Native App Development

Reach your app’s full potential by maximizing your device’s built-in functionalities.

If you want to create high-impact business strategies and services, then native app development is the perfect way to do so.

Native applications utilize the resources that are specific to a given OS without affecting other functionalities. It gives you all-access to the device’s API and its built-in functionalities, for both Android and iOS.

In short, with our native app development services, the sky’s the limit.

What are the benefits of native mobile app development?

If you’re planning to build an app for your business, here are a few reasons why you should consider using our native app development services:

  • Better overall app performance since they have fewer dependencies on middlewares and directly interact with native APIs and device features.
  • Consistent look and feel no matter what the operating system since they are built on separate and individual platforms, each modified to the operating systems of Android and Apple phones.
  • Immediate access to new system features is a bonus for your native app. Every time Android or iOS rolls a new feature, as soon as it is available for usage, we can easily apply the changes for your app to keep up with the updates.

Native app development for Android

Our native app development services for Android use Java as our primary source of programming language. As Android apps are published on Google’s PlayStore, they provide development tools:

  • Android Studio, the official IDE for Android

Unlike iOS development, you can create Android apps both on PCs and Macs. When your native Android app is ready, you need to submit it to the Google Play app store where users can download (or buy) it.

Native app development for iOS

You can create native iOS apps in Objective-C or Swift. Unlike Android, the iOS operating system has a closed source code, created exclusively for Apple’s hardware. So you need a Mac device to develop native mobile apps for the iOS platform.

Apple has many excellent tools and resources you can use for iOS development, such as:

  • iOS SDK integrated with the Cocoa Touch UI framework and
  • XCode, the official IDE for iOS development.

App Store’s review guidelines are quite strict. They can reject your iOS app for numerous reasons, from poor performance and security issues to the lack of valuable content.

If you want to take full advantage of the software and the device’s features, go for native app development.

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