The Best Facebook Post Examples to Inspire Retail Brands

Monica Divino

November 4, 2021

Isn’t it such a pain when the gears in your brain suddenly stop turning? Especially when you have to regularly come up with the best Facebook posts at every turn of the promotion cycles.

Retail brands know this all too well. And if you’re in the same industry, you’re already getting a bitter taste of a slump that comes with having to be quick on your feet with new ideas. That thousands of posts flood popular spaces like Facebook also add to the problem, as every other brand seems to be way ahead of you in releasing new content.

Social media marketing is a cutthroat game in that sense. Because it’s one thing to create content, if just for the sake of creating it. But the matter of creating content to boost your engagements is an entirely different argument for a whole host of reasons.

For one, many brands – and may be even you – often get caught-up in selling that you end up losing touch with building meaningful connections with your audiences. Another is – and apart from content that doesn’t provide value – the attention spans of your social media audiences get shorther and shorter. Plus, they aren’t as easy to pull in at all, mind you.

Lastly, how do you create these attention-grabbing content that not only sell, but communicate your brand values in a consistent and high-impact way?

Finding inspiration can be difficult especially if you think you’ve seen it all. But that shouldn’t discourage you from striving to connect with your audience. Especially not when there are so many ways you can engage audiences with your posts.

If you’re running low on ideas yourself, how about taking inspiration from others?

Three Most Common Types of Facebook Posts

Just so that we’re on the same page, you have the freedom to create all kinds of content that fits your brand and audience’s needs. Believe us: When you begin operating with that kind of free and unrestrained thinking, the ideas you come up with might just surprise you and, better yet, your audiences.

Who knows? When you look back at them, you might just tell yourself that “hey, this is one of the best Facebook posts I’ve ever made.” An idea requires a form, and it can come in a variety of them. So before we tackle best the examples from other brands, let’s run through the forms of content you can work with – the types that audiences flock to and click. These would be:

  1. Comprehensive Text
  2. Eye-catching Images
  3. Satisfying Videos

1. Comprehensive Text 

Words have great power in engaging audiences. That’s because people stick around for good stories, no matter what demographic they come from. This is particularly true when you’ve found your ideal audience and know exactly what resonates with them. 

Combining this knowledge with excellent writing skills will be instrumental for crafting the message you want to say. Eventually, as you keep posting valuable and unique written content, you can position yourself as thought leaders not just with your audiences, but among your peers in the industry too.

2. Eye-catching images

It’s no secret that people believe in what they see. Images specifically, when combined with provoking captions, can really rake engagements for your brand.

Images allow your audiences to concretely see what we’re trying to make them feel. But remember, these images have to make sense for both your brand and audiences. Apart from being relevant to your unique audience’s tastes, it can also be socio-culturally relevant, like how you would usually execute trend-jacked posts that go viral.

3. Satisfying Videos

This is one of the most consumed types of content online. Videos actually help build trust with your audience a lot quicker. This is because, since attention spans are shorter, videos challenge you to be concise and capture your viewers’ interest in a short amount of time. 

Best Facebook posts to take inspiration from

Keeping in mind the types of posts that work well on social media, let’s jump right into the best Facebook posts that have turned heads on the internet recently.

If it’s about about being, fresh, unique, and relevant then take these examples along with insights from our expert social media marketers, for inspiring your own campaigns.

  1. Hardware Store Squid Game
  2. Quarantine E-numan
  3. Healthy Breakfast Staple
  4. Your Mane Moment
  5. It’s A Drill

1. Hardware Store Squid Game

Everybody knows that Ace Hardware is the go-to for any of your hardware needs. It’s also pretty common for an item to go out of stock fast especially if it’s in demand. This is Ace Hardware’s way of telling you that; give them a call or you might just miss your chance. Someone might have gotten what you want first.  

Why this post worked

“Trendjacking trends that are relevant to the industry and adding your own twist.” is one of the ways you can create something unique according to our very own Jeny Samantha Agrade, the Social Media Team Lead.

Considering the fact that the KDrama “Squid Game” took the world by storm, everyone recognizes that card and the shapes that are on it. Not only that, Ace Hardware even found a clever way to place its name on the card by manipulating the shapes. Clever and timely.  Exactly what the doctor ordered.

2. Quarantine E-numan

Nothing beats the feeling of having a drink with good friends; since the pandemic happened, we’ve adapted and found a way to do just that — virtually. The term e-numan was then born and of course, used in this post that may be insinuating that you and your pals need to get a drink, and someone might just treat the gang to a much needed  

Why this post worked

To quote our own Angelo De Vera one of our Social Media Specialists, “when things are being “too overlooked” it may result in your original idea becoming less genuine. To put it simply, sometimes you just have to click “post” if it goes along with your brand values and perspective in generating content.” 

Content like this may seem overused but in the end, if it serves the purpose that you’re trying to achieve, then you’re on the right track. This post triggers nostalgia, based on the copy that was used as well as the fact that it’s accompanied by drinks that are familiar to the alcohol aficionado.   

3. Healthy Breakfast Staple

Healthy Options is known for its roster of healthy and organic alternatives from vitamins, poultry, grains down to your everyday essentials. This post gives you a step-by-step process of customizing your favorite breakfast staple of oatmeal and fruits.

Why this post worked

One of the things people love is a clear set of instructions; this post may be simple, but it highlights the product, gives a suggestion of how to work with it as well as a solid context of why doing it would be beneficial to your diet. 

4. Your Mane Moment

Colourette has recently launched a new addition to their line — the Skye Dye and Beach Cloud. They chose to do this in a format that’s wildly popular and managed to showcase the process of how you actually use the products given a tight timeframe.

Why this post worked

One of our Social Media Specialists, Thea Samantha Arevalo mentioned that when it comes to ideating, “you have to think of the brand itself. You can think of something really good, maybe something that may even go viral. But if it doesn’t benefit the brand in terms of character, message, or overarching goal, then it’s back to the drawing board for you.”

As previously mentioned, videos are widely consumed by audiences today; being able to show how their product work while intertwining it with a timely storyline (the transition from online classes to physical classes) was executed well. It was fresh, simple, yet stylish — qualities that trigger today’s generation to post and share about it. Very on-brand for Colourette. At the end, it boiled down to the simple question of “uy, anong gagawin mo sa buhok mo?”

5. It’s a drill

The well-known furniture brand has finally arrived in the Philippines, and when it did, you best believe that the number of people who wanted to browse through their items caused the website to crash. This post was Ikea’s way of telling it; it’s curious Filipino customers that their website is live but at limited capacity. 

Why this post worked

According to our Social Media Specialist  Angelo De Vera, what catches his attention is “an enticing caption and/or striking visuals. Of course, caption has to be well-written, you don’t necessarily need to write a long caption. Especially nowadays when people’s attention span is getting shorter by the minute, you can be striking with just a short & simple caption. The rest will follow if a post you created is 100% genuine and speaks of the truth with what you are as a brand, creator, or even just a normal person sharing a status or tweet.”

It seems that Ikea has done their research about their new audience; this is the kind of witty post that surely captures the attention of Filipino humor that generates interactions. As Angelo mentioned, attention spans are getting shorter by the minute so the challenge truly is to make the most out of that first impression because “the rest will follow” and true enough, Ikea’s Filipino audience remains hungry for more. 

Key Takeaways

It’s no secret that the constant demand to generate ideas can take a toll on everyone. But the fact of the matter is that social media professionals do experience the same things. It’s all in the manner of how you handle the situation that you’re in. 

  • Facebook is everyone’s go-to platform. It can be hard to think of something completely original yet shows the authenticity of the brand when there’s so much content out there. But you can use this as leverage — take inspiration from what you see; give your brain the chance to learn from what’s currently online and find out how you can give that your own spin.
  • Be confident and just click. It’s a hard pill to swallow but our biggest critic is ourselves. When you’ve finally generated your post, it’s normal to have certain doubts about its eventual engagements, but have a little faith. You’ll never know what can happen; expect the unexpected.

It does take a lot to be able to generate social media content, and if you feel like you need help, don’t be afraid to reach out. Let’s have a chat and we’ll see what we can do for you, connect with us through our Facebook, X, or LinkedIn accounts.