Digital video advertising is the practice of advertising a product or service featured in a video format. Compared to other disciplines of digital advertising, it is digital video advertising that effectively combines the power of sound, sight, and motion.

This is because while we want to churn out information as much as possible, doing it through text or images is taxing and may lead to boredom. Digital video advertising has harnessed the magic of easy digital consumption in catching the attention of users and in using more accessible screens.

If you’ve decided that producing your own video advertisements is the way to go, Propelrr makes sure that your venture in digital video advertising will bring positive returns for your business.

Why go with Digital Video Advertising?

Human beings are visual creatures, and nothing delivers a compelling visual experience other than video.

propelrr digital video advertising

With an audience more engaged on mobile devices than on television, video advertising is now an accessible and impactful part of the digital marketing mix.

With Propelrr’s digital video advertising services, your brand can expect the following returns:

  • Increased brand visibility through video advertisements that are creative, compelling, and relevant.
  • Expanded reach by delivering video ads that can be accessed through multiple channels and devices that leads to better brand awareness and recall.
  • Improved brand authority and following through rich content, more effective narratives and communication that speaks to your audience.
  • Measurable results that allow you to monitor how your video ads perform, re-calibrate as necessary, and plan for the future. Unlike traditional ads, all of the data is available in real-time.
  • Leads generation by targeting people who are already willing to make a purchase through the effective and efficient use of video advertisements.

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