Taming Your Social Media Self

Maria Domenica Baquilod

Author & Editor

Social Media Team Lead

Published on: Apr 24, 2013 Updated on: Jan 19, 2024

You are not alone if you have a feeling that social media is starting to take over your life right now.  Or probably “starting” is no longer the apt term for your situation and for those of a good portion of the world’s population.  To date, there are reportedly 1.06 billion users on Facebook, 1 billion on YouTube, 500 million Twitter (Rebranded to X as of July 24, 2023) users (200 million of whom are considered active), about 170 million in Tumblr, and approximately 48.7 million Pinterest users plying the cyber route every single day.  It is not surprising that to some extent, social media is fast dominating one’s life, and has become the hobby, sport, fixation and passion of so many people logged on for hours, day in and day out.

We have heard reports of relationships gone sour, jobs being lost, chances being blown, reputations being besmirched just by a simple post, comment, or repost that everybody does in their social media accounts, sometimes without actually thinking much (or, with no thinking at all…) or with absolutely no consideration for the consequences.  What may start out as some silly prank, or some careless, tactless, thoughtless post may end up causing you your job, your dreams, your life.

So really, in this day and age of crazy, weird, wild (but admit it: fun!) social media frenzy, taming your social media self is no longer just a simple matter to consider. It has become an absolute necessity.

Use social media to your best advantage.  Be it for promotion of business, product or service, or simply for sharing your special talents and abilities with the world, your social media persona should be nurtured to your best advantage. The various social media platforms give different opportunities for you to reach out to others.

Make use of good resources and tools online.  The web has amassed tons of information, many of which you will find useful in matters of social media management.  Beware of info overload, though, and be wise enough to distinguish what will work effectively for you. Try to study which ones will cater to your needs and requirements and which are actually just a waste of time.  Take time to read reviews and recommendations whenever you can, and spare more time for tutorials.

Think before you click. This has become such a cliché. But, really, it is the right thing to do if you want to make the best of your social media affairs.  Sometimes, even without meaning to, you tend to hurt or cause harm to others when you post without actually thinking. It is oftentimes too late to take back what you already put out there for millions to see and react to.

Once in a while, go for tech detox.  Do not let everything social media control you in any way.  Given the practically unlimited access, you may get saturated with it. So take time for some social media sabbatical.  You know you need it.