With search engines putting greater emphasis on quality user experience, your website needs to have a strong technical SEO foundation that can withstand algorithm updates, website changes, evolving user experience, and more.

But where do you start? As a battle-tested SEO company in the Philippines, Propelrr granularly looks into your infrastructure and determines all implementation issues in making your site more efficient to crawl and index. Technical SEO Audit is crucial so that search engines like Google can deliver the right content from your site to users at the right time. 

Simply put, your website needs to have a strong technical SEO foundation that serves the best user experience and feeds search engine bots the right content and context for crawling, indexing, rendering, and ranking. 

Keep reading and learn more about our Technical SEO Audit service.

What our comprehensive Technical SEO Audit:

1. Get your web pages crawled, rendered, and indexed properly 

Before you even think of getting your pages found online via search, there are specific requirements that websites should go through before reaping the benefits of SEO. Whether you manage a small website or a large one composed of thousands of webpages, Propelrr will help you check issues that are related to crawlability, content, images, links, accessibility, and coding.

After all, there is no use in writing pages of great content if search engines cannot crawl and index your website.

We start by checking your robots.txt file and help direct website crawlers which parts of your website should and should not be crawled.

After analyzing whether Googlebot can actually crawl your website, next is understanding whether the pages on your site are being indexed. If the Googlebot cannot index your website, your URLs will not appear in the SERPs—there's no way visitors will be able to access your website via Google search results. There are many ways to check your website indexation. Propelrr will handle the how making sure Google can crawl your site easily, making your website content indexable.

Equally important to keep track is your website's crawling budget. Crawling budget is the frequency in which search engine crawlers go over the pages of your domain. The art of crawl budget optimization is crucial for large to enterprise websites to prioritize the more important pages and de-prioritize the not-so-important ones. This also helps in determining specific server configurations and eliminating infinite request loops are part and parcel on how to implement crawl budget optimally.

2. Improve your page load speed

Imagine waiting for a website to load for more than 5 seconds. Infuriating, right? You want a quick answer to your query. We get it. And Google gets it too. That's why the recommended website page speed is 3 seconds or less— if you go past it, then that's lost traffic, and even a lost lead, sales, or a potential client. You choose.

With our Technical SEO service, we'll put your page speed to the test using multiple tools like Google PageSpeed Insight, GTMetrix, and WebPageSpeed Test. Then, we run your website through our proven page speed optimization process. After that, we test your site again and see if it loads in record time.

It doesn't just stop there, we regularly check your page speed to see if it's up to standard. Gotta check the oil under the machine, right?

3. Ensure website functionality and usability

If users can't find the information they need, they'll often become frustrated. Poor user experience can mean fewer return visitors, less referral traffic, and even a decrease in conversions. If not optimized, again, it's another loss on your end.

Our SEO audit service provides ease of use and navigation to your website users on all screens and devices. Here are some of the items we can address under usability:

  • Ensures your website adapts to any screen size, whether on desktop, mobile, and tablet
  • Makes images responsive even when the screen is scaled or resized
  • Eliminates non-intrusive pop-ups or interstitials
  • Makes readable text on mobile, and other screens or devices
  • Ensures user navigation is clear and easily understood

Again, these are just the basics for a technically-sound website. Wait until you see the advanced.

Optimize now or get lost in the woods.

4. Optimize content to appear in varied Google SERP features

Creating quality content for users is one thing; optimizing for search engines is another. They're not worlds apart— they should co-exist to satisfy both the search engine and the user's needs.

Our SEO audit service determines the bones hiding under your website: thin and substantially duplicate content. Our specialists dig deep until we find golden nuggets of content ideas that we can further optimize or flesh out through detailed content creation. Propelrr's SEO and content marketing specialists marry creativity and technicality when it comes to writing quality, crawlable content.

Gone are the days of keyword optimization; search intent is what we're aiming for. With algorithms becoming smarter, so should our content creation and optimization. We follow a detailed search intent guide for SEO and content creation that focuses on your users rather than bots. After all, users are what gives you results.

5. Implement proper linking structure

Internal linking is another SEO power technique that aids users and bots in navigating your website and defines the architecture and hierarchy of pages on your website. Internal links also help distribute page authority and "ranking" throughout the entire website, if done properly.

If you don't get it by now, internal links are backlinks within your website that vouch for your pages.

We look carefully at your content, anchor texts, and examine the link positions, click depths, URL paths, and broken links. From contextual links, image links, navigational, and footer links, down to the JavaScript links, Propelrr will leave no link unexamined.

With Propelrr as your SEO audit service provider, we'll create an extensive web of pages and content that will make your user stick. Website pages aren't stand-alone, they should be able to connect your whole website through links and anchor texts that match the user's search intent.

The stars are aligned. The results are delivered.

Our Technical SEO audit service deep dives into every line of code and piece of content you've placed on your website to unite them seamlessly so that search engines like Google can easily crawl and analyze your website.

It's not just to meet the search engine's standards, but with your user as well.

To maximize the potential of your website, talk to specialists, and let them know you're interested.

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