Propelrr is an established SEO agency in the Philippines. We provide a holistic suite of market-leading SEO solutions to small and large enterprises.

Our SEO consulting services don't just give you a laundry list of tasks for implementation to improve your SEO. We provide insights backed by data that bring value to your website and grow your business.

We understand that no two organizations are alike. Thus, we customize our SEO consultancy works based on your company's structure to provide you the most practical SEO solutions specific for your case.

The result? Consider it free of charge.

Benefits of Propelrr’s SEO Consulting Services

  • Solid SEO processes that guarantee the right direction.
  • No more costly DIY SEO implementations that can harm, instead of improving your website performance.
  • Provide a second opinion on your initial SEO strategy.
  • Bounce off ideas and decide the strategy that will bring in the best results.
  • Maximize your ROI by providing expert and quality actionable items.
  • Be coached by the leading SEO experts in the Philippines.
  • Inclusive of periodic consultations and detailed discussions.
  • All consultation materials will be provided in soft copy.

Our SEO Consulting Services are open to:

  • Senior Executives and Business Owners who want a soundboard for their marketing strategies or get expert advice on how they can grow business online;
  • Management and Business Unit Heads/Directors who need expert advice in strategizing and implementing SEO efforts;
  • Project Teams and Specialists who are in need of professional guidance or direction on how to approach a specific project or client; and
  • SMEs and Startups who need help in building their businesses’ online presence from the ground up with a limited team or budget.

Propelrr is a respected and veteran digital marketing company in the Philippines that has provided SEO services to different clients in all industries and verticals. In our years of experience, we’ve come to know and even master how these brands can easily navigate their way on top of search engines and maximize their ROIs. Here are some of our focused verticals:

  • FinTech
  • Real Estate
  • Retail
  • Ecommerce
  • Manufacturing
  • BPO & Human Resource Services
  • Startups to Enterprise Business

What do you get from Propelrr’s SEO Consultants?

Our SEO consultants know what it takes to help you achieve better search visibility and rankings, increase organic traffic, and drive more organic conversions.

1. Assessment of Technical SEO Audit Work

Our consultants will evaluate your SEO audit work to shed light on what you have or haven't done yet and to make sure that your every byte and every page on the website works in favor of your customers and their positive experience.

2. Guidance on Competition Analysis

As they say, “keep your friends close, but keep your enemies closer.” We will guide you and how to properly analyze your competitors' SEO activities and inner workings to see what they're up to and what you could be doing better.

3. Detailed SEO Strategy

We don't just evaluate your findings; we give you solutions. Our consulting services will guide you by crafting an SEO strategy that encompasses everything to deliver results.

4. Comprehensive Keyword Research

Keywords can come in all places and forms—we just happen to know how to gather and position them for your business to maximize. There are several articles about keyword research, but the thing is, not knowing which really is the most effective and efficient keyword research process can set all your SEO works go south. By carefully mapping out these keywords, we’ll make sure that you’ll avoid keyword cannibalization and having pages that work against one another. The keyword research and keyword map will serve as the architecture of your overall on-page SEO and content marketing campaign.

5. SEO Execution Plan

Don’t dare do SEO alone. We won’t let you do that either. Our consultants and specialists will guide you and your team through the whole SEO process to ensure all things are focused on where we should be putting our eyes on. That’s long-term results.

Links are an essential part of SEO. It will uncover tons of actionable ideas. However, not all links are beneficial; some can even harm your website performance if not properly monitored. We'll help you come up with a routine backlinks checking process to make sure you are well covered.

7. Information Architecture Consultation

To make a website stand out on search channels, it takes more than just having good content. It requires a clean information architecture and a properly mapped out internal linking structure. Our SEO consultants will guide you with visual feedback and site structure review to identify improvements on your website.

8. SEO Metrics That Matter

Actions mean nothing without results. We'll help set up the right metrics to know how well your SEO strategy and implementation are working and what significance it brought to your website.

Our consultants will provide you expert recommendations that champion the use of organic search. We can also help you avoid costly do-it-yourself SEO implementations and provide a second opinion to choose what strategy that will bring in the best results for your business.

SEO Consultancy inclusions:

  • Three hours per week consultation and discussion via online video conferencing apps
  • Full education on all levers of SEO: Technical SEO, Onpage, Content, and Offpage
  • Quarterly in-person consultation session
  • Guided SEO Implementations
  • Post-implementation SEO Audit 
  • Proper Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup
  • On-going guidance and full email support

How would you know if you need an SEO Consultant?

Whether you’re struggling to rank on SERPs or you want to improve your current SEO strategy, here are the signs that tell you to inquire about our SEO consulting service today:

  1. You have an in-house team but are not producing the results you expect
  2. Your in-house team are new to the SEO realm and still needs guidance to get to the right direction
  3. You have a team who aren’t sure about what they are doing
  4. Your website takes more than three seconds to load and is not mobile-friendly
  5. You have good content ideas but not sure if it will impact your SEO performance
  6. Your starting to question the impact of your paid efforts
  7. Your current SEO implementations don’t have a significant impact
  8. You don’t know what SEO metrics to measure 

Propelrr’s SEO consultants and specialists will guide you and your team through the whole SEO process to ensure all things are focused on where we should be putting our eyes on.

Long-term results. Long-term business advantage. Long-term ROI.

Our pricing starts at $100 per hour. Talk to us today!

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