What is PPC Management?

Managing pay-per-click campaigns go beyond running applications and fancy software. Aside from infrastructure, you need experience, sharp skills, and consistency. These are the qualities to look out for in your PPC agency. These, too, are the qualities we live by at Propelrr when we are talking about pay-per-click.

Effective PPC management revolves around several interrelated subjects that all require expertise in namely: Keyword analysis, Channel strategy, Monitoring, Optimization, Competitive analysis, A/B testing. Holistic campaign management is what impacts your brand, business, and objective. Effective digital marketing is a mix of both human skill and technological prowess. That’s what we, as a digital marketing agency, prides ourselves in.

Here’s a list of the PPC Management Services we offer:

  • Google AdWords
  • Bing Advertising
  • Facebook Ads
  • Remarketing
  • Shopping Ads Management
  • PPC Audits

Why Let Your PPC Campaigns Be Managed?

We cannot stress the importance of human skills in the management of PPC campaigns. This is because PPC is more than a “set it and forget it” endeavor. Devoting time and effort in managing it is the only way to drive beneficial results out of it. What makes Propelrr different is that the people who exert the time and effort have the expertise and experience under their belt.

Our pay-per-click industry-qualified experts understand how to effectively reach and target your market, making the most out of your budget. We are certified Google Partners for Adwords and accredited Bing advertisers. We are proficient in the different advertising aspects found in these channels. But more than this, we are Google Analytics-certified.

We don't optimize based on gut feel. We ensure that your campaigns yield valuable and sustainable successes achieved through data-driven analysis, insights, and recommendations.

Here’s what you’ll be getting out of our PPC Management Services run by our PPC experts:

  • Day-to-day monitoring to ensure that your campaigns are running as planned
  • Maximization of budget allotted for PPC campaign.
  • Regular optimization of campaigns to further improve campaign performance and results
  • Competitive assurance by maximizing search visibility and business opportunities from your ads
  • Quick and efficient issue resolution for potential mishaps such as ads and keywords disapprovals, ads that suddenly stops showing, and landing page issues.

How We Do It?

Our PPC services goes beyond managing Adwords whether you want to engage in paid search or paid social, remarketing, e-commerce, YouTube or search engines. Whatever type of campaign yields the best ROI, we’re sure to make the most out of it.


Identifying your objectives and goals

  • Do you want to increase brand awareness? Do you want improve your relevance to people?
  • Do you want to increase your web traffic?
  • Are you after subscriptions, customers, orders or any other activity you determine to be beneficial for your business?

Skills and fancy software only go so far as what they are told to do. Objective setting and alignment ensures that the campaign is geared towards the direction you want. This is also where we integrate our expertise with your business goals so that we can recalibrate where it is needed and build on where you are winning. Management with direction is what drives ROI and more.

Conduct Market and Behavioral Research

  • What are the needs and wants of your potential customers?
  • Where do you find them?
  • How do they behave in the different digital channels?

Knowing what to do with the skills and tools you have onboard requires a deep understanding of the people you want and need to reach out to. Who your audiences are, how they think, and why they will prefer you are just some of the questions we ask to determine a key aspect of any PPC campaign: the right audience targeting. Whether it’s based on the keywords they use, browsing behavior, interests, social media usage and affinities. Of course, asking these questions is just part and parcel of our extensive research process. Before you commit, we make sure you know what you’re committing to.

Create Targeted and Relevant Messages

  • How are your audiences communicating?
  • How are your competitors reaching out to them?

Marketing and communications is a battle of narratives. Narratives that stick to people aren't just determined by catchy lines or jingles like what most agencies gun for. They are determined by relevance. Propelrr looks at the way your audiences communicate and what speaks to them. We take those crucial pieces of information and take it to the next level using innovative and targeted messages. People respond to ads that feel like they've listened to the people they speak to. That is what we are after.

Build Compelling Landing Pages

  • What campaign are you running?
  • How will your landing page lead to the desired customer action?

Ads are your first touchpoint with customers when we are talking about paid media. That's why they need to be creative. The tricky part is driving action after. That's why landing pages need to cut the fluff and go straight to business. However, business talk shouldn't be an excuse to not have compelling copies moreso a page that provides a great user experience. Here at Propelrr, your landing page is a result of our areas of expertise working together: Content, UX Design, and of course PPC Management. This is how we drive valuable customer action for you.

Analyze Gathered Data

  • What insights do you need?
  • Are your campaigns performing according to plan?
  • How will we improve your campaigns moving forward?

PPC campaigns harness data to craft messaging, determine channels, and monitor progress. The key is understanding the valuable insights it provides. But making data work shouldn't just happen at the start of the campaign or at it's height. Data can and should be forward looking. With Propelrr's data expertise, we look at the data, draw insights from it, connect it to the bigger picture and recommend how you can utilize them in the future. We make sure you get the most out of data so that you maximize what you shell out.

Optimize Ad Campaigns Based on Data Gathered

  • What are the pain points of the campaign?
  • Do our different targeting methods work?
  • Are the messages on the ads and landing pages driving desired actions?
  • How do we improve the campaign’s performance?

The success of PPC campaigns is reliant on constantly re-evaluating the market and recalibrating the strategies. Are we using the right keywords? What can we improve on the landing pages? Are our audiences looking for something we can adapt to? Propelrr makes sure that the PPC campaigns we run for you are able to keep up with the ever-changing landscape of digital marketing.

Maximize Your RoAS

  • What is your return on ad spend?
  • How do we meet the optimal cost per click and conversion for your business?
  • How do we measure your ads’ effectiveness?

We want to make sure you get the most out of each of your ad spend; more clicks at a lower price; more conversions at less the costs. We develop several testing methods to determine ad effectiveness and use those results to minimize costs and maximize wins. Improving cost per clicks and conversion allows us to impact your business objectives while making sure you don’t bleed resources. Your ROI and Return on Ad Spend is our bottom line.

Start focusing on your core business and let’s manage your PPC campaigns now!

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