Social Media Video Production

Among the types of content available, video is the most consumed content for digital marketing. It encourages the community to share and engage in building a positive brand reputation. An excellent digital media agency should know how to create seamless video content, top to bottom, whatever target you need to achieve.

We offer these video services for your ease of mind:

  • Concept, Scripting, Storyboarding
  • 3-D, 2-D, & Motion Graphics Editing
  • Social Media Video Production
  • Live Online Videos (Facebook, YouTube, Instagram)

74% of web traffic comes from video content. It shows that assigning social media marketing services is essential to developing a brand image. Creating a video isn’t just to have content on your social media page; it should have an objective as to why you created one.

Doing video production pays to be data-driven. Having insights and recommendations can help you pinpoint the needs your video should have. Is it hitting the right market? Do you project the right brand image? If you get to hyper-target the audience that needs to be reached, thus, it proves video content helps you minimize efforts and costs.

Why do you need to have a Video Production?

In relation to hyper-targeting audiences, a simple video can aid in simplifying the buyer journey. It helps ease the decision-making for the customers, thanks to the information they can gather from the visuals. 

Doing video for your brand’s social media pages can create a lasting impact since many audiences are connected to the Internet. It’s a great way to get your business exposed to the right customer and finding better leads. Our experts can help you browse through the right platform for your video. We can create content that is share-worthy and socially ready. We consider every value, size, aspect, and form of the video for it to be boosted online.

Any social media video editor must be equipped with skills and knowledge when creating a video. Excellent production houses must know the target and the brand well to execute and optimize video content that sparks interest and generates leads.

Propelrr can help you target the right audience and reach the right goals. Experienced with social media video production, we’re ready to face new challenges and experience to hit your goals. 

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