Social Media News Updates You Need to Know


August 30, 2019

Social media is a highly useful and powerful platform. It can either make or break your success in the business. In a short period of time, groundbreaking changes in social media may occur. So you need to be on the lookout for any news and updates.

To help you achieve your brand goals in social media marketing, we provided you with the latest 2019 updates from the most popular apps. Do take special note of the possible pros and cons as well to make the most of these apps.

Here’s a quick guide through the 2019’s social media updates:

  1. Facebook Updates
  2. Instagram Updates
  3. Twitter Updates
  4. Linkedin Updates
  5. Updates on other social media sites

Keep on reading to have an in-depth look into each update!

Social Media News Updates You Need to Know For 2019

Facebook Updates

The Facebook app’s updates for 2019 focus on solving recent app issues that affected the social media’s reliability to advertisers and additional tools for active post engagement.

Facebook Takes Legal Action Against Click Injection Fraud

Facebook’s legal action is finally solving an issue regarding the click injection fraud. Recently, the social media app has been bombarded with questions on the matter. These type of fraud scams use malware that makes fake social media engagements such as Followers or Likes.

What’s in it for us?

This is a huge problem for the general public and social media managers. It also affects the finances that a company invests in Facebook ads, but also lowers the confidence of partners or the general public in the data gathered from the said ads.

Points to Consider:

Facebook resolved this with an update stating that it has provided refunds to the users who have fallen victim to these scams. Facebook also continues to look at other similar cases, which spell hope for social media advertisers and the general public who rely on Facebook for their business. Still, this could mean more complicated brand cheating schemes in Facebook and lessen the value of Facebook ads.

Read more about the case of Facebook’s click injection fraud.

Facebook Builds High-Quality News Tab

The Facebook update version for 2019 includes the latest news tab. The said feature will provide advertisers and general users with “high-quality and trusted” news in the social media platform.

What’s in it for us?

News-based brands are being offered by the social media app to license headlines and article previews. In addition, this feature will use algorithm-based Trending News listing to avoid human moderators from intercepting the news in any form.

For social media managers, this means that a Facebook partnership will highlight their brands’ updates or news in the said tab. For the general public, users can finally view only the news about the brands that matter to them. This is even more vital since most people also rely on Facebook for news these days. News-based brands are being offered by the social media app to license headlines and article previews. In addition, this feature will use algorithm-based Trending News listing to avoid human moderators from intercepting the news in any form.

For social media managers, this means that a Facebook partnership will highlight their brands’ updates or news in the said tab. For the general public, users can finally view only the news about the brands that matter to them. This is even more vital since most people also rely on Facebook for news these days.

Points to Consider:

The update is not without possible negative effects. Using algorithms may have avoided human moderators from intercepting the news, but the existence of controversial or fake news reports may worsen because human moderators won’t filter them anymore.

Read more about the new and specialized Facebook news tab.

Facebook Introduces Instagram Scheduling

Another Facebook update for 2019 is Instagram Scheduling for the Facebook Creator Studio app. This update lets you see what your Instagram posts will look like, which is like how you view a post on a Facebook Page. This also enables you to see the list of scheduled Instagram posts in the app.

What’s in it for us?

Marketing managers and general users will rejoice with this official app because it makes Instagram management easier. Before, Instagram scheduling is a problem for advertisers. They still have to access unofficial third-party tools which are also limited in terms of what can be accessed and posted on Instagram. This feature is now an official third-party tool and has increased functionality like letting users add multiple images of their posts or brands and view a full list of their scheduled posts.

Points to Consider:

Users question if this Facebook feature can mean less post reach and engagement because it has always been the issue with third-party tools. After all, the said option is still a third party-tool even if it’s official.

Read more about Facebook’s Instagram Scheduling.

Introducing Slideshow Option For Facebook Stories

Another Facebook update for the app is the new Slideshow option in Facebook Stories. This update lets users add a stream of images easily in Facebook Stories, instead of adding them one by one.

What’s in it for us?

The additional Facebook feature will help social media managers a lot, as this could be a means to increase brand awareness through ephemeral content. For general users, the option encourages both young and old new users to view a familiar format for brands on Facebook. Also, it may boost engagement between brands and users.

Points to Consider:

But while it spells promising opportunities for post engagements, there is a rising concern on the number of actual users who access the option. As of writing, Facebook Stories are being accessed by 500 million daily users—one-third of the site’s 1.59 billions of users.

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Social Media News Updates You Need to Know For 2019

Instagram Updates

The 2019 Instagram update for the app focuses on anti-bullying and privacy measures. Online bullying and online privacy are prominent societal issues, and users on social media platforms like Instagram are more prone to such acts. To combat this issue, Instagram’s update on its new version include anti-bullying tools.

Instagram Implements Anti-Bullying Tools

One of Instagram’s anti-bullying tools is the new automated warning. The automated warning lets you know if your comment may seem offensive. You can then review the said comment before posting it. Or, you can also try the Restricted Mode. The Restricted Mode lets you control the comments of the user you restricted, without blocking or unfollowing her.

What’s in it for us?

The Automated Warning feature lets users prevent offensive comments on posts and promote a better post engagement on Instagram. On the other hand, the Restricted Mode protects the users from unwanted interactions such as irrelevant comments or messages to posts.

Points to Consider:

Still, it may not help social media advertisers and the general public as Instagram hopes. The user may still choose to post an offensive comment without reviewing it. Also, the Restricted Mode only limits the reach of the comment to other users but the content creator (and the person who commented) can still see the post and may still be affected by such comments.

Read more about Instagram’s anti-bullying tools.

Introducing the Join Chat Sticker

Instagram’s update includes the ‘Join Chat’ sticker. The Join Chat sticker in an Instagram story sends a notification to the creator of the story to let them know if a certain viewer wanted to join the private group or chat discussion.

What’s in it for us?

For social media managers, this means they can now build and maintain strong community connections not just with their customers but their brand partners, too. This facilitates brand updates from partnerships and sharing only exclusive content and consultation for brand improvements.

For the general users, they can connect more with their closest friends and be a chat contributor in the brands that they preferred. Like partnerships, this update also boosts customer and brand engagement on Instagram.

Points to Consider:

In the future, experts still look more on how Instagram can increase exclusivity and also deeper brand engagement among users.

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Instagram Removes the “Like” Count on Posts

One of the app’s new features highlights the “like” count removal in the social media platform. The said feature aims to discourage social comparison through the number of public “likes” on a post, and its possible negative effects.

What’s in it for us?

Still, this Instagram update for “Likes” may highly affect social media advertisers and users. For one, the number of “Likes” is a major part of Instagram and surely the key data in Instagram ads.

Also, real businesses may be affected as general users transform their accounts to Instagram business accounts. As an Instagram business account, you have to publicly display additional contact information like your phone number and email address. Hopefully, Instagram may solve this issue by masking email addresses and hiding phone numbers. But this solution may hinder brands from being reached by potential customers or creating partnerships on the platform.

Points to Consider:

As for now, one can only hope that Instagram would recognize the said issue and make detection or removal methods for the fake business accounts soon.

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Social Media News Updates You Need to Know For 2019

Twitter Updates

Twitter has lots of changes in store for 2019. Personalization features, DM options, and optional notifications are the social media site’s updates you should know about this year.

Twitter Improves Desktop Version

Twitter now has a new and improved desktop version, that goes hand-in-hand with its mobile app. The Twitter option lets you personalize the font size, color, and profile theme of your Twitter account on your PC and your mobile device.

What’s in it for us?

For social media managers, this means they can express their brands more uniquely through this customization and improve the display experience of their followers. For general users, they can express their individuality more with these personalization features.

Points to Consider:

It is important to note, though, that Twitter, itself, announced that these features may still need more customization options in the future.

Read more about Twitter’s new personalization features.

Introducing Direct Message Search Option

Twitter also lets you use the DM search option as its new update. It enables you to search for a particular profile name and Twitter handle in your DMs.

What’s in it for us?

The feature is helpful for both general users and business accounts that receive lots of messages from customers and brand partners. It’s not beyond amazing at this point because you still have to remember and type the person’s Twitter handle or name to find a message. This could be hard, especially if you do not remember the exact details of the said user. Also, some users may access this feature in hopes of finding a certain message content, which is not the focus of the said option. This update is also found in the app’s new desktop version.

Points to Consider:

For now, the said option will definitely still be improved by Twitter overtime to make it a more significant feature.

Read more about Twitter’s DM search option and more.

New Optional Replies Notification

Another interesting Twitter update is its optional notifications for replies. The said feature includes the following options:

  • Top – get the most interesting replies, including that of the author’s, anyone mentioned, and people you follow
  • All – get every new reply on the post
  • None – no notifications for any replies at all

What’s in it for us?

This feature will help advertisers and the general public to stay updated on the latest trending conversations and topics that matter to them. Also, social media managers can utilize the said feature for competitor monitoring and other possible brand engagements on Twitter.

Points to Consider:

Still, the Twitter option is not in a full release yet, so it’s better to stay updated about it.

Read more about Twitter’s Optional Notifications for Replies.

Social Media News Updates You Need to Know For 2019

Linkedin Updates

Like all social media platforms, LinkedIn is not without awesome 2019 updates either. Service listings, ad campaigns, and audience insights are the focus of LinkedIn’s updates.

New Service Listings for Profiles

The new LinkedIn update on service listings for profiles will be beneficial for freelancers and social media managers. The said update lets you add a section on your profile allowing you to display the various services that you or your brand provide. The said option is also added in the search features.

What’s in it for us?

Freelancers and social media advertisers will find this option very helpful. People can easily find your brand or your LinkedIn profile through the professional services that you can offer. It is a new means for LinkedIn to “link” you to more business opportunities on the social media platform.

Points to Consider:

This update, however, is not yet available to all users. People have to sign up on the waitlist to gain access to said feature.

Read more about LinkedIn’s Service Listings for Profiles.

Introducing Objective-Based Advertising

The social media app also takes pride in its new objective-based advertising. The said app development is the same with the optimization of Facebook ads, that definitely yield results.

What’s in it for us?

This LinkedIn feature helps social media advertisers to choose the best business objectives for their advertising campaigns. With this option, LinkedIn tweaks the appropriate formats and features for the said objectives. In no time, this could help better represent companies to the general public and help the customers and possible partners learn more about a company through their business objectives and clear ads.

Points to Consider:

Of course, brands will have to learn more about the new feature. There are numerous explainers published by LinkedIn to help in your ad campaigns, but it also means allotted time to learn it.

Read more about LinkedIn’s Objective-Based Advertising.

Additional Audience Engagement API

LinkedIn also added audience engagement API from third-party apps. These apps include Amobee, Annalect, Hootsuite, Ogilvy, and Sprinklr.

What’s in it for us?

The integration will let social media marketing practitioners find more new audiences and better understand the content that audiences usually engage with. The general public can discover better post content and improved engagements on the brands that matter to them on and off the LinkedIn platform. Also, it will let social media advertisers compare their content’s performance with other brands.

Points to Consider:

To utilize this feature, you need to partner with an approved LinkedIn partner. The list of third-party apps in partners is still limited, but it is better to stick to them to ensure brand privacy.

Read more about LinkedIn’s Audience Engagement API.

Updates on other social media sites

Other well-known social media sites also have interesting and noteworthy updates and articles you should check out

Propelrr Creates Social Media Strategy Guide with Templates

The data-driven digital marketing agency in the Philippines has shared its best-kept secrets in creating an effective social media strategy.

What’s in it for us?

Social media management is not simply posting articles or images and having presence just for the sake of it. Social media management requires techniques in creating content, scheduling posts, and analyzing social engagement. The digital marketing company shares their process on how they create a social media strategy that pushes the right content at the right place and the right time.

Points to Consider:

The article has downloadable templates that any social media specialist or budding digital marketer can use to strategize for social media.

Read more about the guide on how effective social media strategy here.

Adding “Picked for You” Pin and Updated Shopping Section

The social media site has two new product tools, namely a personalized recommendation feature called “Picked for You” Pin and the updated shopping section for businesses.

What’s in it for us?

Its new product tools include a personalized recommendation feature for the products that you like in the social media platform and an updated shopping section for business. The general users will find this helpful to see content and products that fall within their interests and purchase better products. Social media advertisers will also rejoice because these features let them showcase their brand catalogs based on the interests of the users. Also, it will mean more shopping purchases from its target audience.

Points to Consider:

Pinterest is improving its content lately and is regarded as a good option for driving purchase intent within users. It is best to stay tuned for its new updates.

Read more about Pinterest’s New Product Tools.

GIF Integration in TikTok

TikTok’s additional GIF integration lets users add animated GIFs and stickers into the user’s clips.

What’s in it for Audience and Digital Marketers?

TikTok is popular among young audiences, and this feature is significant to digital marketing practitioners as well. This feature will boost usage among young audiences and help social media managers gain younger audiences and achieve brand goals in the social media app.

Points to Consider:

Other social media platforms also have GIF Integration. Also, added features like GIF are still starting to increase its popularity but could be an important brand marketing consideration.

Read more about TikTok’s GIF Integration.

Image Comparative Functionality for Google

Google’s update on Google Images spells better comparison for similar images. The social media app’s comparative functionality allows you to locate identical image matches with a comparison for your selected image. Your selected image will stay on the side panel as you scroll, which will let you easily compare it to other images.

What’s in it for Audience and Digital Marketers?

It seems like a minor update, but this feature will help the general public find brand details easier such as product information listings and online reviews. This spells as better brand promotion for social media managers. Also, it could immediately be part of a marketing manager’s new on-page SEO checklist in the future.

Points to Consider:

The feature is fairly new, and one must be on the lookout on how it will affect SEO practices in the future.

Read more about Google Images’ Comparative Functionality.

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