Guide to Google+ Business Page Creation and Badge Integration

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Gary Viray

November 8, 2011

Now that the Google Plus Page for business is out, it is always good that every online savvy business out there should create their pages NOW and integrate the Google+ badge to their websites.

Google+ create business page

How to create a Google Plus (Google+) Page for Business

1. Create your own Google+ Account first. (If you already have a Google+ account, you can skip this step)

Note: If your official business email is using the Google mail server, it is a lot easier to create the Google+ account using it. However; if you are using your own mail server then you need to create your Google account first so that you can create your Google+ account.

The You+ button can be found at the top left side of the home page.


See image below.

Google Plus Creation

2. Once you have created your Google+ account, you can find the “Create Page” link at the footer part of your page. Click on it and start filling up your company/business information such as business description, website URL and a lot more.  Start inviting other people to use/join your page. The Google+’s  step by step instruction is like a walk in the park.

Note: Make sure you choose to make your Google+ Page visible to “anyone on the web” should you wish to maximize your business exposure through search and social via Google properties.

See screenshot below:

Google+ Create

3. To manage your Google+ Page, you can click on the arrow just beside your Google+ account and click on the “manage your pages” link.

See below:


google+ manage

google+ manage button

4. You can also edit your Google+ Page by clicking on the “edit profile” button.


google+ edit button


5. After editing your Google+ Business Page, you can start using it like a Facebook Fan page.

Do you want to use the Google+ Badge on your website? Read further…

How to embed Google+ Badge on your website

1. Click the “home icon” and click on the “Get Started” button.

See Image below:


Google+ Get Started

Google+ Get Started

2. Click on the “Get the badge” link.
google+ get badge
3. You can customize your badge by entering your business name or whatever you want your “users/fans” would want to see on your website.
google+ get badge customize

Warning: Never alter your Google+ ID.


4. Copy and Paste the generated source to your website.

google+ get badge copy paste source code

Note: Make sure you carefully  follow the Google+ instruction.


5.  Whoala! You now have the Google Badge on your website!

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