The Real Cost of Facebook Ads Versus Your ROI

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September 21, 2022

The cost of Facebook ads might seem intimidating without the right guidance. These expert tips show you how to manage costs and gain more wins.

The cost of Facebook ads might seem intimidating at first glance. When you don’t know how to advertise on Facebook properly, you risk spending on a lot of unnecessary things and wasting time and resources without a good return on investment (ROI).

How you manage your paid ads can spell success or failure for your business – both in the online world and in real life. So it’s imperative that you have access to skillful pay-per-click (PPC) management to achieve the former.

When utilized correctly, Facebook advertising is a great way to drive business wins. Given that this platform is one of the most powerful digital marketing channels out there, you can generate good ROI while gaining greater brand awareness for your business in today’s ever-changing online world.

Looking for the right kind of guidance to manage your PPC costs and gain ROI wins? Keep on reading to learn about the real cost of sponsored ads on Facebook this year – straight from your ppc agency experts.

The real cost of sponsored ads on Facebook

Real talk: there’s always more to your digital marketing fears than meets the eye. Sure, paying for your advertising might seem like a moot point when there are so many other ways to market your content. But the real cost of sponsored ads on Facebook – or rather, of avoiding sponsored ads – might surprise you even more.

Here are the facts:

  • Yes, Facebook ads can be expensive. But… Digital marketing is as much a numbers game as it is offline. Boosted content will help you double, if not triple, the reach of your marketing campaigns, compared to relying on just free organic reach. With expert and creative content that is paid, you can reach audiences you never would’ve reached before – and that new frontier will be rife with opportunities to improve your ROI.
  • Getting your money’s worth is easy when you have the right tools. By investing in the right tools for Facebook advertising, you also can hit your goals more securely and manage costs more effectively at the same time. 
  • Your costs will depend on your digital marketing strategy. At the end of the day, your strategy and execution will define the success of your ROI. Plan properly and execute well, and the benefits you gain will outweigh the costs you spend in exciting ways today.

So it’s high time to dispel your fear of paying for your brand’s marketing executions. Yes, the monetary costs of paid content can be intimidating, but that’s why you need expert tips and strategies to optimize costs for Facebook ads this year.

How to advertise on Facebook and maximize your budget

Ready to maximize your ROI like a pro? Check out these four simple tips to increase your success on Facebook today: 

1. Set simple, clear, and specific goals.

If you’re looking to buy Facebook ads for your business’ digital marketing strategy, then you need to set simple, clear, and specific goals for your campaign first. With this kind of a campaign goal, you can execute your strategies quickly and effectively, giving you more time and resources to learn from your mistakes and try things again.

The good thing is that this social media giant’s Ad Manager platform lets you pick from very specific goals to help kickstart your marketing campaign. You can choose from simple goals like brand awareness, reach, app installs, and more, to clearly guide your PPC strategy down a path of success.

Overall, setting a simple, clear, and specific goal is a great way to help you avoid unnecessary expenses throughout your execution, thus ensuring even greater ROI at the end of the day.

2. Target audiences appropriately.

When you’re trying to maximize your marketing budget, you’ll want to avoid promoting to the wrong people and wasting time on uninterested audiences. So the next thing you should aim to do when promoting on this social media platform is to identify and target the best possible audiences for your next digital marketing campaign. 

Facebook’s audience targeting is designed to be incredibly intuitive for its paid advertisers. First, you’ll be able to customize your content’s audience by their demographics and location. Then, you can make use of the platform’s high-level targeting to reach audiences with the same interests, behaviors, and connections as your ideal buyer persona.

With the right social media guidance, you can truly identify your online audience and target them accordingly. This will help them discover your brand’s products and services, leading to satisfaction for both parties in the long run. 

3. Test it out.

With clearly defined goals and specific target audiences, you can set up your paid Facebook ad and run it at any time on this digital platform. However, you’ll still need to ensure that your marketing plans are airtight – which is why you need to test out your ad with an A/B test today.

An A/B test, also known as a split test, is a means by which you can test and compare two variants of your advertising content to find out which version performs better on your brand’s social media platform. A/B tests ensure that you’re putting out the best possible version of your content online, thus driving better ROI for your campaign overall.

Of course, A/B testing still requires time and resources. If you don’t plan your tests wisely, you can still waste money on runs that have no clear direction or conclusion. So always make sure you have clearly defined goals and specific target audiences in mind, so that your test runs can bring you closer to your winning combination this year.

4. Don’t forget to optimize.

Once you have the data you need for your digital marketing plans, you can run your ad without fear of wasting resources. The last thing you should remember to do before you finish this guide, however, is to optimize your ads to ensure you’re getting the most out of your overall budget.

Expert optimization goes hand in hand with good strategy, testing, and execution. You’ll know if your content on Facebook is truly working for you if you optimize your ad in its next iteration and test it out for your future campaigns.

Always remember to experiment with your Facebook advertising strategy, and benchmark your findings against your costs. This will help you develop the best advertising formula possible to drive ROI wins for your business this year.

Key takeaways

Never let your Facebook marketing questions go unanswered, especially when it comes to expertly strategizing your paid channels today. Keep these key takeaways in mind as you embark on your digital marketing journey today:

  • Doing nothing is a cost in itself. When you avoid certain paid options to grow your ROI, you’re actually increasing costs and wasting opportunities to reach more audiences through your platforms online.
  • Strategy, testing, execution, and optimization go hand in hand. Your Facebook ads will truly benefit from your efforts to strategize, test, execute, and optimize your campaigns, thus ensuring better ROI in the long run.
  • The platform’s Ad Manager is designed to help you out. So don’t be afraid to utilize their tools or ask for expert help when it comes to your paid promotional content.

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