6 Key Benefits of PPC Advertising for Online Brand Growth

Pay-per-click advertising isn’t a new concept in the digital marketing scene. However, many marketers still don’t understand the benefits of PPC advertising enough to maximize returns.

For example, not many are aware that it aids your online growth beyond the results you achieve through one-off campaigns. They actually help your achieve long-term results through better results tracking, and data analytics.

As a veteran PPC advertising company, we also know that this channel can also be optimized to help achieve maximal results for minimal cost – if you bank on data in doing it, that is.

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But before we get you excited about learning how to optimize, we first want to help you understand how you can truly benefit from the data-driven kind of PPC advertising efforts.

Benefits of PPC advertising

Again, the important thing to note here is that: As with anything in digital marketing, you must be data-informed. And what is perhaps one of the ultimate benefits of PPC advertising is that it works best with data, and works to help you gather more data.

In the right hands, PPC advertising can continue to drive you greater, and more consistent results – making it an optimal channel for online business growth.

1. Get immediate results

Want to get more impressions, or boost your website links to the top of search engine results pages (SERP), quickly? No problem. PPC does this job with ease.

sample text advertisement on google

For these kinds of goals specifically, we turn to PPC ads deployed on the Google Ad Network (GAN). Thanks to its vast media network, Google makes it much easier for your business pages to be discovered.

You can explore one, two, or more in any combination you please of the ads in the GAN to maximize your ad reach. However, do make sure that the media platforms you deploy your ads on are such that are frequented by your ideal customers.

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2. It is measurable and trackable

A common misconception business that aren’t really aware about how PPC advertising works is that it’s not trackable and the results aren’t measurable.

This is false. In fact, it’s comparably easier to track and measure campaign results from digital ad campaigns versus traditional ones. Thanks to dashboards similar to what you see below, marketers and business owners such as yourself can easily see where your money is going.

Screenshot from Facebook Ads Manager

With these features, you can now also easily start, pause, or end a campaign as you see fit – especially handy when it’s not bringing in the return on investment you were expecting.

Lastly, you can also use this information as data you can store and use for insight development for your next campaigns. Bank them, and use them to help develop more effective ads on your next run.

3. Customizable and adjustable

In PPC ad, you can easily test your ads by customizing or redefining it depending on its live performance.

If your current results aren’t favorable, then you can switch up certain aspects of your ad like:

  • ad creative;
  • budget;
  • ad delivery;
  • copies, or other.

To determine which would be the most appropriate aspect of your ad you need to optimize, you will want to do an A/B test.

4.  Reaches audiences cost-effectively

Another great way digital advertising wins over traditional ones, is its cost-effectiveness. Because unlike the latter, you will have to pay upfront for placements that don’t guarantee conversions.

On the other hand, digital advertising will earn you results as long as you pay. You will also only be charged if your determined actions for the ad’s goal were performed by the audience. This is when you’ll usually encounter terms such as Cost per Impression, or Cost per Click.

Another way that PPC provides great value for the investment is that you can target audiences in a more refined way. You can create and customize your audience targeting options based on the persona of your ideal customer.

Target them based on their hobbies, interests and their browsing habits. This will give your ads higher chances of resonating and earning attention and action from your audiences.

5. Performance data helps improve your future campaigns

As we established earlier, PPC advertising doesn’t just gather quick results, but also a ton of data with your campaigns.

You can use this data to improve upon various other channels in your digital marketing strategy framework. The key is just answering all the right questions about your audiences and customers; understanding them better with each campaign.

Did they respond to a specific copy versus another? Or did they like your video ads better than static ones? Maybe more people took action on a social media ad versus a search ad?

The answers to these can be found by comparing the performance of each of your ads which are, in a way, some form of direct feedback already from your customers.

6. Synergizes your other online marketing channels

Lastly, thanks to the technologies that power PPC advertising networks allow you to synergize your other online marketing channels.

Be it advertising on your owned channels (websites) or rented ones (social media and third-party ecommerce), PPC allows you to create more unity in campaigns. Hence, you can also plan for a more seamless, integrated campaign that benefits your customers’ purchase journey.

Take advantage of this benefit and capitalize on how cost-effective and efficient it makes PPC advertising.

Key takeaways

PPC advertising will prove to benefit you greatly when wanting to accelerate online business growth. But in endeavoring into the practice, remember that those who truly reap the benefits make sure to:

  • Be systematic and data-driven. Doing so allows you to approach PPC advertising without guesswork. Eliminiating guesswork eliminates the risks, and also enables you to track and address errors with agility.
  • Know that it’s not about the budget. If it is anything, it’s really about how well you understand your audiences – what messages they respond to, platforms they interact with, etc. Budget is simply a means to an end – not a determinant to success.
  • Keep experimenting. Because achieving that clear knowledge and undestanding of audiences – the kind that wins durable conversions – is through experimentation. They try out different methods for deploying ads, messaging, and they maintain their curiosity for what else could work better.

Do you agree with these benefits of PPC advertising we tackled? What other benefits do you get from PPC advertising that we missed? Mention them in the comments, or message us via Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and let’s discuss.

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