The Best Digital Marketing Course for Your Unique Learning Style


September 11, 2023

Having trouble finding the perfect digital marketing courses for you? Learn how to identify your learning preferences today with this handy guide.

Everyone has a unique learning style. When it comes to upskilling for a profession, some people study best when they watch videos or listen to lectures, while others study best when they read digital marketing resources or write down insights from lectures.

The perfect digital marketing course in the Philippines for you might depend on your VARK learning style – that is, your visual, auditory, reading/writing, and kinesthetic education preferences. By identifying your preferred modes of study with the resources in this guide, you can pick a course that fits your needs and plot actionable steps to further your professional skills today.

How to learn digital marketing with VARK learning styles

The VARK learning modes were developed by Neil Fleming in 1987 as a way to provide insight into a person’s studying preferences. The theory suggested that there were four sensory modalities to describe someone’s study styles, reflecting how they absorb information best through visual, auditory, reading/writing, or kinesthetic activities.

Further research has shown that there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to varied learning styles. However, knowing your preferences as a student is important in supporting your growth as a professional in various digital fields today.

If you want to develop your digital marketing skills, then knowing your preferred ways of absorbing information can make the process easier for you. As a young professional knowing your VARK modalities can help you choose the right learning platform to expand your skill set.

How to expand your digital marketing skills according to VARK

Ready to leverage the power of a full-scale digital marketing agency within your own company? Here are nine different courses and certifications for digital marketing to upskill your team this 2023.

  1. ‘Fundamentals of digital marketing’ by Google Digital Garage

    Learning style: visual (video)
    Level: Beginner
    Duration: 40 hours
    Modules: 26
    Price: Free

    This free digital marketing training by Google Digital Garage covers all the digital marketing fundamentals you need to jumpstart your online success. With 26 video modules to explore, you can master the basics of search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, social media marketing, and more, in just 40 hours of active study.

    The everyday experts at this Google-run education arm are accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. After completing all the video modules in this course, you’ll get to receive an authentic online marketing certificate from Google as well.

  2. ‘Become a Digital Marketing Specialist’ with LinkedIn

    Level: Beginner
    Duration: 19 hours
    Modules: 11
    Price: 1-month free trial (then Php969.00/month for an annual subscription)

    LinkedIn Learning is LinkedIn’s educational platform that helps professionals develop skills through expert-led course videos. Through their digital marketing specialization course videos, you can gain skills in content strategy, SEO, and analytics for your online brand.

    When you finish the course, you earn a certificate of completion, which you can share to your LinkedIn profile and inform potential employers and collaborators of your expertise.
    Learning style: visual (video)

  3. ‘Marketing School’ with Neil Patel & Eric Siu

    Learning style: auditory (podcast)
    Level: Beginner
    Duration: < 10 minutes per episode
    Episodes: 2,396 (as of writing)
    Price: Free

    While these next two entries aren’t necessarily courses, these podcasts are still serious sources of learning for anyone in need of digital marketing tips from experts.

    Whether you’re looking for content creation, email marketing, or lead generation tips, this podcast is the perfect place to start. “Marketing School” with Neil Patel and Eric Siu is an auditory education experience that focuses on leveraging organic content to drive results.

    Beginners and pros alike can find excellent tips in the bite-sized podcast episodes that Patel and Siu host on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, and Stitcher. The best part? All these episodes are offered for free, meaning you can gain insights from Patel and Siu’s daily expertise without any extra expense.

  4. ‘Everyone Hates Marketers’ and ‘Stand The F*ck Out™ (STFO)’ by Louis Grenier

    Learning style: auditory (podcast)
    Level: Intermediate
    Duration: One hour or less
    Episodes: 264 (as of writing)
    Price: Free

    This irreverent and hilariously titled podcast is another auditory education experience with lots to offer online today. “Everyone Hates Marketers” is a podcast that’s hosted and run by Louis Grenier, touting actionable and no-fluff insights for everyone in the field of online promotions.

    What makes this podcast unique is that it has expanded beyond its auditory offerings to a training course called “Stand The F*ck Out™ (STFO)” by Grenier as well.

    This eight-week high-intensity program for business owners and marketers provides worksheets, on-demand video lessons with transcripts and slides, and weekly coworking sessions with fellow cohorts, all to help you level up your skills in the industry.

  5. ‘The Strategy of Content Marketing’ by Coursera

    Learning style: visual, reading/writing
    Level: Intermediate
    Duration: 20 hours
    Modules: Four
    Price: Seven-day free trial* (then $39-$99 USD depending on the course, with the option for financial aid)

    Are you in the market for specific web content certifications in your current field? Then these next two offerings will be perfect for your needs.

    The Strategy of Content Marketing” is a course developed by Copyblogger and the UC Davis Continuing and Professional Education program. In this course, you’ll discover how to organize content marketing strategies, write compelling copies, and build brand authority through content creation – all through a strategic reading and writing framework.

    Gain access to digital marketing books, readings, videos, and worksheets when you enroll in this program for free. You only have to pay for your certification, and at the end of the day, you’ll still benefit because you can share your certificate on LinkedIn and on other professional documents.

  6. ‘The Complete Copywriting Course: Write to Sell Like a Pro’ by Udemy

    Learning style: visual, reading/writing
    Level: Beginner
    Duration: Three hours
    Modules: 13
    Price: Php4,490

    Find out how to write copies like a pro with this timeless guide by Udemy. With 20 downloadable worksheets, six readings, and three hours of on-demand video lessons from the world’s most successful copywriters, you’ll have everything you need to write powerful sales copies for your online business.

    This comprehensive copywriting course will only take around three hours to complete, but you’ll have full lifetime access to all the resources offered by the experts at Udemy. Level up your email marketing, content writing, social media copies, and more when you receive full certification from the program.

  7. ‘The Complete Digital Marketing Guide – 23 Courses in 1’ by Udemy

    Learning style: visual, kinesthetic
    Level: Beginner
    Duration: 76 hours
    Modules: 23
    Price: Php4,790

    Want a more hands-on educational experience? Then level up your online performance with this practical guide by Udemy. This comprehensive 23-in-1 course offers a whopping 76 hours of video lessons, 47 articles, 74 downloadable worksheets, and lifetime resource access for a holistic and activity-heavy experience.

    Discover everything there is to know about SEO, PPC advertising, content creation, coding for digital marketers, and more from this expert Udemy course. Once you complete the entire program, you’ll receive a certificate of completion which you can use throughout your professional life today.

  8. ‘Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce Professional Certificate’ by Coursera

    Learning style: visual, reading/writing, kinesthetic
    Level: Beginner
    Duration: Six months (>10 hours of study per week)
    Modules: Seven
    Price: Seven-day free trial* (then $39-$99 USD depending on the course, with the option for financial aid)

    This six-month program is perfect for anyone who wants hands-on and professional  experience in the industry right away.

    Google’s professional certificate course in ecommerce and online promotions, hosted by Coursera, is for people who want a full career in the ever-changing online world. With over 190 hours of assessments that simulate real-world scenarios, you get the chance to build a job-ready portfolio through this six-month course and certification.

    To receive the certificate of completion from this program, you need to successfully finish all your projects in the course first. Finishing these projects means that you’ll have real-life examples of your work in content creation, social media marketing, and ecommerce, thus proving your job-readiness to hiring managers in the future.

  9. ‘How to Become a Digital Marketer’ by Udacity

    Learning style: kinesthetic
    Level: Beginner
    Duration: Three months (>10 hours of study per week)
    Modules: 23
    Price: $399/month (or $1017 for 3 months, one-time payment)

    The last entry on this list is for serious marketers who want to invest in the long-term success of their brand. Udacity’s “How to Become a Digital Marketer” program offers real-world projects, codesigned with Facebook, alongside real-time mentorship with personalized feedback and one on one instructor support.

    The live mentor support isn’t the only practical advantage to this program. Through Udacity, you also gain access to complementary Github portfolio reviews and LinkedIn profile optimization, helping to advance your career and assist you in landing a high-paying position online.

    Get all the information you need, from marketing fundamentals to SEO essentials, to boost your experience in the complex world of online promotions.

Different learning styles for digital marketing skills

Now that you have a bevy of options for unleashing your potential, it’s time for you to unlock your next professional level: Working with a team to drive business success this year. Below, we discuss how to effectively collaborate with teammates with different learning styles, and how it can boost your team’s creativity and proficiency.

Effective collaboration and teamwork means acknowledging everyone’s varied learning preferences. To effectively collaborate with team members and their different studying styles, you can integrate the following practices into your workflow:

  • Actively discuss learning styles. Make it a point to actively discuss VARK modalities with your team so that you can maximize each person’s unique skills.
  • Use the VARK questionnaire. If your team members aren’t aware of their current educational preferences, you can use the VARK questionnaire to clarify their capabilities today.
  • Provide options for upskilling. Whether through online courses or team-building activities, give your members the option to study, experiment, and grow their skills in the field too.

Within Propelrr’s digital marketing framework, we leverage the power of a data-driven experimentation mindset. We encourage everyone, from our clients to our team, to be open to discovering new things, to experiment, and to collaborate with others in order to drive digital differently today.

Key takeaways

Striving to further develop and expand your skills becomes easier when you maximize your potential as a learner, particularly when you enjoy your studying method. Here are three final tips to take away from this guide as you continue on your learning journey:

  • Identify VARK modalities to unlock more skills. Start with the basics, like your listening, watching, reading, writing, or hands-on activity preferences. Then, you can work your way up from there to identify your preferred studying skills.
  • Try multiple modes of study. Think your brain is suited to multiple modes of discovering new information? Then feel free to go for courses that encourage varied styles of teaching too.
  • Work with experts who want you to grow. Want your brand to grow? Make sure to work with a digital marketing company that encourages you to be open to discovery and experimentation today.

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