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50 Most Searched Restaurants ‘Near Me’ in the Philippines 2019

Looking for a cafe or a dining establishment to eat at? Chances are, the fastest and easiest way to find that would be via Google search. Guilty? Don’t worry, we search for these as well! It’s just so convenient, the results will not only give you a list of nearby restaurants, but they will also include the address, contact information, plus customer reviews and price range.

This led us to think if other Filipinos search for food near us like we do or was it just and our stomachs speaking. As a digital marketing agency in the Philippines that’s always hungry for data, we set to investigate the top ‘near me’ restaurants Filipinos search for in Google.

But before diving deeper, familiarize yourself with the following local SEO terms:

  • Keyword – a term or a group of words searchers use when finding what they need on a search engine, like Google.
  • Search volume – the number of people who are searching for a certain keyword monthly.
  • Return rate – refers to the likelihood of searchers using the same keywords, again, on Google.

Now that you know the basics, it’s time to reveal the top searched for restaurants in the Philippines this 2019. Go through the list below and see which among your go-to food and drink establishments made it to the rankings:

#KeywordSearch VolumeReturn Rate
1restaurants near me70001.5
2restaurant near me33001.44
3milk tea near me20001.35
4starbucks near me20001.48
5food delivery near me17001.29
6samgyupsal near me17001.34
7food near me15001.4
8jollibee near me14001.35
9coffee shop near me12001.41
10internet cafe near me12001.47
11mang inasal near me11001.51
12711 near me10001.54
13chowking near me10001.26
14red ribbon near me10001.27
157 eleven near me9001.35
16delivery near me9001.22
17fast food near me9001.24
18samgyupsalamat near me9001.29
19korean restaurant near me8001.39
20buffet near me7001.37
21kfc near me7001.24
227/11 near me6001.28
23burger king near me6001.22
24cafe near me6001.35
25chooks to go near me6001.31
26coffee shops near me6001.28
27dunkin donuts near me6001.39
28goldilocks near me6001.34
29pizza hut near me6001.29
30ramen near me6001.31
31breakfast near me5001.46
32mcdo near me5001.34
33mcdonald’s near me5001.25
34pizza near me5001.19
357 11 near me4501.35
36bars near me4501.43
37mcdonalds near me4501.3
38puregold near me4501.39
39subway near me4501.38
40unli wings near me4501.29
41bar near me4001.42
42food park near me4001.39
43krispy kreme near me4001.29
44where to eat near me4001.59
457-11 near me3501.31
46andoks near me3501.3
47best restaurants near me3501.42
48cake shop near me3501.38
49greenwich near me3501.29
50japanese restaurant near me3501.27

Dreaming of having your establishment to be part of this list? If so, look no further and let us guide you on identifying and implementing the best SEO strategies for your business.

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