Ecommerce Development

What is E-commerce Development?

Ecommerce development is the process of building the site for your online retail store. This is where the foundations are built. Our ecommerce development service aims to grant you control over the different areas such as how your products are presented and how people transact with your online store.

Website development is complicated in itself. Moreso ecommerce website development. With huge volumes of product pages and descriptions, you need a team that is able to handle all of this efficiently and effectively. With our solid technical background and years of experience in working in ecommerce development, Propelrr’s web design and development services is sure to deliver the demands of your online retail store’s daily hustle and bustle.

Driving results to your business are made possible with robust features and functionalities from our ecommerce solutions.

Why go with E-commerce Development?

E-Commerce Benefits

Engaging in online retail means having an alternative to physical stores. As the name suggests, these are online stores which come in the form of websites. This is where ecommerce website development companies come in.

Having an ecommerce website is beneficial for your business because, unlike traditional brick-and-mortar stores which have geographical restrictions, they can virtually cover the whole world. 

The benefit of ecommerce website development is that it is also cheaper in the sense that it requires lower capitalization costs to start and maintain. In terms of operations, ecommerce stores are open all the time. These are just some of the benefits that you can get when you choose to go with Propelrr.

Propelrr focuses on three areas of expertise when talking about ecommerce web development:

  • Shopify
  • WordPress WooCommerce
  • Magento

Propelrr’s ecommerce web design services can integrate with the following payment gateways:

  • Paypal
  • Stripe
  • PesoPay (Philippines)
  • Paymaya Online Payment Gateway (Philippines)

How do we do it?


Propelrr understands the similarities and differences of ecommerce websites with other websites. Like all web development procedures, ours is centered on user experiences. This is why the first step we take is plotting the UX design.

The following steps we take are for the building of the ecommerce website itself; we choose the right ecommerce platform as the base of your site, develop front end templates, integrate those to the ecommerce platform, conduct an internal quality assurance test, submit it for your review, and finally deploying it to a hosting server.

To craft the perfect ecommerce website for you, here’s an in-depth discussion of our ecommerce website development process:

Plotting the UX design

  • What are your business objectives? How about the website’s?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How does the website look like? Its functionalities?
  • What is your product? What is the ideal size of your ecommerce page?

Any website development aims to craft an interface that is enjoyed by users. That is why we start with Propelrr’s UX Design services. The goal is to drive the desired user experience so that they deliver valuable customer actions, in this case: making a purchase. 

A study on UX design showed that a great user interface could increase your website’s conversion rate by almost 200%, and a well-thought-of UX design could improve conversion rates up to 400%. Any ecommerce website development should prioritize positive experiences because that is what makes users loyal to a brand/business. When users are loyal, it makes it easier for them to transact with you.

With Propelrr’s ecommerce web design service, we give importance to user experience to ensure that your site is as great as your products.

Choosing the right ecommerce platform as a base

Are you choosing an ecommerce platform optimal for meeting your business objectives and goals?

Propelrr has always believed in efficient use of resources. In terms of ecommerce website development, one way we do that is by ensuring that the platform for your products is the best one for your product and business. 

We offer three of the most popular ecommerce platforms namely Shopify, WordPress WooCommerce, and Magento. Shopify is easy to use especially if you deal with simple products and straightforward selling. Magento is the opposite and can process even the most complex types of product combinations but requires extensive coding. 

WooCommerce exists in the middle since it is easy to use being a plugin of WordPress but still requires some level of coding. Regardless of what you choose among the three, Propelrr can deliver your online retail needs.

Our ecommerce website design service does not leave clients in the shadows. We determine what your demands are, present our recommendations, and let you choose what to do. After all, Propelrr creates the ecommerce site for you.

Develop front end templates

  • What front end framework should we use in the development of the site? Angular? React? jQuery?
  • What CSS Library is the best fit for your website?

Front end templates development is where we create the templates that translates the UX design into reality. This is the part where we go beyond traditional HTML, CSS, and JavaScript coding to address user experience especially in terms of your page’s performance. It’s because we address the most crucial parts of optimizing your site, such as proper hierarchy of header tags, proper rendering of stylesheets and javascripts to prevent render-blocking of resources, and optimization of image use, among others.

A process that covers all bases in creating the asset you want, Propelrr’s ecommerce Development service is bound to deliver substantial results for your business.

Integration of Front end Templates to the ecommerce platform

  • How will the database be structured to store your website’s content?
  • Can the site’s content be populated with ease?

After our frontend developers have translated the UX design into a workable template, we now integrate them to the ecommerce Content Management platform. This allows us to dynamically generate pages, products, categories, and other things you would like to include in the site. 

All of this is done from the Admin Panel without having to code the pages one by one. The main purpose of integration is to leverage the functions available in the chosen ecommerce platform to ensure that the functionalities you desire for your cart, product pages, and checkout page are working. We make sure that orders are being processed, payments are being received, and shipping information is passed to the courier.

We don’t just value design; we put equal importance to function. This is the duo that drives valuable customer action: making a purchase.

Internal Quality Assurance

As a web development company that promises to deliver excellent quality of output, we put our own codes to a rigorous QA process to make sure we deliver results and expectations.

Here are the following testing methods we use, and the set of questions the program needs to answer:

  • Functionality Testing
      • Are the features and designs of the website usable?
      • Are payment gateways properly deducting the correct amount from credit card?
      • Are the orders properly recorded and the admin notified each time there is an order?
  • Performance Testing — Under normal conditions, is the website performing at the optimal level? Is this the same if it is under stressed conditions?
  • Security Testing
    • Are hacks and breaches taken into consideration and worked on?
    • What are the vulnerabilities of the ecommerce website? Are there possible data leaks?
    • How should data be encrypted to ensure that there will be no malicious access and stealing of data?

We aim to deliver the outcomes we’ve promised as well as exceed expectations. This is possible with the internal quality assurance that we conduct as part of our overall web development process.

Our QA specialists check the site’s functionality in terms of the features we’ve added — performance in terms of loading time and page accessibility; and security in terms of being safe from hacks and breaches. When we find an anomaly, we work on a remedy until your website is in excellent condition.

Our service builds world-class websites for you so that you can showcase your products with ease.

User Acceptance Test

  • Does the client have comments and revisions for the website?
  • Are the client’s requirements and expectations met?

Building the website you imagine is impossible without your perspective. Our ecommerce web development service is a two-way street: we work with you and you work with us. We get crucial insights and valuable recommendations on your end and implement them on the website. 

But all of this is subject to the assessment of what was agreed upon earlier as well as the insights from our team of web development experts. This is your website and we give you the power to make the changes you deem necessary.

Here at Propelrr, we value the relationships we have with our client. One way we do that is by respecting what they have to say and seeing the value behind their words.

Deployment to a robust hosting server

  • As a site visitor grows, can the hosting server easily scale to keep up?
  • Can the hosting server support the website that has been developed?
  • Will the hosting server have at least 99.99% uptime so that your website will always be available?

The deployment of your website to a robust hosting server comes after the development stage and quality checking. Here, we finally publish your site online so that it becomes publicly available. This is the part where we also evaluate and assess the hosting server where we would be publishing your website. Is it capable of hosting your website? Is it scalable? Can it remain online even in stressed circumstances? Making sure that the server is in optimal condition goes hand-in-hand with the quality website we have produced.

When your website is published online, we take all the necessary steps to make sure that the infrastructure hosting it stands for the future. That’s what you’ll get with Propelrr;

Are you ready to take over the ecommerce league? Give us a call.