Propelrr Founder Becomes 2022 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards Judge

Ming Lagman

March 31, 2022

MANILA, Philippines – The 2022 Asia-Pacific Stevie® Awards’ panel of judges for the Marketing, Live Events, Websites & Apps Awards is helmed by Gary Viray, Founder & CEO of Propelrr, Inc.

In the months leading to February until May, the Asia-Pacific region’s business scene is always abuzz with talk about who will be taking home a Stevie® Awards trophy back to their offices. There are drumming debates over which projects to select and submit as entries. And then there are the hums and whispers from those just waiting to see which organizations take home prizes.

All that excitement sustains until the night of the awards banquet, culminating into, in its own way, a night like the Oscars. A night of graceful celebration among top business organizations and professionals across 29 countries of the Asia-Pacific.

Judging at the 2022 Asia-Pacific Awards – What’s it like?

But an orchestration is not pulled together without the careful and meticulous maestros. This year, Propelrr is happy and humbled to be among those with our very own Founder and CEO Gary Viray, as part of the esteemed panel of judges.

He will be among the panel selecting winners for the Marketing, Live Events, Websites & Apps Awards category as chairperson.

For Gary who’s a mainstay judge at the awards, The Stevies is always an exciting time to discover regional and global best practices. For him, watching the competition grow as closely as he has underscored how talented Asia-Pacific’s business leaders are, as the competition continuously toughens.

“I’m excited to see amazing entries coming from different regions in Asia-Pacific this 2022. Being a mainstay judge for Stevie Awards over the years, I’ve seen how the competition is getting tougher each year,” he says.

And while details must be kept safe until awards night, Gary, for one, will be judging entries based on “outcome. Impact based on goals, [and] value.”

Businesses who join and take home the win will find it as an encouraging validation for one’s work – a testament to how it measures up to the biggest names in their respective industries.

What are the Stevie® Awards?

The Stevie® Awards or sometimes referred to as ‘The Stevies’, is an annual awards ceremony that provides acclaim and public recognition to business organizations across the globe.

It is a long-established institution for determining exemplary accomplishments in business management and development. Among the community of business professionals, The Stevie Awards trophy is a sought-after award.

It has eight programs, which gives particular attention and recognition for specific niches in business. These are, as reflected on The Stevie Awards‘ website:

  • The American Business Awards® are open to all organizations operating in the USA, and feature a wide variety of categories to recognize achievement in every facet of the workplace.
  • The International Business Awards® are open to all organizations worldwide, and include categories to honor accomplishments in all aspects of work life.
  • The Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards are open to all organizations in the 29 nations of the Asia-Pacific region.
  • The German Stevie Awards are open to all organizations operating in Germany.
  • The Middle East & North Africa Stevie Awards recognize innovation at organizations in 17 nations in the MENA region.
  • The Stevie Awards for Great Employers are open to all organizations worldwide, and recognize the world’s best companies to work for and the HR teams and professionals, HR achievements, new products and services, and suppliers who help to create and drive great workplaces.
  • The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service are open to all organizations worldwide, and recognize the achievements of sales, customer service, and call center professionals.
  • The Stevie Awards for Women in Business are open to all organizations worldwide, and recognize the achievements of women executives, entrepreneurs, and the organizations they run.

A big-name event – participants, schedule, and other information

Looking at the names of past entrants and winners, it’s evident that the Stevies is a big-name event. That comes on top of its global participation.

For participants and winners hailing from the Philippines, we see names of businesses Filipinos know well, like Globe Telecom, DMCI Homes, Meralco, and many more. However, more than their names, the community is most excited to see how they’ve worked tirelessly to innovate business for the benefit of all stakeholders.

February to May will be the judging period for the Asia-Pacific Stevie Awards, specifically. During this time, judges will evaluate hundreds of entries to select a bronze, silver, and gold winner per category.

But all in all, The Stevie Awards is a year-long celebration of business achievements globally. To see the full schedule of entry submission, judging, and awarding periods, you may check their calendar of events.


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