CMS and WordPress Development

A content management system is a software application that allows you to either publish, edit, or handle digital content. As the name implies, CMS is for content management. Since the saying “content is king” still remains true, creating a platform where you can easily manage and create content is beneficial for any business even without programming knowledge.

If you’re still deciding on what CMS solution is right for you, then don’t worry. Propelrr give you the option to choose between WordPress or building your own custom CMS.

What’s the difference between Custom CMS and WordPress?

WordPress design is usually undertaken for those who wish to publish simple content such as written ones found in blogs and articles. The beauty of using WordPress is in its simplicity. Even with little technical background, you can try managing to work with it because of the pre-made themes and templates it has.

WordPress design is usually undertaken for those who wish to publish simple content such as written ones found in blogs and articles. The beauty of using WordPress is in its simplicity. Even with little technical background in web development and web design, you can still manage to work with it because of the pre-made themes and templates it has. Moreover, WordPress allows you choose what features to add to your website among the built-in plug ins.

Compared to WordPress, custom CMS deals with much more complex web designs and allows you to create specific functionalities such as custom search functions. Choosing to do custom CMS allows webmasters more autonomy in designing their websites and ultimately how the content they produce is published.

Whether you want to go with WordPress or create your own CMS, our development team can cover you with their rich experience in coming up with the best web designs.

With Propelrr’s custom CMS and WordPress design service, we build you robust infrastructure to house your quality content.

Why go with custom CMS and WordPress Design?

Investing in content management systems, be it WordPress or custom CMS, allows you to maintain control over your content. This means you determine how and when the content you produce gets published.

Our Custom CMS and WordPress Design service, ensures that the team handling your chosen content management system drills down your specifications—from managing and integrating the simplest of features such as banner sliders and static banner images to the more complex features such as advanced searching and dynamic content serving.

Our team of experts allow you to reap the full benefits of our WordPress Design and custom CMS service, specifically:

  • Best web designs that allows you to rise above the competition.
  • Templates that you can use again and again to create as many pages as necessary while maintaining the correct site layout and functionality.
  • Content updates and management that are made easy even if content managers have no programming knowledge.
  • Expand your market reach through the website that reaches no geographical bounds.
  • Create a strong brand identity with a professionally-designed website.
  • Promote your products and services cost-effectively.
  • Participation from different users with varying roles – CMS allows you to create a content governance policy where users with different roles perform different tasks such as:
    • Contributors can only draft and edit content they’ve created
    • Editors can edit content assigned to them
    • Admins can publish content that are already edited and tagged ready for publishing

How we do it 

Anything we do at Propelrr starts, follows, and ends in a process. Our development team follows a proven CMS and WordPress development process that we’ve built with years of experience.

Take a look at how we start developing your CMS, WordPress or custom, here at Propelrr:

Plotting the UX design

  • What are your business objectives? How about website’s?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • How does the website look like?

Propelrr’s UX design services aims to craft an interface that is enjoyed by users. A great UX design is the foundation of any website because the interactions with your site go hand in hand with its contents. This aims to drive the desired user experience so that they deliver valuable customer actions.

In fact, a study on UX design showed that a great user interface could increase your website’s conversion rate by almost 200%, and a well-thought-of UX design could improve conversion rates up to 400%. More than this, positive experiences make sure that users remain loyal to the brand/business.

With our custom CMS and WordPress design service, user experience is given importance and integrated into the nooks and crannies of your website.

Choosing the CMS for your website requirements

  • Is this optimal for meeting your business objectives and goals?
  • Do they meet Propelrr’s six-point criteria in selecting the right CMS solution?
    • Ease of use
    • Flexibility and customization
    • Security
    • Performance
    • SEO
    • Client’s inputs

Propelrr’s custom CMS and WordPress design services takes into consideration what you are looking to achieve and the type of content you want to field — the most important input for us here at Propelrr. But to streamline the endeavor, this is counter-checked by our team of industry-qualified experts in web development. We ask, is the CMS easy to use for you? Is it flexible to meet your different demands? Is it secure from attacks? Can it perform and deliver the results you are after? Is it optimized for search engines and users alike? We aren’t “yes men” here. Our questions are always followed by meaningful insights and recommendations.

Our custom CMS and WordPress design service makes sure your demands are heard. At the same time, we make sure you get the outsider’s perspective to come up with the most appropriate solution.

Develop front end templates

  • What front end framework should we use in the development of the site? Angular? React? jQuery?
  • What CSS Library is the best fit for your website?

The development of front end templates is where the discussed UX design is translated into reality. This is the part where we use HTML5 markup to build the structure and organization of your site’s contents, CSS for the colors and other visual design factors of your site, Javascript for task performance and animations, and AJAX for the optimization of your website’s speed by getting content already preloaded into a browser.

With Propelrr’s technical expertise and experience, all of these processes are executed seamlessly to craft the template of the website you have imagined.

A process that covers all bases in creating the asset you want, Propelrr’s Custom CMS and WordPress Design service is bound to deliver substantial results for your business.

Integration of Frontend Templates to the CMS

  • WordPress
    • Is the crafted template compatible with the client’s request?
    • Is the template design along with its other features still version-compatible?
    • Can the site’s content be populated with ease?
  • Custom-built CMS
    • What base framework should be used to code your custom CMS?
    • How will the database be structured to store your website’s content?
    • Can the HTML templates be integrated to create pages with dynamic content?
    • Is the site’s content populated easily?

After our frontend developers have translated the UX design into a workable template, the integration of these templates to the CMS is the stage where we connect the “wires” to the template. This is the process where we transfer everything designed into either WordPress or a custom-built content management system so that you can create, edit, and delete your site’s content easier and more efficiently. With this in mind, we leave you with the power to determine when and how you want which content to publish.

From design to the integration of your website, Propelrr’s Custom CMS and WordPress Design service is manned by industry-qualified experts so that you can have a website you can show off.

Internal Quality Assurance

As a digital marketing agency in the Philippines, we are meticulous in terms of maintaining the quality of work we produce. The quality? At par with the biggest players internationally. 

Our Custom CMS and WordPress Design service goes through three levels of internal quality assurance: Functionality, Performance, Security. We check this trifecta thoroughly to make sure that your website is in tip-top shape. That way, the resources you’ve shelled out do not go to waste.

  • Internal Quality Assurance – Is the website usable in terms of its features and designs?
  • Performance Testing – Does the website perform optimally under normal conditions? How about during stressed conditions?
  • Security Testing – Is the website safe from attacks such as hacks and breaches?

A website that looks to the future requires constant testing and re-evaluation. With our team of expert web developers, our Custom CMS and WordPress Design service assures that the websites we create pass international standards so that they impact your business.

User Acceptance Test

  • Does the developed website meet client expectations?
  • Are there comments and revisions from the clients?

After the development of the website, we demonstrate to the client or the client tests the website on their own to check if the site built has delivered on what was agreed to be built and to be delivered. 

This is the part where the revisions of clients come in, may it be design, features or functions. But all of these revisions are subject to the assessment of the team to determine whether these are still within the scope of work that was earlier discussed.

An added quality assurance with you at the helm allows Propelrr to get valuable insights from the people who are most important: clients. Our Custom CMS and WordPress Design Service assures you that you have a say in what goes on with building the website of your dreams.

Deployment to a robust hosting server

  • Can the hosting server support website that has been developed?
  • Is the hosting server easily scalable as site visitor grows?
  • Will the hosting server have at least 99.99% uptime so that your website will always be available?

After the development stage of the project as well as the quality assurance process, the deployment to a robust hosting server is the final stage of Propelrr’s Custom CMS and WordPress Design service. But this doesn’t mean we drop the ball and leave you hanging.

We make all the necessary assurances to make sure your site fully functions and remains in tip-top shape, server-wise. We check the capacity of the hosting server, its scalability, and its ability to remain online even under stressed conditions. Where we upload your website is just as important as the website itself.

Propelrr makes sure that your site stands the future even up to the last step. When your website goes live, we make sure it really goes live without a hitch.

Choose no further. Go with Propelrr’s Custom CMS and WordPress Design Service.