Social Media Ads Examples for Marketing Your FinTech App

Maria Domenica Baquilod

Author & Editor

Social Media Team Lead

Published on: Feb 3, 2022 Updated on: May 16, 2024

With great power comes great responsibility and lots of creativity and careful planning. Especially if you’re a fintech startup going up against established competitors and a limited budget to spend on social media ads.

Though overthrowing the competition will be difficult, we can tell you – as a digital advertising agency that strategizes for fintechs – that it’s not impossible. In fact, some well-founded social media advertising strategies and targeted executions, it’s quite achievable.

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That’s some thing many emerging financial technology brands today have proven – that they can go toe-to-toe with the Goliaths in the industry. However, that’s not to say that the more older institutions are slow on the uptake, either.

Needless to say, the competition is getting tighter. And it’s best to start learning what the competition is doing, and leave the social media ads optimization to us.

Social media advertising examples for marketing fintech

Because you know what they say: There’s no better way to learn than from the example (or mistakes) of others. So with that, we’ll let some of the most creative social media ads examples from the top financial servicing companies show you. 

You can also pair what you will learn here with this full guide to digital advertising and paid ads optimization to synergize and synthesize your future digital advertising campaigns.

1. It’s all about the users.

TikTok is far past being an emerging platform marketers are beginning to explore. It’s already a competitive space for brands to advertise in.

Given its billions of engaged users and characteristic interest-based algorithm and short-video format, TikTok is the prime platform for marketing to your niche communities. Additionally, this algorithm makes advertising on TikTok quite a nuanced approach.

In that: TikTok advertising is meant to be personalized, and demands “not in your face” ad executions. Meaning, you can’t be hard-selling to the audiences here all the time.

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But while that sounds like quite the puzzle to solve, it can be easily solved with a little bit of research into your target audience – their problems, needs, and desires.

For better appreciation, we look to an ad execution by by UnionBank as an example.

Best practices you can learn from this social media ad

Mind your branding. This content makes use of Unionbank’s signature colors that immediately highlights their edge over their competitors. 

Highlight your value proposition. Notice also that the two words mabilis (fast) and secure are the first points users immediately read because Unionbank understands that these are the key features that they need to sell to their audience. 

Mabilis is meant for users who are looking for a convenient way to pay online given the current situation of the world brought by the pandemic, while the word secure acknowledges breaches in local banks in the Philippines in the past while promising that this will not happen with the. 

Make it a conversation. On top of this, the content feels even more immersive and directed to your audiences since the talent is looking straight into the camera. This creates an air of a personal connection; as if he’s conversing with your audiences.

2. Say the right thing, at the right time.

There’s no shadow of a doubt that Facebook is the leading social media platform today in terms of popularity. This is why it’s still very much indispensable as a social advertising platform.

But apart from its sheer dominance as a marketing avenue, Facebook advertising also offers a you serveral ways to advertise your financial services. From the format of your ads, down to how you target them, Facebook arguable has the most comprehensive set of tool you can use.

When advertising on Facebook though, you need to master your timing. To be specific, you have to say the right message with your ads, and at the right time. Because getting the timing right is critical to getting immediate responses for your ads.

Though it’s not an advertisement per se, this post by Palawan Pawnshop can better demonstrate the point.

Best practices you can learn from this social media ad

Timing and relevance. Apart from their relatable and entertaining voice, Palawan Pawnshop also made excellent use of relevance in this post. Though it was just a simple reminder to manage finances, many of their audiences immediately felt a connection to it because of the day it was posted.

The post was published on January 15. The 15th of every month is when the salary of most workers come in. This simple yet strategic post would lead to a lot more immediate bills payment transactions on their website.

Educate and entertain. The two easiest ways to capture the attention of today’s social media audiences is by teaching them something new, or by entertaining them. And in Palawan Pawnshop’s case, they do both.

In social media ads, this can easily be done through through conversion copies that propose an ingenious solution to a persisting problem of your audiences. Or through ads that play on humor or absurdity to catch audiences’ attention.

3. Get Personal with Instagram Ads 

The primary element present in all effective social media advertisements involves the visuality of its content. This makes Instagram a conducive and favorable platform for ads that combine storytelling and eye-capturing content because the platform focuses on these two aspects.

With added features such as Instagram Stories and the recent Add Yours Stickers, potential customers and key demographics can now participate and be involved in building up the image of your client’s brand thanks to user-generated content. 

Still, Instagram is built-in with reliable features that digital marketing agencies like you can utilize such as explore ads and shopping ads that are capable of immediately piquing a user’s interest. 

Advertisements by make effective use of these built-in and added features.