Social Media Advertising

What is Social Media Advertising?

Simply put, social media advertising is the practice of serving advertisements to users on various social media platforms.

After social media grew to be one of the most widely used platforms, currently having three billion active users, brands and businesses saw its potential to drive various business objectives. This gave rise to social media marketing, and with it, came social media advertising.

There are different types of social media platforms where you can serve ads. You have social networking platforms that include Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+. You have microblogging platforms like Twitter and Tumblr. There’s photo sharing platforms and the most common examples are Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest. Then you have video sharing platforms which include YouTube and Facebook Live.

Whether you think using Facebook or Instagram or both is what’s best for your business, Propelrr can provide for your social media advertising needs.

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Why go with Social Media Advertising?

All smart businesses know that investing in social media is not a novelty. Social media is rooted on the most effective marketing method, word of mouth. With the reach and engagement businesses can get through social media, smarter businesses know that social media advertising should be part of their business marketing plan.

But like any marketing effort, expertise and skill is required to make the most out of resources spent. With Propelrr’s solid data background and digital mastery, your social media advertising efforts will drive results that impacts your brand, business, and objectives.

Specifically, here is what you will be getting out of Propelrr’s social media advertising services:

  • Increased brand recognition and visibility through expanded reach
  • Improved brand authority built on real user stories and engagement
  • Valuable market and user insights through effective social listening
  • Tool to connect with and learn from consumers and industry leaders
  • Establish solid, data-driven strategies that aim beyond vanity metrics
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Market Research and Analysis

  • Target market determination
    • Who are the best audiences to target for your business objectives?
  • User Persona Creation
    • Who are the audiences under your target market?
    • What is the best way to communicate to them?
    • How are your competitors reaching out to them?

Knowing the people you want to reach out to sets the direction of what your campaign looks and feels like. Most people get this down. What distinguishes great campaigns from good ones is knowing that there’s more than the general segments of people. It’s not enough to settle with gunning for women or children or the elderly. We need to know how they think, what their motivations are, and on who they’re willing to depend on. That way, we build strategies out of accurate representations of our target market instead of caricatures.

Creatives creation

  • Content Ideation
    • How does your target audience behave and communicate in each channel?
    • How compelling are your copies?
    • Are your creatives and messagers aligned to your brand identity?
    • Are your ad creatives good enough to drive action?
  • Landing Page
    • What campaign are you running?
    • How will your landing page lead to the desired customer action?
    • Is your landing page responsive for mobile and desktop?
    • Is it fast enough to satisfy better user experience?

Social media is a space shared by all, and that includes your competitors. This means your ad content arsenal shouldn’t just be witty captions or eye-catching visuals. Your content should contain the following: relevance, value, and a call to action that highlights your desired customer action. These are things we drill down in any ads we produce for you. Ad assets are crucial parts of your campaign and that’s why we want to produce yours in a way that stands out in a sea of ads.

Monitoring and optimization

  • Tracking and analytics
    • What are the metrics to measure your success KPIs?
    • Are the KPI targets achieved?
  • Deep analysis
    • What insights do we draw from the data collected?
    • Were the optimization efforts able to drive the results we were gunning for?
    • What campaign elements should we further improve?

Propelrr has always paired data with any and all business strategies we employ. We use data in a way that benefits your campaign’s and business’ sustainability. For any strategy to be long term, we need to determine what their results are, their relevance to your business, and what each effort contributed to the outcomes. Propelrr lays the results all backed by data so that you know where your money goes. We only have room for honest business dealings here.

Get your social media ads handled not by a bunch of cowboys. Choose well. Talk to us!