14 WordPress Marketing Plugins to Boost Your Strategy in 2024

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Published on: Mar 27, 2024 Updated on: Jul 3, 2024

Discover the latest and most effective tools to elevate your WordPress website's marketing game in 2024, including insights into web design development. This blog will delve into the optimal marketing plugins designed to enhance your promotional efforts, boost engagement, and drive conversions.

Explore cutting-edge strategies for content creation and distribution, leveraging the power of social media integration and SEO optimization. Uncover innovative techniques every digital marketing agency should know to attract and retain a loyal audience, from personalized email campaigns to interactive elements that enhance user experience.

Whether you're a seasoned WordPress user or just getting started, this blog will equip you with the knowledge and tools you need to succeed in the ever-evolving digital landscape. Discover the benefits of WordPress web development for your business and stay ahead of the curve with insights into the must-have WordPress plugins that can optimize your marketing strategies.

WordPress Marketing Plugins you need to
try today

Unlock the potential of your website with these essential tools, designed to elevate your marketing strategies to new heights. These essential tools are developed to enhance your marketing efforts and boost your online presence. When maximized, these plugins can help improve your site's performance, increase traffic, and ultimately, drive more conversions. Pair them with custom WordPress themes to create a visually stunning and highly functional website that stands out from the competition. Dive into the world of WordPress marketing and revolutionize your approach with these must-have plugins.

1. Smart Coupons for WooCommerce

smart coupons for woocommerce

Smart Coupons for WooCommerce is a plugin designed to enhance your WooCommerce store's coupon promotions. It provides advanced discount rules and coupon conditions for creating versatile marketing campaigns. The plugin allows you to create various offers and discounts by combining different coupon types, features, and restrictions.

You can set up Buy One Get One (BOGO) deals with any products, configure advanced coupon conditions, offer store credits and gift cards, and create exclusive coupons based on customers' purchase history. Smart Coupons helps you recover lost sales by implementing cart abandonment coupons, motivating customers to complete their purchases.

You can generate a sense of urgency and encourage faster actions by displaying countdown banners for coupons with expiry dates. The plugin also facilitates welcoming new customers with signup coupons. Additionally, Smart Coupons simplifies the coupon creation process by enabling you to generate coupons in bulk with just a few clicks and export them to a CSV file for easy management.

2. Speed Optimizer

speed optimizer plugin

The Speed Optimizer plugin is a free tool designed to make WordPress websites faster and more efficient. This plugin provides you with the ability to enhance user experience, boost conversion rates, and drive more traffic. It offers easy-to-use features that cater to users of all skill levels.

It simplifies complex speed optimizations such as minifying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, compressing images, and enabling lazy loading. By installing the Speed Optimizer plugin, you can expect significant improvements in your website's performance, regardless of your hosting platform.

Key features include powerful caching for faster loading times, frontend optimizations to reduce code complexity, media optimizations for image compression without quality loss, and WordPress environment optimizations to make the most of site resources. Additionally, the plugin provides speed tests and optimization tips to continually improve website performance.

pretty links

Pretty Links is a WordPress plugin that simplifies the management and tracking of URLs on your website. With this tool, you can transform long and cumbersome links into clean, concise URLs that redirect to any desired destination. The standout feature is the ability to use your own domain name for these links, offering a personalized touch.

Beyond just shortening links, Pretty Links provides detailed tracking capabilities. It records each click on your URL, offering insights into the source, browser, operating system, and host. This is particularly useful for those looking to clean up affiliate links, monitor email click-throughs, or enhance website visibility by sharing links in various online spaces.

The plugin is user-friendly, offering an intuitive admin interface for easy setup and link management. Additionally, it supports various redirect types and provides customizable reports, allowing you to analyze the performance of your pretty links.

4. WebToffee’s WooCommerce Gift Cards

woocommerce gift cards plugin

The WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin allows you to offer redeemable gift cards on your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can create and sell an unlimited number of gift cards, making them available for customers to redeem while shopping.

You have the option to email gift cards directly to customers, offering free gift cards with custom messages and store credit balances. Additionally, customers can send gift cards to their loved ones, scheduling them for a specific date. The plugin provides over 20 predefined gift card templates for different occasions, such as birthdays, New Year, anniversaries, and Christmas. It also supports the sale of physical gift cards, which can be shipped to the delivery address.

Moreover, the plugin enables you to manage user credits, providing instant refunds to store credits and reducing the risk of loss due to returns. It also allows you to set advanced usage restrictions for gift card coupons based on products, categories, and spend limits, allowing for a tailored and controlled approach to gift card usage.

5. MailPoet


MailPoet is one of the powerful email marketing plugins designed to simplify the process of creating, sending, managing, and growing email campaigns directly from your WordPress dashboard. With MailPoet, website owners can effortlessly build visually appealing newsletters using responsive templates that ensure optimal display across all devices.

It provides options to schedule newsletters, send them immediately, or automate new blog post notifications. This plugin allows you to manage subscribers, create subscription forms, and send emails without ever leaving the familiar WordPress environment.

Its features include customizable templates, automatic email sending for new post notifications, subscriber segmentation based on behavior and interests, and WooCommerce integration for tailored product-related emails. MailPoet also provides reliable email delivery through its Sending Service and offers basic engagement statistics for free.

6. Popup Builder by OptinMonster

popup builder by optinmonster

Popup Builder by OptinMonster is one of the top-rated plugins for creating popups and opt-in forms on your WordPress website. It's designed to help you boost your email newsletter subscribers, generate leads, and increase sales. With the easy-to-use popup builder and conversion toolkit, you can quickly turn visitors who might leave your website into valuable subscribers and customers.

The plugin offers various types of interactive popups, including email subscription forms, sticky announcement bars, and gamified spin-a-wheel opt-in forms. With its smart targeting and personalization capabilities, you can show users the most relevant messages at the optimal time, without any unwanted interruptions. The plugin also supports mobile popups.

Additionally, OptinMonster is optimized for both web and server performance, recognizing the importance of speed for SEO, marketing, and conversion optimization. The plugin not only provides powerful features but also offers dedicated customer support to help you.

7. WooCommerce Best Sellers

woocommerce best sellers plugin

WooCommerce Best Sellers plugin is designed to simplify the display of top-selling products on your WooCommerce store. With this plugin, you can easily create and manage customizable best seller badges and sliders to showcase popular items. It allows you to create a dedicated best seller page on your store, highlighting top-selling products based on different categories and product types.

The plugin offers customizable best seller labels, enabling you to display badges on product thumbnails with personalized text, color, and position. Additionally, you can upload a custom image to serve as a seal for best-selling products, visible on the product page. It also allows you to rank products based on sales, displaying ranking positions for different categories on the product page.

You can incorporate a best seller slider into your store, customizing its appearance and optimizing the view for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. The plugin provides control over the number of products displayed on the slider and allows you to set the maximum count for recommended best seller products, with an option to exclude out-of-stock items.

8. Discount Rules for WooCommerce

discount rules for woocommerce

Discount Rules for WooCommerce is a plugin designed to simplify the creation of various discounts and pricing strategies for your WooCommerce store. With this tool, you can easily implement bulk discounts, dynamic pricing, percentage discounts, and more for your products. The free version allows you to set percentage-based discounts, store-wide global discounts, and tiered pricing based on quantity ranges.

In addition to product-specific discounts, the plugin enables you to apply discounts based on categories, attributes, customers, and user roles in the pro version. These discounts are visible throughout the shopping process, including on product pages, in the cart, during checkout, and in email notifications.

The free version provides essential features like date-based discounts and the ability to exclude selected products from discount rules, while the pro version offers even more advanced options for tailored pricing and promotions.

9. WP Customer Reviews

wp customer reviews

WP Customer Reviews is a plugin designed for websites looking to gather and showcase user-generated reviews. Whether you want testimonials for your business or product reviews, this plugin allows you to create a dedicated page on your WordPress blog for customers to share their experiences.

The reviews are moderated, giving you control over which ones are displayed to visitors. The plugin includes anti-spam measures to prevent automated submissions and is compatible with WP Multisite and Multiuser setups.

WP Customer Reviews is highly customizable, allowing you to choose the fields to include and modify its appearance to suit your theme. It supports caching plugins and custom themes, and admin features include the ability to edit reviews for content and date, respond to reviews, and add custom fields. Despite its rich features, the plugin is lightweight and won't slow down your website.

10. WooCommerce Product Recommendations

woocommerce product recommendations plugin

The WooCommerce Product Recommendations plugin is designed to help improve the average order value by displaying products in visually appealing grids or sliders. It offers customizable filters that enable you to configure what products to recommend based on specific conditions. You can select the location for the recommendation grid or slider to be displayed. The options include the Shop, Category, Cart, Checkout, Order Received, or individual product pages.

The plugin allows you to specify when to roll out the recommendations, such as displaying them only for logged-in users. The platform comes with pre-designed templates that offer various product recommendations such as Related products, Bestsellers, top-rated, Frequently bought together, New arrivals, and Recently viewed. You can also create your own product recommendations using extensive filters.

The plugin supports various product types, including simple, grouped, variable, subscription, and external/affiliate products. You can choose between grid and slider displays, adjust the number of products per view, customize title colors, and take advantage of extensive product sorting options. Additionally, the plugin dynamically hides out-of-stock products from the recommendation display.

11. WP CTA Plugin

wp cta plugin

WP CTA Plugin is a tool that allows you to easily create Call to Actions (CTAs) on your WordPress site without the need for coding. It's a floating content plugin designed to help promote various elements such as content, new sales, blog posts, products, and more. The plugin is lightweight, user-friendly, and offers customization options to suit your specific needs.

The plugin offers three templates – Sticky CTA, Floating Buttons, and Tab CTA – from which you can choose the one that fits your promotional strategy. It's a straightforward solution to promote content, direct users to specific pages, advertise sales or products, make announcements, and increase overall engagement and sales on your website. For additional features and options, WP CTA Pro is available.

12. WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery

woocommerce cart abandonment recovery

WooCommerce Cart Abandonment Recovery is a plugin designed to help businesses recover lost revenue by addressing cart abandonments. It functions by capturing the email addresses of users on the checkout page.

If a purchase is not completed within 15 minutes, the plugin initiates an automated series of follow-up emails that you can customize to align with your brand. The emails serve various purposes, including reminding users to complete their purchases, soliciting feedback, or offering custom discounts to encourage them to finalize the transaction. You have the flexibility to send as many emails as needed.

Some notable features include unique checkout links for a seamless shopping experience, GDPR compliance with an optional notice, ready-to-use email templates, webhooks integration for marketing automation tools, automatic generation of unique discount coupons, and detailed reports on the plugin's performance in recovering revenue.

13. HubSpot


HubSpot is a comprehensive CRM platform offering tools for marketing, sales, and customer service. The free HubSpot WordPress plugin enables you to manage contacts through the CRM, create effective email marketing campaigns, engage visitors with live chat and chatbots, and incorporate visually appealing forms into your pages.

With HubSpot, you can connect with site visitors in real time using live chat and chatbots, effortlessly capture leads by creating custom forms or linking existing ones from your website, nurture leads through newsletters and automated email marketing campaigns, and gain insights into your business's performance through easy-to-understand analytics dashboards.

The plugin also provides a unified timeline of a contact's page views, past conversations, and more through the smart WordPress CRM plugin, offering a simplified approach to relationship building and business growth.

14. Social Sharing Plugin – Social Warfare

social warfare plugin

The Social Warfare plugin is a WordPress tool designed to enhance social sharing on your website, potentially boosting traffic. Unlike other sharing plugins, Social Warfare's share buttons are fast, attractive, and won't slow down your website. You can choose from various top social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Mix, and Mastodon.

The plugin provides flexibility in placing share buttons, allowing you to position them above or below post content, both or even manually. Additionally, Social Warfare offers the option of floating share buttons that accompany readers as they scroll down the page. This ensures easy access to share buttons at all times.

The plugin also includes a Popular Posts widget, in which post thumbnail images, image and text size, visual themes, and custom date range can be customized for a tailored presentation of popular content on your site.

Key takeaways

Leveraging the right WordPress marketing plugins can significantly enhance your online presence and drive success. Here are a few things to consider when selecting the most suitable plugins for your WordPress site:

  • Define your goals with cost in mind. Before exploring WordPress marketing plugins, clarify your objectives. Are you focused on increasing website traffic, enhancing user engagement, generating leads, or boosting sales? This clarity will help you choose affordable plugins tailored to your needs.
  • Assess features and usability. Consider the array of features in each WordPress marketing plugin, prioritizing those crucial for your goals like email integration, social sharing, SEO tools, analytics, lead forms, and content optimization. Ensure a user-friendly interface for smooth navigation.
  • Verify compatibility and updates. Choose plugins compatible with your WordPress theme and version, and regularly updated by developers. This ensures compatibility with the latest WordPress updates and addresses security concerns. Don't forget to check ratings and reviews for user feedback.

With a plethora of options available, it's essential to choose plugins that align with your specific marketing goals and objectives. The optimal WordPress marketing plugins discussed in this blog offer valuable tools and functionalities to help you elevate your digital marketing strategies and achieve your desired outcomes in 2024.

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