4 Amazing Tools to Power Up your Content Marketing

Anna Dominik Banzon

Author & Editor

Content Team Lead

Published on: Mar 30, 2013 Updated on: May 20, 2024

Content marketing does work…and good work at that, provided you know how to use it to your best advantage for the promotion and marketing of your product, service or your business in general.  Given the resources we have online today, it is of great possibility that you can work on content marketing for your clients at the most convenient and most practical terms, if you know where to look and what to use.  If you want your content marketing strategies to succeed, check out the following tools that you can use for easier content management and more effective content marketing:Quora_Screenshot


Rich, substantial content usually starts with a mind-boggling question (or sometimes not even…maybe even just a simple but amusing one).  Quora goes by the tagline “Your best source of knowledge”, and maybe, just maybe… it’s true.  Nonetheless it can help you find out amusing Q & A about your product, or your service, or even your target audience.  This in turn will help you go a long way in your content marketing endeavor.



Content marketing does not only demand substance in textual content, but in visuals as well. With visual.ly you can combine your info with graphics and data visualizations to get clearer messages across.



There are times when a breakthrough “performance” in marketing comes with a simple buzz that reaches your target clientele in mysterious ways.  This app is worth checking out, if only for the cool ideas and ways of advertising that you may have so far overlooked.



Sometimes the brightest ideas hit you at inopportune times, or pop up where you least expect them too.  Having this tool allows you to “take note” of everything and make sure no bright idea gets junked just because you could not jot it down when it comes to you.  This is arguably one awesome tool for content management that can help you go a long, long way in your content marketing strategy.