Content Creation

Content creation is the most tasking thing a content marketer has to do. It’s not easy to write good quality content that readers will enjoy, bots to crawl and index, and align with the right search intent.

But when your content creation is exceptional, you can reap the rewards in terms of awareness, engagement, and even conversion! See? Having a reliable content marketing agency to help you is definitely worth the time and money.

1. Content Format

There are several types of content formats. It could be blogs, or visual content like infographics, videos, and more. Whichever format suits your brand, we can help you create the best content to maximize the promotion and the awareness your customers can gain.

These are the content formats we offer with our content creation services:

  • Blogs – an online journal that displays information or content.
  • Videos – an electronic medium presenting moving visual media.
  • Infographics – a graphic visual representation of information and data.
  • Case studies – a detailed inquiry of a particular person, event, or group.
  • eBooks – an electronic version of a printed book.
  • White papers –  authoritative reports about complex issues.
  • Gated content – online materials that require users to fill out a form before being given access.
  • Interviews – a structured question and answer, usually one-on-one conversation.

Our content team can assist you in finding the best format that goes well for your content. We won’t keep you hanging.

2. Ideation

Our process starts with ideation. Propelrr’s DNA screams being data-driven; we only use information that is relevant and trendy. We craft our ideas with insights, and we make sure that our ideas and topics will be aligned to your business targets and goals.

3. Article Direction

We proceed to create our article direction with the goal in mind. Our article direction contains the target market, user search intent, keywords, content flow, and SEO considerations that are placed into action. This way, we can cross-check the quality and flow of the article.

4. Quality Assurance

Our process only contains the essential items that are vital in creating content. We pride the culture of effectiveness and efficiency. To ensure the quality of our projects, we go through four levels of quality assurance checks and processes, namely: Initial QA, SEO QA, Final QA, and Client Submission.

We take pride in our standards and excellence. Our content creation service strives to achieve your goals, and we’re ready to take on any challenge.

5. Content Promotion

High-quality content must also be promoted to be appreciated.

We take your brand to create awareness and engagement. We strive that every piece of content will let your business shine. Our team of experts, armed with the right knowledge and skills, can guide you in creating and promoting your company.

The opportunities with content are infinite. You can even opt to repurpose your content and establish your authority through it. With content, you can be viewed as an expert in your industry. This can lead to better site traffic and engagement within your brand’s community.

Our content creation services can help you target the right consumers. We make sure that your content speaks and embodies your brand. We don’t just manufacture words; we take our craft seriously—from ideation to execution. We use data and insights to create content on niches that we can dominate.

We are a digital marketing agency in the Philippines with “glocal” standards. Our international and local clients have different backgrounds. Our team of experts can help you navigate the right content transparently. We don’t hide the truth; we speak backed up with insights to make sure your brand is in tip-top shape.

Can you already figure out the words your brand needs? Send us a message.