Never underestimate the power of a good copy—it can drive the results your business need.

Copywriting is the art and science of using words and letters to breathe life into a page or product. Mix your copies with a handful of on-page SEO best practices and get content that delights both users and search engines for a seamless content experience.

Not a fancy wordsmith yourself? No need to worry about saying the right words and how to say it if you have a top-notch content marketing agency in the Philippines to help you out. Just focus on your business and let our copywriters speak for you.

Why do you need the help of copywriting services?

Let’s admit it; we all love a good story. The act of storytelling is one way for us to satisfy our craving to know more about people and their experiences. We’re not nosy—just inherently curious.

Same as with creating good copy. People react and respond when they come across a good write-up or piece of content that relates to them and their experience. When your readers respond to your copy with an unguarded reaction paired with a “Was this made for me?” Bingo! You’ve hit the jackpot.

We’re not kidding. Expresswriter’s study claims there’s a 131% increase in the likelihood of purchasing items from brands with an excellent copy. Not only does content create profit for your business, but it builds an authority status that your brand wants.

Once you gain the trust of your customers through valuable content, there’s no backing out. You’ve got them hooked, reeled, and sealed. You have to keep producing the same or better quality to make them stay.

That’s what we aim to do as copywriters.

We don’t just slap copies into a brand; we paint the picture your business wants to show using language.

A compelling copy sparks emotion. It speaks the truth and goals of your business.

Copywriting Frameworks with Results

Frameworks help mold great copies. There are many formulas available to aid in creating high-quality copies. Here are some of our most favorite ones yet:

P-A-S Framework

The P-A-S or “Problem–Agitate–Solve” framework identifies the issue at hand, further positions the issue, then provides the solution to resolve the problem. This copywriting formula is used best to boost a product’s or brand’s qualities without the need for hard selling.

F-A-B Framework

We put your product in the spotlight by using the FAB or “Features–Advantages–Benefits” framework. Our expert copywriters don’t beat around the bush. They zero in on your business, building a good image for your product or service. In this way, readers immediately see the value your business will give them.

Conversion Trinity Framework

One of the tried and tested copywriting frameworks we use is the Conversion Trinity. It simply follows a three-step formula of Relevance, Value, and Call-to-Action. As the name suggests, this copywriting framework is bound to provide the conversion you were aiming for. The simple formula forms a realization from the customers that your brand is the solution to their problems.

4 Cs Framework

A Clear, Concise, Compelling, Credible copy provides users a quick and easy understanding of your content. Created by Bob Bly, the 4Cs framework urges copywriters to get to the point and create copies that meet business goals while keeping promises your brand holds.

AIDA Framework

Lastly, we incorporate the copywriting formula “Attention–Interest–Desire–Action” (AIDA) into our copies. This copywriting formula aims to grab attention, reel them in, and get them to perform the desired action — a simple method to spark attention and demand conversion.

Data-driven copywriting

We don’t just create copies—we test them, too. Our team of copywriters develops different copies, using different tones, styles, and frameworks to see which one will provide the best results and convey the right message for your business.

We don’t just settle for the standard. It’s a continuous cycle of improvement and achieving excellence. Our main goal is to set industry standards higher. We go through various samples of work that could be the next potential benchmarking quality.

We’re not limited to these copywriting frameworks. We have more up our sleeves. Send us a message to learn more about our copywriting skills.

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