Why the Cost of Content Marketing is Worth Every Penny

Anna Dominik Banzon

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Published on: Nov 29, 2022 Updated on: May 20, 2024

Worry not about the cost of content marketing but instead, worry about the cost of not investing in it.

It's no secret that content marketing is a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes. By creating high-quality content, you can connect with customers and create a lasting relationship with them.

But content marketing also has its costs and it takes time and effort to produce quality content that successfully engages your target audience. The cost of content marketing can be intimidating, but it's worth the investment if you choose the right partners and communicate the right message.

Below, we'll help you understand what really goes into excellent content marketing services, and why they're worth the investment. Let's start off with the benefits and advantages of content marketing.

The value of content marketing for businesses

Content marketing is a form of marketing that involves creating and sharing content with the goal of attracting and engaging customers. Content can take many different forms, including blog posts, social media posts, e-books, infographics, and more.

This content primarily exists on your website and it impacts many other aspects of digital marketing. Your website content can be repurposed for social media campaigns. Content can also be used to meet search engine optimization goals. And finally, content can be used as lead magnets – pulling in interested audiences that can eventually become customers.

Through an excellent content strategy, you can create sustainable and consistent business results.

The cost of content marketing

So you can budget for content marketing for your coming efforts to win business online, here's a quick overview on the usual costs of the service. According to Siege Media:

The average cost of a content marketing campaign can vary, anywhere between $6,000 a month to as high as $60,000+ a month for an enterprise business.

The prices stated are pretty steep, but they were also quick to caveat that "what matters, though, is not the cost as much as the potential ROI that's possible for each campaign."

But what actually goes into a content marketing process? Where does your money go and what returns can you expect?

An overview of the content marketing process

Content marketing isn't simply the creation of blog posts, videos, or other. It's a process that stems from meticulous data analysis, research, ideation, all the way down to content promotion and experimentation.

As you've seen, the costs can be steep but an agency or partner that gives you the best bang for your buck will give you impressive and consistent results. To better understand where your investment is going, here's a quick overview of the content marketing process:

  • Content audit. A process of evaluating and assessing the quality of your website's content. This includes reviewing everything from the overall tone and style of the content to the accuracy of the information.
  • Keyword research. Involves identifying and selecting the best keywords for your website content and marketing campaigns. By targeting the right keywords, you can reach more potential customers and attract more traffic to your website.
  • Content ideation. This is where the team will come up with topics you can talk about. It often includes the outline, initial concepts for the execution, and a rationale as to why you need to publish the content.
  • Content production. Is simply when the content is produced. It involves the writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing of the content.
  • Content promotion. This is where the team explores the ways it can promote your content to your intended audiences. Newsletters, social media, and other promotional channels available to you will be tapped to spread the word about your content, accordingly.

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How to know when your business needs content marketing services

While you can very well plan and develop your own content, there are undeniable benefits of outsourcing content. There are many good reasons to invest in a partner company to do your content marketing. Here are a few:

  • Convenience. Content marketing can be very time-consuming. An agency can take care of all the details for you, from creating content to promoting it.
  • Create excellent content. Thanks to the tools and focused expertise of an agency, content produced is always of top quality. Some advanced agencies will also employ experimentation techniques to make sure that you're investing only in the most effective pieces of content rather than run-of-the-mill ones.
  • Save on operational costs. Ultimately, while the costs seem steep at first, content marketing services actually save you tremendous amounts of time and resources. Time freed up from ideating and creating content can very well be reallocated to your other marketing and business priorities.
  • Sustainable and consistent efforts. With the help of an agency's structured workflow, content creation and publishing become more consistent for your brand. With an agency, you maintain this routine effortlessly, never missing a day or month of publishing.

How to choose the right content marketing agency

When it comes to choosing a content marketing agency, there are a few key criteria you should look for. Here are some things to keep in mind when making your decision:

  • Experience. The agency should have a lot of experience creating content and promoting it. They should know how to target the right keywords and reach your target audience.
  • Quality of work. The agency's work should be high quality and accurate. The content should be well-written and edited, and the promotion techniques should be effective.
  • Flexibility. The agency should be willing to work with you to create content that meets your specific needs and goals.
  • Reputation. The agency should have a good reputation and be known for producing high-quality content that delivers results.

Key takeaways

When it comes to viewing the cost of content marketing, it is also important to factor in its value for business in the equation. Once you get to see the results of consistent content marketing efforts, you’ll find that it is an investment that you’ll be glad you took.

Apart from what’s been discussed above, a few other things you should remember about content marketing are:

  • Sustained, consistent efforts are better than quick bursts that are often more costly. Maintaining a steady pace for content marketing will prove to save you costs in the long-run.
  • You also pay for innovation. Agencies like Propelrr don’t just settle for creating content. Modern-day firms usually conduct experiments to discover new ways for creating and improving upon content, hence adding value to your investment.
  • Content marketing continues to drive online marketing. Think about it: You won’t have anything to promote or put into promotions if you don’t have content. As it’s an inherent part of any communication you conduct online, content marketing is an inevitable investment.

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