Content Promotion and Digital PR

You might have created the best content in the world, but the question is: are people consuming it? Does it have comments, shares, or even likes? Is your page receiving traffic or getting a longer time-on-page?

No? Then that content isn’t good enough.

A common mistake in content marketing is thinking that work is done once the article is live. Content marketing doesn’t stop there—it’s continuously moving and rotating like a flywheel. You need to promote content as fast and as often as you are producing it.

There are no shortcuts and ready-made strategies in content promotion. Here are a few ways we ensure your content reaches the right people.

A. Social Media

Social media is one of the widely known channels where promotion could be done.

A simple post on your pages can either go the wrong way or the right way. Don’t fret. Our team can help you ride the waves of social media.

With our social media management services, have the knowledge and expertise to entice audiences to do an action for your brand.

B. Forum Marketing

Word of mouth is one of the smartest tactics in marketing. And similar to word of mouth, forum seeding is much like the former.

Our content team can convince new and current users to switch to your service by leaving positive reviews to build a credible reputation.

C. Link Building

Besides promotion, we turn to SEO practices to help us boost not only awareness but also the domain authority to your site.

Link building is by asking fellow editors and webmasters to link back to your brand’s website. You may also consider sending your site to trusted online directories.

With us, you wouldn’t need to worry about handling these things. We are trained to do SEO practices and create a positive brand experience for your users.

Our content link building service includes:

  • Link Reclamation
  • Backlinking
  • Social Outreach
  • Broken Link Building

Interested to learn more? Read up on our link building service today.

D. Content discovery networks

Content discovery networks are a great way to target and promote your brand. With this, the brand can focus on creating content and market these to their niche.

The algorithms present will boost your content to your user’s suggested recommendation list. Our team can assist you in building content that will resonate with your audience.

E. Outreach and Guest Posting

Doing outreach or guest posting is a great way to build awareness and authority in your industry.

It’s not as simple as publishing articles on websites or getting a linked mention on a website.
Our team can look deeper into the technicalities; we have the capacity to boost your domain authority, site traffic, and engagement.

F. Email Marketing

Email marketing is the oldest trick in the playbook. Our email marketing services is patterned after our 15-fold Manifesto on Email Marketing, a compilation of the best practices and industry trends.

We deliver content to your target customers that can boost sales and nurture your leads.

G. Paid Media

If you need an instant and immediate reaction and traction to your content, consider taking paid media for a spin. The beauty of doing paid content promotion is that it can take form in different ways and formats.

Our pay per click services can:

Boost post on social media platforms.
Paid messaging on relevant messaging apps and platforms.
Google Search Ads to appear on top of searches.
Google Display Ads where your content appears on relevant websites.

Doing paid campaigns isn’t bad at all. It’s not a red flag for “bad content.” Your work just maybe needs a little oomph to get things moving in the right direction.

Content promotion is continuous until traction is in play. We engage with the consumers and let them see the value of your product. To see the efforts’ success, we check the metrics that matter—backlinks, referrals, social shares, and domain authority.

We don’t hide the facts on your businesses’ performance. We believe in transparency in every step, and our wins and even losses will be accounted for.

Our content marketing service does more than scratching the surface; we take data as our truth and use it extensively to promote and create a better content promotion strategy for your brand.

Ready to be the next digital star? Call us.