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10 Surefire Ways on How to Increase Ecommerce Conversion Rates

There are thousands of guides on how to increase ecommerce conversion rates online. It’s a common discussion point, and lots of experts have shared their own takes on this topic. But not all conversion tips work and many businesses often get hurt doing conversion optimization experiments that don’t align with their objectives overall.

When it comes to conversion optimization, you need to sift through the chaos of thousands of tips and strategies to find the ones that work best for your business and ensure success for your brand in the long run.

If you’re looking for reliable and foolproof ways to fuel your ecommerce conversion optimization, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Here’s a list of the 10 best practices that are sure to increase ecommerce conversions for your online store today.

How to Increase Conversions for Ecommerce Websites

Want the sifting to be done for you? Then take a look at these ten foolproof tips that you can utilize for your online business below:

  1. Optimize your landing page
  2. Make site navigation easy
  3. Explore digital psychology
  4. Encourage reviews to know customer sentiment
  5. Invest in customer data and feedback collection
  6. Message-mine valuable customer insights
  7. Write copies that resonate with your audience
  8. Explore pay-per-click (PPC) advertising
  9. Improve website loading speed
  10. Make your ecommerce site mobile-friendly

Ready to fuel your ecommerce conversion optimization? Then get started by browsing these ten reliable tips for your online business today.

1. Optimize your landing page

The first conversion marketing strategy on this list is to optimize your company’s landing page. Your landing page is the first thing potential customers see when they check your brand out. If your landing page is visually or functionally flawed, then your visitors won’t just be turned off by the landing page – they’ll be turned off by your entire business too.

To get a sound basis to start optimizing your landing page, consider the seven levels of conversion for online users. You need relevance, trust, orientation, stimulance, security, convenience, and confirmation to complete a conversion.

Take the first few levels into consideration as you optimize your landing page. Even if your page is relevant to customers, it may come off as untrustworthy, disorienting, dangerous, or inconvenient to them if it’s functionally flawed. To reach the confirmation stage, your page must guide users through the seven levels of conversion first.

2. Make site navigation easy

In line with the previous point, use conversion-focused ecommerce design tips to make site navigation as easy and as smooth as possible on your landing page, and on your company’s website as a whole.

You’ll notice that this tip carries the same rationale as the previous one. If potential customers have a hard time navigating your website, then they won’t just be disappointed by the site. They’ll be disappointed by your brand too, and will be less likely to complete conversion for your business.

Better site navigation will ensure a smoother and more successful customer journey. Users will be able to access the information, stimulance, and security they need to make a purchase and return to your business more easily than ever before.

3. Explore digital psychology practices

“Digital psychology” may sound like a big, foreign phrase to you, but digital psychology practices are a tale as old as time. 

These practices, also known as neuromarketing, refer to the way marketers measure neural and physiological signals to learn about their users. This informs marketers on choices for online advertising and other marketing disciplines.

Color wheel in color psychology

Colors are also notable stimuli. Colors also have an impact and suggest psychological cues to improve conversion. Photo by Propelrr.

One example of notable old brain stimuli that marketers encounter in digital psychology is contrast. Human brains have been found to be sensitive to clear contrasts, like “before and after” or “dangerous versus safe” patterns. Contrast helps clients make quick decisions – that stimulus helps marketers utilize contrast to attract faster conversions among users.

In a nutshell, these practices help you control user attention to influence them towards more conversions. By knowing how to resonate with audiences, you can easily improve ecommerce conversion rates for your online brand.

4. Encourage reviews to know customer sentiment

This technique is pretty straightforward – if you want to start your ecommerce business on the right foot, then it’s helpful to encourage reviews among customers to know how they feel about your overall brand.

By knowing customer sentiment, you’ll know how to optimize conversions overall. Their simple feedback can make a huge difference in how you run your business, or in how you guide them through the ecommerce conversion funnel. This will provide you surefire ways to improve your brand to drive even more conversions.

5. Invest in customer data and feedback collection

Similar to the previous point, a conversion-focused hack that you can utilize for your business is to invest in data-driven analytics and feedback. When you analyze customer data properly, they can be treasure-troves of ways to boost your conversion rates.

With the right feedback collection and data analysis, you can uncover value amidst the numbers and develop strategies that work specifically for your online business.

6. Message-mine valuable customer insights

Message-mining is the process of “mining for” customer sentiment on the internet to hear what they say about your products and services. It’s important to note that how customers say things about your business matters. That way, you’ll comprehend the message they’re trying to convey to the online world about your products and services.

message mining form

Example of a Message Mining form. The best way to perform message mining is by creating a form and filling in the necessary details for easy data entry and organization afterward. Photo by Propelrr.

If you’re looking for ways to increase conversion rates, then don’t forget to listen to the very people who drove up your rates in the first place.

7. Write copies that resonate with your audience

Copywriting is a delicate art for anyone trying to communicate online. As a digital marketer, you want your copies to stand out among the millions of other copies out there on the internet. You’ll want your copies to truly resonate with your audience, to capture their attention, and lead them to your business.

For conversion copywriting, make sure to focus on resonating with your specific audience. With millions of copies being written online on a daily basis, emotional resonance is key to converting potential customers into committed, lifelong clients.

8. Explore pay-per-click (PPC) advertising

PPC advertising is the process of using paid advertising to promote your company on the internet. Businesses pay for every click a user makes on your ads because it helps to lead the potential customer to your business site directly.

With the right budget allocation and strategy, you can use PPC ads to drive those sales with ease. Just make sure to explore the best PPC services out there to optimize the use of your valuable assets.

9. Improve website loading speed

website speed example

GTMetrix Result of an e-commerce website. If you want to keep potential customers interested in your brand, you need to ensure your website is up to snuff. Photo by Propelrr.

Have you ever been faced with a slow-loading website? It’s not fun. As a user, you probably hate it when websites take forever to load. You might even exit the site entirely due to frustration or disappointment.

If you want to keep potential customers interested in your brand, you need to ensure your website is up to snuff. Make it a priority to optimize website speed so that potential customers are converted into buyers for sure on your company’s website.

10. Make your ecommerce site mobile-friendly

Here’s a leading story for digital marketers this year – mobile is the future of internet usage today. Want to keep up with the times and stand out from the crowd? Then you should make your business site mobile-friendly for all your mobile users right away.

By making your site friendly for mobile users, you can access them wherever they are, and wherever they spend the most time. If your users spend a lot of time on TikTok, for example, you can leverage the app’s new Lead Generation feature to increase conversions for your business on this popular app directly.

Mobile is the future of online business success. To reach your conversion-focused goals for your brand, make sure to optimize your ecommerce website for phones and all other mobile devices.

Key Takeaways

Foolproof guides to boost conversion rates are hard to come by these days. But with the right data-centric advice, you can drive your digital differently with tips that can transcend all parts of your digital marketing mix.

Here are some final takeaways for your business’ success online:

  • Optimizing for conversions means crossing into other digital marketing disciplines. They’re all connected; if you want better rates, then you need to improve your web development, user experience, content, and more.
  • Listen to your customers. They’re the reason why your conversions occur at all. Make sure to watch out for their feedback, to inform your own optimization plans.
  • Don’t be afraid to go for paid services. If your research and strategy say that it’ll help you grow your business, then give it a try in the coming year.

CO can be a tricky matter to deal with, but if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comments section or drop the Propelrr team a line. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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