Improve Brand Awareness in Meta (Facebook) with These Tips


April 12, 2021

With more than 2.6 billion monthly active users, it’s no longer an exaggeration to say that “almost everyone is on Facebook.” The US company now owns the biggest social media platforms (Facebook, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram), each with over 1 billion monthly active users.

Given the huge usage numbers and an increasing amount of time people spend on social media platforms, these are now the preferred brand awareness channels. New stats from DataReportal showed that users are spending an average of 19.5 hours on Facebook each month. It’s no wonder that big and small brands alike are spending plenty of resources on their Facebook marketing strategy.

How to do Facebook Marketing for brand awareness

All those said it’s really a no-brainer that you should be maintaining an active presence on these websites, especially the core platform Facebook.

However, Facebook marketing and social media management are way more than creating a business page and posting daily inspirational quotes. While you can get some attention with that, raking in the results that matter involves more than that.

It should also involve creating recognition and recall of your products and brands through meaningful content developed from data-driven insights, too. Using the right optimization techniques – coupled with effort and patience – you can effectively promote brand awareness and eventually improve your conversion rates.

How do you do that, then? With the help of this fool-proof Facebook marketing, we’ve crafted for you. Below are the sections that will be discussed thoroughly so you can begin gaining the attention your business needs on Facebook:

  1. Get in-depth customer insights.
  2. Create content that resonates with your audience.
  3. Promote your content through post boosting.
  4. Collaborate with influencers your audiences are following.
  5. Tweak future campaigns as necessary.

1. Get in-depth customer insights.

Brand awareness refers to the familiarity of people with your business or products and services. These “people” are not the 2.6 billion on Facebook. They may not even be all those within the same town as your physical store. You are only concerned with your target audience.

Your brand awareness strategy largely depends on who you want to get familiar with your business. Are you targeting tech-savvy millennials or their cash-rich boomer parents? Do you want to get noticed by pet lovers within your locality or perhaps urban gardeners across the country?

Facebook for Business can help you get useful customer insights to ensure you deliver the right messages to the right people. Facebook Audience Insights allows you to get aggregate and anonymous information such as demographics (age and gender, relationship status, education, and job role), Page likes, location and language, Facebook usage, and purchases activity. Audience Insights lets you assess trends about your current and potential customers across the social media site. You may access aggregated information about people connected to your Page and everyone else on Facebook.

2. Create content that resonates with your audience.

After getting insights about your audience, you will be better equipped to create content that resonates with them. There’s a long list of content marketing techniques for social media you can explore. Here are some of the best for 2021:

  • Live-streaming

Facebook Live has been gaining ground since the start of the pandemic in early 2020. Social distancing protocols forced businesses to cancel in-store product launches, trade fairs, and concerts. Live-streaming became the best alternative.

In March 2021, the Academy Awards live-streamed the announcement of the 93rd Oscars nominations via Facebook.

Live-stream your product launches and other marketing events. You can also conduct talks and pocket seminars using this medium.

  • Memetic media

Memes are ridiculously funny and relatable. People use them to quickly respond to news and social issues while being witty and entertaining.

But take caution in creating and posting memes as these are also used to spread false and malicious information. It is recommended that you work with social media and content specialists to create memes consistent with your brand and effectively boost brand awareness.

  • Viral marketing

Viral marketing is a campaign that is widely shared and engaged that spreads like a “virus” everywhere on the web. Content can become viral because it’s relevant, unique, or emotionally resonant to your audience. Facebook and other social media sites are the natural habitat and vectors of viral marketing because of the ease of sharing content.

A cab-hailing and food delivery services company were quick to turn an unfortunate incident concerning one of its drivers into a viral content source.

Keep in mind, however, that not all viral content is good for your brand awareness. Always aspire to be viral for the right reasons!

3. Promote your content through post boosting.

Countless content is created and published on Facebook every day. Your efforts to create relevant and unique content will be put to waste if they’re not visible to the right people. Facebook’s Boost Post feature allows you to place your photos, videos, and blog links in front of your audience.

Boosted posts are ads generated from your Facebook posts. “Boosting a post may help you get more people to react, share, and comment on it. You may also reach new people who are likely interested in your Page or business but don’t currently follow you,” according to Facebook.

You can boost a post by simply clicking on the box at the bottom-right corner of your post. Then, fill in the details of your ad. You may customize the Audience, Total Budget, Duration, and Payment Method options.

Is your boosted post promoting brand awareness? On Facebook, you can measure the success of your ads based on the type of content:

  • Image and/or text posts. What is the level of post engagement? What is the total number of actions that people take involving your post?
  • Video post. What is the total ThruPlays or the number of times your video was played through the end, or for at least 15 seconds?
  • Post with a call-to-action button. How many Link Clicks did your post generate?
  • Job post. How many times a workflow was completed within Facebook or other related platforms?
  • Event post with tickets. What is the total number of clicks on links within the ad that led to destinations (purchasing of tickets), on or off Facebook?
  • Event post without tickets. How many people responded Interested or Going to your Facebook event, attributed to your ads?

You can check out our Facebook ads checklist for more details.

Take note that Apple has recently announced changes with iOS 14 including restrictions on certain data collection and sharing unless you opt into tracking on iOS 14 devices via the prompt. This new policy will impact performance reporting on your Facebook posts/ads. (Check out how to continue measuring your Facebook ads performance from iOS 14 devices.)

4. Collaborate with influencers your audiences are following.

Did you know that influencer marketing is worth about $5 billion to 10 billion? This marketing strategy involves partnering with people who have built a loyal following through their online content. Thanks to social media, many sought-after influencers today are not movie stars or Billboard-ranking artists. They were non-celebrities who catered to niche audiences: make-up artists, home organizing enthusiasts, even college students with a knack for skits.

To effectively build brand awareness with influencer marketing, make sure you choose the right influencer, plan the sponsored content well and set up proper tracking. Work with an influencer in your industry whose content is aligned with your branding. If you’re selling kitchen tools, you would want to collaborate with a chef or cook.

Plan the content with the influencer to ensure that their personal branding is not lost in yours. Produce unique and creative content that resonates with your influencer’s followers.

Finally, don’t forget to set up proper tracking to help you measure your campaigns. Assess what needs to be improved for your next collaborations.

5. Tweak future campaigns as necessary

Creating content takes up resources and effort. It’s not easy to come up with unique and potentially viral content every day. In fact, this is almost impossible especially if you have a lean team of social media specialists.

You can maximize your posts and ads by tweaking them for future campaigns. You may adapt your ad copy to a current event such as a holiday. Many brands are tweaking their ads to resonate with the pandemic situation.

You may also make adjustments to your promos, discounts, and special offerings. Using the same Facebook ads, simply change the discount details or the return period. You can also add new payment method options to existing ads before republishing them.

Key Takeaways

There is no more debating the need to maintain an active presence on Facebook. It’s the most popular social media site with the most active users. But simply creating a Facebook Page and posting content will not miraculously increase your brand awareness. As you build up your brand on the platform, keep in mind the following:

  1. You need a well-thought Facebook marketing strategy to effectively create that connection with audiences. That’s done through developing content that is relevant and useful to them, based on the data you have about your audiences.
  2. You don’t have to be doing all the work of creating unique and valuable content that resonates with your audience alone. Explore collaborations with influencers who your audiences relate to and/or aspire to be.
  3. Promote your Facebook content through post boosting but do it in an efficient way by taking data from previous and current campaigns. Then, be adaptable enough to tweak these promotional campaigns as you see fit.

Got any comments or questions on promoting brand awareness?

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