one of the earliest in the Philippines. We went through all the trends and algorithm updates and survived each one. Here are the reasons to believe:

1. Natural links that work best in the long-run

Propelrr's link building process allows us to build long-term relationships, long-term assets, and long-term systems with editors and webmasters. Our team of experts crafts the perfect outreach campaign for your chosen keyword and destination URL using only white hat techniques approved by search engines.

2. Reputable and Quality Links

Our link building service guarantees links from real websites with a real audience. Our outreach targets online publishers from different industries to deliver only the best links for you. No spam and unethical links, guaranteed.

3. Relationship-driven Link Building

Link building isn't just to build authority but to gain your website quality referral traffic and genuine readership with intent that goes back to your website.

4. Adds value to your audience

Ethical link building adds value to your audience, your niche, and online. We establish a solid following that money can't do. If you want to be known and respected in the industry, you have to create quality content that provides value to your readers and users.

Gain greater authority, increase visibility, and grow your online presence. Capture referral traffic and be discovered as a leader in your industry

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