Social Media Page Management

A brand’s social media page needs proper management to deem its digital marketing efforts successful.

Social media page management is the act of creating, scheduling, and engaging through your content. You can improve brand visibility and brand loyalty by partnering with an experienced social media company in the Philippines.

At Propelrr, we don’t spray and pray for good results. Driven by our Culture of Excellence, we go through an extensive social media process of research, analysis, and content creation to achieve a seamless execution.

We offer our social media page management services on the following platforms:

  • Facebook 
  • Instagram 
  • YouTube 

Each of our social media page management services is as unique as can be, yet all processes are similar or intertwined with each other. Learn the step-by-step process we’ve created and followed from the start.

1. Research and Strategy

As we like to say, hope is not a strategy. With well-planned and executed research, you can gather untapped insights and opportunities in terms of doing effective social media marketing.

Our social media specialists do due diligence by finding out the problem and the goals our clients face. We create and evaluate our market research. The brand challenge is where our experts focus on.

After gathering all the data and materials, we then plot the strategy. We mold your brand persona, if not re-invent it, to have cohesive branding throughout. We only aspire to achieve excellence in our projects; hence, we go through a stringent process of quality assurance (QA) checks to make sure that every side of the brand will be relevant. 

2. Content and Calendar Planning

We see to it that every event—big or small—is maximized.

Social media page management does not end with customer engagement. We create quality and reliable content that fits the market identity your brand is focusing on the most. 

It takes different ways to attract audience attention. From static images and GIFs to videos and quizzes, we explore different types of content to crack the code that will make your audience engage—and eventually, convert.

A calendar plan comes in handy when strategizing your content. Posting can be as frequent as three times a day or as subtle as nudging one post daily. Either way, regular posting of social media content is your signal to let customers know you’re out there.

We do content and calendar planning by looking in-depth into the strategies for the brand, including the campaigns and launches you intend to do for your brand. Our social media team will help you target the right time and date for your posting.

We see to it that every event—big or small—is maximized.

3. Quality checks

Excellence is our standard.

Every piece of content, from copy to visuals, goes through our quality assurance process before submitting it to the brand’s stakeholders.

We don’t only check the output we submit, we go through the brand’s social media engagement, reach, and site traffic to recalibrate the campaign or strategy to achieve its best performance and maximum result.

What can we say? We commit to becoming the benchmark. 

4. Reporting

Setting KPIs without backed up data? Yikes. An empty promise isn’t our cup of tea.

Our social media team sets SMART goals from the start and aims to deliver the expected result by the end of the month. We’re as transparent as we can web, we furnish monthly reports for you to track your brand’s progress, see our team’s efforts to achieve results from the campaign.

If you want to keep a close eye, just let us know, and we can create weekly-reports that focus on the metrics and KPIs you want to achieve. 

Why do you need Propelrr?

Our social media page management service can handle clients of various industries, giving us the edge to implement better social media page strategies that are fit for your brand.

Being a data-backed social media management firm, we can launch your brand and keep it shining throughout the digisphere.

Want to learn more? Shoot us a message, and let’s talk about it.