Influencer Marketing Services

Ever heard of the word “influencer?”

It must ring a bell, as many companies are looking to partner with these individuals to help sell and promote their products or services. Simply put, influencers are modern-day celebrities or help personalities that can affect a consumer’s purchasing decision.

With the growing rate of influencers that endorse products and services, it’s become evident for social media marketing agencies like us to jump in and provide influencer services to our brands as well.

Take a look at how we handle influencer marketing services here at Propelrr:

Do you need an influencer for your brand?

Besides helping impact sales, influencer marketing is valuable in making quality online engagement. This can highly hit your targets in driving product awareness. With the right personality, they can act as an ambassador to embody the brand. 

1. Selection Process

When selecting an influencer, the skills in choosing an individual must be exceptional. Our digital marketing company strives to learn the brand and its market in choosing an influencer.

We don’t just select any personality; they must fit the brand naturally and tick all the goals we want our audience to take action on.

A. Personality match

Our social media experts look into the influencer’s values, tone, and messaging—down to the critical metrics such as their engagement and click-through rates.

We take in varying types of influencers ranging from micro-influencer to celebrity status that can fill in the brand imaging. This can help your influencer marketing efforts realize its potential.

B. In-depth influencer analysis

After researching different influencers, we analyze their personalities to find the best fit for your brand and personality.

We utilize a rigorous process to weed out the perfect influencer from the rest. After the selection process, we approach to set out the terms, conditions, and confidentiality both parties have to follow.

2. Determine the activities

Once we’ve chosen “The One” influencer perfect for your brand, we brief the talent to embody and become the champion of the brand. The influencer will then work hand in hand with our social media team to ensure a seamless projection of the brand.

Whether it’s a simple tweet, a short post on Stories, or a long-form Youtube vide content, our social media team collaborates with the brand-influencers to ensure quality output and consistent messaging throughout social media platforms. 

The role of influencers will be to promote the brand positively, acting as the brand’s ambassador and voice. With their vast reach of friends and followers, an influencer campaign can reach the brand’s target audience and boost the perception of the brand.

3. Report and measure

“Popularity” and “virality” are vanity metrics our social media specialists don’t bank on.

As a data-driven digital marketing company in the Philippines, we measure SMART to see your brand’s and influencer’s effectiveness.

During post-campaign, we review the KPIs and track our campaign outcome. We also measure the influencer’s engagement and site traffic so that we can further improve and tweak our existing strategy. For post-campaign reporting, we dive into analytics and data to see how well our influencer campaign boosted our social media performance. 

Vanity metrics won’t get you far—time to consume real and tangible data that you can munch on for insight.

As a decade-long social media consultant in the Philippines, we know our way through social media platforms. Our knowledge of digital and social media marketing will help you propel up. With a portfolio of different industries entrusting their brands into our hands, you’ll know you are in the right direction.

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