Creative Content Marketing Articles Worth Checking Out

Gale de Ocampo

Author & Editor

Content Strategist

Published on: Sep 7, 2012 Updated on: Feb 26, 2024

Here are a few articles that will help you brush up on your content marketing chops.

Marketing strategies continue to expand to uncharted territories with so many innovations coming our way in an arena previously dominated only by print media, tv or radio.  With these many innovations are limitless opportunities to market our products and services, most especially on the world wide web, the advanced technology of which has afforded all entities – from small-scale industries to multinational and global companies – to be able to let the world know about their business and what they have to offer to prospective clients.

One relatively novel approach to marketing and advertising is by means of “content marketing“or “creative content marketing“, which involves the creation and delivery of substantial information relevant to the business, product or service you intend to promote.  Others call it communicating without selling (we should say, without “evident” selling).  Through creative content, you get to impart relevant information to your prospective clients that will make them smarter consumers, and entice them to make informed choices respecting the trade or industry you are actually promoting.

It may be a ‘new’ approach, but to date the world wide web amasses with numerous sources that will give you good tricks and techniques that will help you achieve success in content marketing.  If you are a novice in this approach, we suggest checking out the following useful articles to help you understand it better, and gain knowledge on the best approaches for this kind of marketing strategy.

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