Content Marketing Strategy

A good content strategy creates and distributes relevant and valuable content that attracts and converts audiences. In our case, conversion can mean getting new leads, sales, and boosting profits further. Ultimately, your content needs to drive action in whatever form it may be.

Established companies get help from content marketing agencies and apply various content strategies for one reason: because content works.

Why do you need a content strategy?

The impact of content is priceless. A single post can either turn your brand upside-down or boost your business. A business is not successful without a clear-cut content strategy—it can make or break you.

Hope is not a strategy. Don’t rely on wishes to get your company noticed and make profits.

Creating a content marketing strategy must be consistent and coherent with your brand. It comes with creating high-quality content. Brands must know that it’s essential to develop content and know where to publish it. With the help of a strategy, you can target the right people and increase action towards your brand.

Our digital content strategy takes every bit of the information and content you have. We make sure that the plan is parallel to your brand. We do proper research and gather insights that can aid us in creating the right plan for you.

1. Launch Targets

To create a strategy, we start to define our goals. Knowing and pinpointing goals help us have a clear view of the strategy’s direction. By the time you know your goals, we can start doing buyer persona and research. Our team can help you determine your targets, and we will evaluate every data there is to back up your goals.

2. Persona and Market Research

After finding valuable insights from research, we start by visualizing the ideal persona for your content and assess different types of intent to provide relevant and relatable content for your audience. We only adhere to best practices and high standards for our clients.

3. Content Audit

At this stage, we will be running a content audit to see the past and current efforts your company has done. With content audits, we get to see which performs best or could be done better. We also examine the different types of search intent that our content poses— may it be Informational, Navigational, or Transactional. Our content team can help you decide on the platforms that best fit your market.

4. Content ideas

Our content team has the capacity to brainstorm and create ideas that are perfect for you and your audience. We can help you find the right content that has an impact on your crowd.

We play with ideas but back it up with proper data and insight. We make sure that the ideas are aligned with the business strategies and the users’ search intent. You can trust us in helping you create ideas that work and update you on the industry’s trends.

At Propelrr, we get to marry creativity and technicality in every work.

5. Content formats

There are different formats for content. You can try doing blogs, videos, static images, gifs, stories—you name it! After all, visuals reign in content marketing that is why we maximize each format for your business, making sure your business will boost with every post.

These are the types of content formats we have:

  • Blog or article – an online journal that displays information or content.
  • Video – an electronic medium presenting moving visual media.
  • Infographics – a graphic visual representation of information and data.
  • Case studies – detailed inquiry of a particular person, event, or group.
  • eBook – an electronic version of printed books.
  • White papers – authoritative reports about complex issues.
  • Gated content – online materials that require users to fill out a form before getting access.
  • Interviews – structured question and answer, usually one-on-one conversation.

6. Content promotion

Once content formats are planned, we move quickly by promoting these pieces of content through different channels, organic or paid, such as:

  • Guest Posting
  • Broken Link Building
  • Social Media Management
  • Paid Search
  • Paid Display Ads
  • Paid Social Media Ads
  • Email Marketing

Our team can assist you in the full content marketing process of production, and even distribution, creating a consistent and coherent campaign flow.

Why do you need Propelrr?

We can take every challenge and turn it into gold. A decade strong, Propelrr can help you create the brand you want your audience to see.

We don’t rely on false hopes, only data. We thrive on a culture of excellence; we don’t allow mistakes that demote us to second best.

Don’t wish for results; act on it. Message us to learn more.