Start your Web Development Right – SEO consideration all the way

Gary Viray

July 1, 2010

Again and again, much has been said about considering SEO from the start of any web development written all over the internet and it has been a mantra being shouted by many SEO practitioners out there. However;  there are still a lot of companies  who are oblivious of such need in order for them to cut cost on their web development projects. More so, that the economic crisis has been all around the corner and that companies are way busy tightening budgets and allocations in order to survive.

Case Study:

Company A asked us to do SEO  for them. Why? Because they want to sell and corner all the sales offline and online.

Steps they made:

1.  They shopped for a web development company. They made a good choice in terms of the design and creative aspects.

2. They shopped for an SEO company to optimize their website. They made a really good choice. * wink *wink

3. They developed the site and dropped the SEO service. Reason: budget. BAD move.

4. After they became online, they noticed that they are not getting what they expected. RED Alert!

5.  Contacted the SEO company again – SEARCHOPTMEDIA. Alert mode decision. Still a fairly good move.

6. SEO Company audited the site for usability & searchability and recommended an overhaul of the website.

7. Company is back to square one.


SEO is an integral process in web development in order to maximize time and money spent. Arguably, I do consider that web development is now just a subset of getting one’s brand or product or information seen online.