Are You Really Maximizing These X Features for Marketing?


May 16, 2022

There were recent rollouts of new X features. Did you catch and strategize for them already?

According to the latest report, X had an average of 229 million daily active users in the first quarter of 2022, about 14 million more than a revised 214.7 million daily users in the previous quarter. The popular social networking site, dubbed as the “digital public square,” continues to attract people who want to see and be updated with “what’s happening” in the world. 

X’s huge audience may have had your business considering joining the sizable online community. You’re just not sure if it’s worth it. Or, you may have been on the bird app for quite a while now, but are looking for ways to spice up your marketing efforts. This guide that our social media team created is for you, as it outlines all the best uses of the platform for marketing and X features you probably haven’t maximized yet.

How X Helps Marketing Efforts

As many experts have noted, X is a digital public square. This is what sets the platform apart from the others — and it’s also where you can make the most of it when marketing your brand. Join and maximize X if your business aims to improve on these social media management aspects:

  1. Thought leadership. X is a site that allows you to share opinions on different issues, making it optimal for establishing expertise on matters concerning your industry. Using the unique features of X, you can effectively improve messaging or the reach of your content.
  2. Influencer outreach. In this context, are mainly referred to as industry experts. Through Twiter, you get to connect with like-minded people and engaging with them through shared ideas values.
  3. Audience engagement. Just like experts, your audiences are also eager to tweet about topics that matter to them. As a brand, you can take advantage of this entry point to create an instant connection with your target audiences.
  4. Content promotion. While X is essentially a microblogging site, it’s also a great avenue for promoting long-form content. Put simply, it’s a content promotion tool. You can post images, links, or other iterations of your content via X so that you can maximize its reach.
  5. Data gathering. Apart from promotions and public relations, X is also a robust research tool; providing you with the capabilities to do social listening and sentiment analysis through a simple refined search on specialized, free apps like TweetDeck.

Key X Features you can maximize for engagements

To make the most of what the platform can do to your brand and improve on the social media management aspects mentioned above, you should know first what are the key features of X you can take advantage of. 

As you prepare to promote your brand on the social networking site, don’t overlook these solutions:

1. Quote Tweets 

Quote tweets provide an exciting way to engage with your audience. If you’re not familiar yet, quote tweets allow you to retweet a post while adding a comment on it. It offers layers of audience engagement benefits. 

For one, you get to feature a social media user’s tweet and convey the message that their voice matters, that it’s worth amplifying to your audience. Secondly, you can offer your own insights to the topic of the tweet, which can then further the discussion on the matter. It may compel even more people to jump into the conversation. 

Pro tip for using this X feature: Use quote tweets to respond to social media users’ questions or brand mentions, comment on industry news, and put a new, refreshing spin on an old content.

2. Pinned Tweets

Pinned tweet is a static tweet that stays on top of your profile, no matter how old the post gets. It’s the first piece of content people will see when they visit your X page, so it gives you an opportunity to introduce your brand and establish thought leadership. It can also increase visibility of a post without necessarily putting it as an ad. 

Another benefit to using a pinned tweet is increasing social proof. When you pick a tweet that already has a lot of likes, quote tweets, and retweets and pin it to the top of your page, the people visiting your profile are more likely to engage with the post just like everyone else.

Pro tip for using this X feature: Use pinned tweets to generate traffic to a page. You can feature a clickable link on your pinned tweet to make people visit a website or another social media profile. With this, you’re actually making the best use of X for SEO

3. Lists 

According to X, Lists allow you to customize, organize, and prioritize tweets on your timeline. This can be private or public. Netflix has a public list of tweets from the accounts of different shows it’s hosting. As for the private function of lists, most brands use it to monitor certain pages, such as competitors or influencers they’re eyeing to tap.

Pro tip for using this X feature: Lists are a good social listening tool. Compile tweets mentioning your brand over a certain period, say, after a big event, and analyze how people are responding. X Lists can help you stay organized when collecting responses.

4. Topics 

Topics is a key X feature that allows you to choose and follow topics from a curated list. When you follow a certain topic, more tweets and updates related to that subject matter will pop up in your X timeline. 

This feature greatly helps in social listening, getting a pulse of the matters people are talking about in your industry. It also helps in influencer outreach since you’ll be able to see social media users whose tweets have been gaining traction from the audience you’re targeting. Lastly, it helps in content creation and promotion. You can plan content around the topics that interest social media users. 

Pro tip for using this X feature: Go beyond discussing the topics people are talking about. As you discover tweets from X Topics, observe how they are crafted, and if possible, adopt the social media users’ language. For instance, use the same hashtags they post about. 

5. Polls

X defines Polls as “native poll designed to collect feedback and give people the chance to weigh in on questions.” There’s so much you can do with this X feature. For one, you can easily promote products and services. For example, you can ask customers directly what their favorite is from your menu. 

One more use of Polls is establishing your expertise. You can ask followers, for instance, for observations on market trends, and then share your own insights in a separate tweet thread.

Pro tip for using this X feature: Have social media users participate on major business decisions, such as logo revamp or your online avatar’s name, by organizing a X Poll.

6. TweetDeck 

This X feature is a dashboard application designed to make social media management easier. It allows you to see multiple timelines in one glance. Laid out in columns, the platform’s features include your brand’s scheduled tweets, tweets from a curated list of users, trending topics, and notifications. With TweetDeck, you can easily tweet, respond to posts, and monitor topics in real time.

Pro tip for using this X feature: Add custom columns according to your social media marketing goals. Rearrange them according to what works best for your team. 

7. Collections 

X Collections are exactly what they sound like: a curated list of tweets from selected social media users. Typically, you would use this to organize a stream of posts after a brand event or from influencers you’re planning to tap for the purpose of easy monitoring. This X feature is available on TweetDeck.

Pro tip for using this X feature: Harness the tweets that positively mention your brand, quote-tweeting them for social proof. Consider incorporating user-generated content that you collected to your content calendar.

8. Spaces

A fairly new X feature, Spaces allows social media users to come together and have live audio conversations. By its design, you already know how beneficial this is for audience engagement. 

As a Space host, you can directly interact with social media users in real time. You can use it to announce new products and services, organize an online dialogue over relevant industry topics, or simply connect with X users and introduce your brand.

Pro tip for using this X feature: Always allot time for participants’ feedback in your Spaces sessions. Whether you’re releasing a new product or discussing a trending topic in your industry, seize the opportunity to hear insights from X followers. 

Key Takeaways

With X, you can establish thought leadership, start and sustain influencer outreach efforts, capture audience’s interests, and get a pulse of how people perceive your brand. As you maximize this platform, remember these key insights:

  • Explore X features. It will be a wasted opportunity if you don’t make the most of the platform’s capabilities. Be familiar with each one’s purpose and function so you can incorporate them to your social media management workflow.
  • Start interesting conversations. Remember, X is a digital public square. Social media users are ready to engage if and only if there are meaningful conversations to jump into. Give them that and you can see your brand’s engagement rates getting a boost.
  • Learn from key stakeholders. If you’re new to X, observe how your ideal customers, influencers, and competitors are posting. Take note of the topics they typically talk about, how they communicate different matters, and how they interact with others. This can inform your X content strategies.

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