Benefits of Data-driven Social Media Marketing in the Philippines

Maria Domenica Baquilod

Author & Editor

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Published on: Jan 10, 2022 Updated on: May 16, 2024

Because Filipinos are still one of the most active users on the platform, social media marketing in the Philippines provides massive awareness for brands wanting to market to the audience. But how much more results can you milk from it, especially with the help of data-driven startegies?

As a social media marketing agency that's collaborated with many brands over the years, we've helped brands generate greater results from their social media efforts with the help of data. Results that you and many other brands might not have even imagined to gain – or at least, not yet.

Because if you're sitting with your agency and/or social media marketing team still talking about awareness, then we're afraid that you might be setting the bar too low. Because think about it: You're marketing to one of the most active social media audiences in the world, and social media has proven impacts in consumer buying behavior.

Adding data insights and innovative strategies into the mix will super charge your strategies, and pull in actual store visits, conversions, and even foster brand loyalty.

Data-driven advantages of social media marketing

Here are a few other reasons why you should really rethink the way you view the benefits of social media marketing in the Philippines with a data-driven approach:

1. You can follow and track processes clearly.

What is analytics? What do you do with the information which reveals your target market’s behavior on your page? How do you plan to address the strengths and weaknesses in your digital marketing campaign?

These are fundamental questions that expert social media marketing agencies ask themselves to help their clients develop a strong digital marketing campaign. Content is king, but it is data that acts as the invisible player that dictates which and what kinds of content for your brand should be created.

With the help of data, your social media marketing agency should develop strategies to work with the information that your business has. Your company’s data and page analytics will also help you select the best social media platform for your brand. This way, you can expertly develop content for the most conducive social media platform that can address your company’s concerns within. 

This kind of data-driven content is remarkable because it shows how the brand is making an effort to expand their audience reach. Ensure Gold is known to be a milk brand intended for adults and the elderly, but one may ask why it is advertised in TikTok which is largely used by the Gen Zs (aged 15-21) and Millennials (aged 22-26).

It is then safe to conclude that the company is responding to a demographic that it has not reached before.

The choice to develop a recipe style of content is also expertly chosen based on data for fitness and recipe contents are two of the leading kinds of content on TikTok. One can intuit from this data that Ensure is targeting Millennials who are looking to zhuzh up the supplements they consume for their fitness goals. And what better way to address this with a recipe video that they can do at home? 

TikTok is indeed a rising star in the digital marketing terrain that social media marketing agencies in and out of the Philippines are carefully monitoring. With the help of algorithms that shape a TikTok user’s For You Page and a competent social marketing team’s handling of a client’s analytics, data-driven strategies are employed to develop engaging content for a business.

2. It guides your brand’s future content creation and curation.

Data-driven strategies in social media marketing help agents plan for your business’ future online content, as well as tweak existing content in the past. 

As mentioned in the previous point, while content is king because it is the element that users interact with in a page, data is the underlying force that guides content creation.

Your page’s data helps social media marketing agencies to plan how your business can retarget or remarket your products or services to your audience.

Often confused with each other, retargeting and remarketing are completely different strategies in social media marketing. 

Retargeting your audience refers to a PPC strategy wherein you address potential clients who visited your page in the past who failed to follow through with an action such as ordering an item. It allows you to reach out and reconnect to them so they can revisit your page and finally follow through with an action.

Remarketing on the other hand also intends to reach out and reconnect with your audience who failed to complete an action on your client’s page. However, the difference is that its main goal is to help clients reconsider your client’s brand by guiding them to keep it within their reach. This means encouraging them to subscribe to reminders such as newsletters and email listings so they may be alerted about the client’s new deals or price sales. 

Data plays a crucial role in helping social media marketing agencies develop strategies to retarget and/or remarket your business to clients. A data-driven retargeting and remarketing action plan then ensures that your audience will always have opportunities to reconsider your brand instead of altogether ignoring and forsaking it.

3. Data and analytics are the brain and heart of content marketing.


You’ll know that a social media marketing agency is the best of their trade when they follow framework-based approaches to digital marketing. One inventive way to answer that most interesting question of what your audience thinks about you is through social media listening.

Social media listening refers to a data-driven approach in digital marketing that aims to collect data about the audience's perception of a brand by listening and learning what they have to say on various platforms such as blogs, forums, and news sites. It is a key strategy for your client’s community management because it helps them to stay on top of their audience so you can develop actionable plans for their business.

Truth hurts, but you can always look at it positively as a learning opportunity. Social media listening intends to know the positive and negative responses of audiences to your client’s brand so that they can develop content that will address their concern. 

This is particularly important especially when the audience leaves a scathing comment or review to your business, which may go viral. Social media listening enables you to immediately respond to their concerns such as what happened to NINYO Fusion Cuisine & Wine Lounge


In the figure above, the user's complaint is valid and must be taken seriously, what one can appreciate is how the restaurant responded immediately to the viral post which shows that they are listening to their audience and that they are willing to learn from the experience. 

People care and respond to a brand that listens to them and acknowledges their thoughts on a service regardless of whether it’s negative or positive. Social media listening permits this kind of engagement so that both you and your business client always have opportunities to grow along the way.

4. It opens doors for marketing and conversion optimization.

Social media marketing agencies make use of data and analytics to always find and develop strategies for all kinds of situations. 

If you are part of the digital marketing industry, you should always set standards for yourself with the help of top conversation metrics so you always have a barometer to measure your success.  

After all, mistakes shouldn’t be the only occasions you aspire to grow. All of your content should be developed to go beyond its expected performance.

A good technique to ensure that your content rises to the top is to apply social media copywriting engagement techniques that strive for your page to lead in search engines.

Remember that the selection of SEO keywords should also be based on data-centric research so only trust agencies that are adept and have years of experience when it comes to boosting content. 

5. It allows you to engage audiences and nurture communities.

In his book 'Digital Retail Marketing' (2020), Dario Sipos said that instead of focusing on follower and audience-reach count, a brand should focus on building a community. 

A community is a group of people who aspire to reach the same goal and are free to discuss with each other their thoughts about a particular subject. This sense of openness should be something that you develop for your client’s brand so their audience may develop loyalty.

Marketing communities open vistas and avenues for a brand’s supporters to discuss their thoughts. This provides invaluable data for a company to continue excelling in one strategy and improve in another.

Luckily, there are various ways for your audience to feel that they are being heard. Some of these come in the form of reviews, ratings, and Voice of Customer surveys

On top of this, you can also exploit features provided by various social media platforms to encourage audiences to share their thoughts about something.

Key takeaways

This article discussed the advantages of data-driven marketing to boost your business. A few things to keep in mind are as follows:

  • Content production needs the guidance of data to reach its optimal objectives. Developing content without data-driven research is like driving with a blindfold on.
  • Data allows social media marketing agencies to always strive for optimization. Trust only leading and experienced digital marketing companies for your brand to reach its potential. 
  • The relationship between a brand and its audience allows for helpful data to flourish. Developing a sense of community that encourages more active engagement helps both the company and the social media marketing agency strategize effectively for a stronger digital presence.

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