Generate New Content Marketing Ideas With These 52 Tools


May 5, 2022

Need a little help with ideating for new content? Here are a few tools that can help you out.

Does it take a lot of time and effort to create new and unique content for your business? We can’t blame you. Content marketing and strategy can be challenging—especially for the inexperienced.

If you’re running out of ideas and time, there are content marketing tools that marketers like you can use to make things easier, faster, and more efficient. Take a look at this list of the best ones to use for every step of the process – from content ideation tools, down to distribution. Give these ago so you don’t have to scratch your head every time you plan your content marketing strategies.

Tools to help you come up with content ideation and strategy

  1. Google Trends
  2. Google Alerts
  3. Flipboard
  4. Feedly
  6. Alltop
  7. LinkedIn Pulse
  8. Yahoo Answers
  9. Quora
  10. Reddit
  11. Answer the Public
  12. Soovie
  13. UberSuggest
  14. Survey Monkey
  15. Growth Hub
  16. Quandary Content Idea Generator
  17. X
  18. TouchGraph SEO Browser
  19. QuestionDB
  20. Curata
  21. HubSpot Blog Topic Generator
  22. Ahrefs
  23. Buzzsumo
  24. Content Idea Generator

Tools to create powerful headlines

  1. CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer
  2. Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer
  3. BlogAbout
  4. Portent’s Content Generator
  5. LinkBait Title Generator

Tools to get the media you need

  1. Pixabay
  2. Pexels
  3. Canva
  4. Videvo
  5. Videezy
  6. Distill
  7. Free Music Archive
  8. The Music Bed

Tools to distribute content

  1. MailChimp
  2. Drip
  3. OptinMonster

Tools to track content performance

  1. Google Webmaster Tools
  2. Google Analytics
  3. Cyfe
  4. ScribbleLive
  6. KissMetrics
  7. Social Mention
  8. MeltWater

Tools to streamline workflow

  1. Zapier
  2. Airtable
  3. CoSchedule
  4. Asana

Tools for content ideation and strategy

It shouldn’t be that hard to come up with unique ideas for your content. But if you find it challenging, these tools can lend you a helping hand in the creative process.

Google Trends

Want to know what’s trending on the net? Aside from using hashtags on your social media accounts, Google Trends can be your best friend in ideating topics. It’s a free tool created by the tech giant that allows marketers to find out the trending keywords, related queries, as well as related topics to interest your target audience.

Google Alerts

Are you waiting for the next trending post about your niche? Google Alerts is one of the free and best content marketing tools for that. You can find out the latest news about your favorite celebrity, movie, artist, etc. and get alerts on your email so you can be one of the first to write or create content about it.


Flipboard collates news all over the internet and social media and puts it in one place to make it easier for marketers to get informed and create content.


Want to have a steady stream of content related to your niche? Feedly is a content creation tool that can gather content from various publications, blogs, YouTube channels, keyword alerts, tweets, and RSS feeds so you never miss a beat.

Would you like customized content delivered to you? is your tool to receive the most relevant and engaging stories over the internet by using natural language processing, machine learning, and social signals. Although it’s free, the paid version (that costs USD9 per paper per month) includes a social media agent and newsletter service.


Need news related to your niche quick? AllTop is a free RSS website that syndicates content which you can customize to your needs, making it easier for you to stay on top of the news and help you create fresh, original content fast.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is a way for members of the social media platform to extend their reach by sharing self-published blogs and other forms of content. It’s a great way to find and curate trends, insights, and insider news about a certain niche or industry.

Yahoo Answers

How do you know what people want to know about a certain topic? Well, you can simply visit Yahoo Answers. It’s a community-driven question-and-answer website. It’s a good resource to find a topic or question to answer or create a guide.


Quora is another question-and-answer website. Aside from being a good knowledge resource, it’s also a good place to see what people are asking —much like Yahoo Answers.


Reddit proclaims itself to be the front page of the internet, wherein you could find breaking news, rumors, and pretty much everything under the sun. It’s user-driven content and discussion website. Content is submitted by its users and then rated by other members.

Answer the Public

Google search is a gold mine for content ideas and topics. Answer the Public collates questions and related topics into a data-rich page for marketers and content makers to use for free.


Soovie is a tool that uses the related search function of all major search engines such as Google,, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, YouTube, and even Wikipedia. The results provide content creators with ideas/topics to use for their next blog.


Neil Patel’s UberSuggest is more than just a keyword generator and content idea maker. It also gives you an overview of the search engine optimization (SEO) for the keyword as well. It also has an SEO analyzer that allows you to check on your or a competitor’s website statistics.


Need insights to create fresh ideas for content? SurveyMonkey allows marketers to create surveys that are perfect for generating market insights to back up a claim or a blog. Its basic plan is free, but if there’s a need to expand SurveyMonkey has affordable plans that start at around USD18 to USD45 per month.

Growth Hub

Growth Hub is another RSS website. You can search for popular topics that are best for SEO, email marketing, and business growth. Moreover, this can be sorted by top content, latest, originals, etc.

Quandary Content Idea Generator

Running out of ideas for your content? Don’t worry. Quandary content idea generator can help you come up with awesome ideas. All you have to do is answer 18 questions about what you sell or your niche, and it will generate more than 300 unique suggestions for your blogs and social media posts.


Social media is a great way to know what’s trending around the world and, arguably, none is as fast as X. The social media network is a gold mine for the latest trends, all of which can be used to generate fresh content quickly. Moreover, tweets from celebrities and other key personalities can be used as content by using them as a source.

According to the American Press Institute, an online survey of 4,700 social media users find that X users tend to be heavier news consumers than those on other social media networks.

TouchGraph SEO Browser

ToughGraph is a Java-powered content marketing planning tool. It creates a map that visualizes the relationships of similar websites based on Google search terms or content. This will make it easier for content creators to get inspiration or expand their search for alternative sources.


As its name suggests, this website has a massive collection of user questions for marketers to get original ideas for new content. Users get to download the list in CSV for free in case they need it on-the-go or for whatever purpose it may be.


Want to get curated content specifically for your niche? Curata can help you mine great content and spark new ideas faster. It finds the most relevant content, which you can curate and publish in various channels such as social media, blogs, and newsletters.

HubSpot Blog Topic Generator

Struggling to come up with content ideas on a monthly basis? HubSpot’s blog topic generator proclaims it can produce a year’s worth of blog post ideas in a matter of seconds, which you can get once you sign up.


More than just a keyword generator, Ahrefs is one of the top content marketing tools on the internet today. It allows you to audit your own website, explore your competitor’s, as well as research keywords and backlinks.


Aside from hashtags, Buzzsumo is a great way to find the most shared content on various social media networks. You can find out what’s been shared from your website and by influencers. It’s a powerful research and monitoring tool that every marketer needs in their arsenal.

Content Idea Generator

If you’re dry on ideas, content idea generator is a tool that will solve that. You can get hundreds of ideas for your blog and find out what kind of content would attract the most traffic for your website or social media networks.

Tools to create powerful headlines

Good content is nothing without an attention-grabbing headline. Here are some resources to help you come up with titles that will stop your audience from scrolling, even for a millisecond.

CoSchedule’s Headline Analyzer

Score the best headline to increase traffic to your website with the help of CoSchedule’s headline analyzer. It can check and rate the ability of a headline to gain shares and increase traffic and its SEO value so you can maximize your content.

Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer

Would you like to know how your headline will make your audience feel? Generating an emotion from your readers is key to good copywriting. The Emotional Marketing Value Headline Analyzer by the Advanced Marketing Institute can help you see how well it can trigger your audience’s emotions by grading your title by percentage. Moreover, it can show you what kind of emotion is triggered when someone reads your headline.


Don’t know what to write about? As the name implies, BlogAbout is a content marketing tool that will guide you to create captivating topics with ease. Users fill in the blanks with words or phrases that best completes a sentence based on the topic given. This can then be saved into a virtual notebook for future reference.

Portent’s Content Generator

Have you noticed that your titles are starting to sound the same? If you want fresh titles, Portent’s Content Generator can come up with enticing titles that can, in turn, help you build a content strategy.

LinkBait Title Generator

Want eye-catching titles? LinkBait title generator is a wonderful tool to help you come up with titles that your followers can’t resist clicking on. It also makes the brainstorming process simpler for your team.

Tools to get the media you need

Don’t know how to use a camera? No worries. You can have gorgeous photographs, videos, and graphics on your website when you visit and use these tools.


Get better visual content for your blogs using a free stock photo provider like Pixabay. It’s also free and offers millions of stunning images and digital artwork for you to choose from.


Need beautiful images for your blog? If you don’t have the photography skills, Pexels is a website that can provide you with free stock photographs to brighten up your blog. The difference between Pexels and the other photo repositories is that you can use most photos for free even for commercial usage.


Want to create beautiful quotes for your social media content? Canva is a visual content creation tool that allows its users to use stock images or photographs taken by them and add stylish texts and other effects to produce captivating quotes that can drive traffic and increase engagement.


According to an article on Medium, video content can generate 1,200 percent more shares than both images and text. If you don’t know how to shoot awesome videos, then why not browse through Videvo for stock footage that you can use for free (depending on the copyright).


Videezy is a community of videographers who download and share free high-definition stock video. You can even download free Adobe After Effects templates to make your video stand out from the others.


If you need videos for commercial usage, Distill is a good resource to check out. It offers a huge database of high-definition footage, and this tool keeps growing with fresh videos loaded every ten seconds.

Free Music Archive

Need awesome music for your video? You could find what you’re looking for at Free Music Archive. You can listen to millions of samples, browse by genre, and even read informative blogs about the niche.

The Music Bed

The Music Bed is a great resource for quality music, albeit, for a small price. You can easily listen and sort through thousands of songs using genre, type of music, emotions, song length, and more.

Tools to distribute content

Your content is worth nothing if nobody can see it. These tools will help you serve fresh content to your audience on a hot plate.


MailChimp is a customer relationship management (CRM) app. It has an online, drag-and-drop campaign maker that can be used to create custom email marketing solutions to spread your content to a wider audience, schedule emails, and even start the sales funnel.


Aside from social media and SEO, another way to spread your new content is through email marketing. Drip is a CRM that can do that for you. It can also do cross-channel posting for your social media networks. But what sets it apart from the rest is its ability to segment people by the pages they’ve clicked on, things they bought, and a whole lot of other factors.


Jumpstart the buyer journey with OptinMonster. It has all you need to promote content on your website such as landing pages and light boxes, as well as automated email marketing and social media posting. Best of all, you can do this by creating an automated campaign. It’s a powerful lead-generating software that marketers should have in their bag of tricks.

Tools to track content performance

How do you know if your content is doing good or bad? There are tools that you can use online to keep track of your content’s performance.

Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools are a powerful set of apps that can help you monitor or track the performance of your content or website. You can track keywords, see how many broken pages or links there are, and receive error messages. The data you get can help you produce a better digital marketing framework that can drive success by eliminating what doesn’t work and testing out new trends.

Google Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to know how well your website is doing? Google Analytics is a great way to find out what blog posts or content works for your business. This way you can create better content based from the data that the analytics tool will provide.


Do you have multiple websites? Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to track its performance in one dashboard? Cyfe can monitor your websites no matter the platform, allowing you to see a side-by-side comparison of their performance.


Are you working with influencers? Would you like to see how they have impacted your business? Drive measurable business results with high-performing visual, video, and interactive content from ScribbleLive. is a link management platform. While its primary job is to shorten links, it can also show you the stats of each post such as number of clicks, the origin of the click, and the number of referrers for the links.


KissMetrics is a customer engagement automation platform. It can show you important data such as behavioral analytics and even provide your business with email campaign automation. It’s a wonderful tool for those struggling with their content marketing strategy.

Social Mention

Track keyword performance with Social Mention. Get email alerts for specific keywords across the internet. Strength, sentiment, and passion are the metrics needed to see or find using keywords that are sent to you.


How do you know if someone has reposted an article on your website? MeltWater is a free tracking tool for a specific brand or keyword. You can see who mentions your pages, blogs, X account, and other social media platforms.

Tools to streamline workflow

How organized is your digital marketing framework? Want to stay on top of things? Take a look at these tools that can help you streamline your workflow.


Do you or your team use a lot of apps to automate work or content marketing? Zapier is a website that helps teams with their workflow by connecting crucial apps like email, cloud storage, Facebook, etc.


Long form content creation costs not just time, but money as well. Improve your team’s workflow by using Airtable, an all-in-one collaboration platform. It is basically a mash-up of collaborative work tools like spreadsheets, calendars, galleries, and more to improve the workflow.


Organize your digital marketing strategy in one place via CoSchedule. Apart from having its own social organizer, this tool has a headline analyzer to help jumpstart the creative process for your digital marketing.


Do you have a large team? Do you find it hard to track their work? Asana is a simple yet powerful project management tool that lets you assign tasks, monitor progress, and assign it to the next person in the pipeline. It’s a good way to get things done for your digital marketing framework real-time.

By now, there should be no excuse left for you to create unique, impactful content. With these tools, you can create a solid content strategy and process that can drive success.

Do you have some recommended tools for content marketing and content ideation? Drop them in the comments and we’ll add them onto the list.

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