Campaign Management

Campaign management is the process of ideating, executing, and analyzing digital marketing campaigns. From start to finish, we ensure that each phase of the process will be rolled out smoothly.

How social media campaign management works

To start, ideating the campaign should have your brand goal in mind. Is it to drive purchases, create brand awareness, or improve brand engagement? The goal should be attainable and relevant to the company.

An effective campaign management service will help you find the best solution that’s tailor-fit for your business objective.

1. Strategy

Campaign creation should always have data to back up the end goal. Whether it’s a campaign on a single platform or on multiple devices, the messaging should be coherent with the content’s chosen brand voice.

You can look into business opportunities to leverage on hitting targets. Propelrr’s team of digital experts assesses your need to prepare and execute a campaign that will surely drive up your brand engagement.

We look deep into your brand’s industry by researching the competition and finding the loopholes and opportunities. We craft the strategy based on these findings and available data. We seek to target the audience that resonates well with your identity and product. 

2. Connect and Engage

We don’t just throw promotions out in the open.

We seek the perfect balance of doing promotional and non-promotional content. This is to ensure that the customer will keep their interest in the brand’s content, which we hope will eventually lead to action—conversion.

Once the audience starts engaging, the brand can use this as an opportunity to keep the conversation and interest open.

3. Report

As the campaign runs, you can take advantage and look deep into the results that the campaign incurred. This can be used in setting benchmarks and in hitting higher goals to improve the brand’s wellbeing. With no fluff, our social media marketing management process can help you attain the right goals.

Why us?

As an experienced social media marketing company in the Philippines, we are equipped with the knowledge and skills to help clients reach their goals. In the past decade, we’ve woven through significant trends and updates to find the best solution your product will need.

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