Propelrr’s Business Continuity Plan aims to respond to critical business disruption by safeguarding the welfare of stakeholders through operational and safety assessment, implementation of preventive measures, recovery, and resumption of operations the soonest possible, to continue providing for our clients and partners with high-quality service. As novel coronavirus (COVID-19) diagnoses continue to increase around the world, we are taking increased measures to maintain business continuity while protecting the health of our team members.

  1. All members of the team are actively being monitored, and we have an active plan to isolate employees should the threat of possible infection arise.
  2. We have canceled all business travels, both international and domestic, and recommended that our team avoid non-urgent personal travel.
  3. All recruitment and procurement activities, which include interviews, exams of potential applicants, and meetings with potential suppliers, will be done online.
  4. All face-to-face meetings with clients, business partners, and suppliers are requested to be conducted via calls and/or video conferences.
  5. We have cancelled company events, activities beyond the office hours.
  6. Visitors in our office are highly discouraged.
  7. We have discouraged the team to dine out or dine inside cafeterias, restaurants, canteens, and lounges to minimize physical contact with others. Instead, eating within our office premises is highly suggested.
  8. We have provided extra hand sanitizing supplies and surgical face masks in the office; we have also increased the frequency of office cleaning and sanitation procedures.
  9. We have established contacts with Makati’s local health and social service providers in advance of any emergency.
  10. We have shared the best practices on health and safety from the Department of Health (DOH) and World Health Organization (WHO) with our team and updates them on COVID-19 developments regularly.

While we continue our work as usual, our team is equipped with the necessary tools, technology, capacity, and security measures to support a remote workforce if the need arises. We have multiple channels of internal and external communications, and as always, to prioritize communication with you, our customers, so you can remain focused on your business activities and goals. Below are the communication protocols to ensure continuous client communications and support;

  • The primary point of contact for work instructions, document submission, and other relevant output delivery should be the Propelrr’s business email and our client’s business email.
  • Group chats with our clients are also created on Viber, Whatsapp, and Skype; and shall remain available for quick information sharing and updates.
  • Should important instructions be received via instant messaging apps, SMS, and/or calls, Propelrr should initiate the documentation of the agreement via an email addressed to our clients.
  • For our clients, you may also directly call the following Propelrr phone numbers:
  • Our clients may also send an email to

Thank you. Rest assured that we are taking this matter with utmost importance.

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